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How Android Users Can Get Free Cash


Don’t let anyone get you down for not having a blue text bubble. Android users get all of the good stuff, including exclusive access to free cash opportunities.

That’s right. Your Android is so much more than a cellular device sitting in your pocket, it’s a virtual gold mine waiting to be tapped into. We’re going to walk you through how you can get some free cash on your Android device, you can thank us later.

The Secret to Getting Paid on Your Android

Here’s how people are getting paid on their Android, and this might be a total shock, the secret is mobile games.

When you think of mobile games, earning cash might not be the first thought that comes to mind- but the cash is more available than you might have imagined. There are hundreds of easy to learn games that offer free cash opportunities to players regardless of their experience levels.

There is no need to be a hardcore gamer or a diligent side-hustler to get paid to game. Our favorite mobile games that pay cash are easy enough for anyone to learn, but difficult to master.

Games That Pay Cash

There are games in basically every genre that offer cash opportunities. From solitaire to esports and everything in between. There is an Android game that pays real cash for everyone to love. You can even get paid to play classics like Candy Crush, Scrabble, and so much more through your rewarded play app’s arcade.

How Does it Work

What’s unique about mobile gaming with an Android is the availability of rewarded play games, which pay users for their time spent on the app. There are no fees required, all you need is the right app and some extra free time to play.

You’re probably wondering how this all goes down.  The answer? Advertising money.

Mobile game developers are willing to pay a lot of dough to get users to interact with their games. Rewarded play developers saw an opportunity to spread the wealth to consumers like you. They take this advertising money and distribute it to their userbase when they complete tasks like downloading apps and reaching new levels.

You’ll get points for every task you complete, and these points can be redeemed for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, BestBuy and more.

How Much Can You Earn

Your rewarded play earning potential comes down to how often you play. Consistency is key when it comes to getting paid. The most consistent rewarded play users can see earnings reaching $25 every week, but it’s more common to see weekly earnings within the $5 to $10 range.

With that being said, it’s important to note that rewarded play isn’t going to bring in enough dough to significantly contribute to any expenses. Rewarded play is just a fun way to earn some extra pocket change in your free time without taking on any extra labor.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to start earning on your Android, we recommend heading straight over to The site has all of the top-paying rewarded play and cash prize games, and they’re all guaranteed to actually pay users.

Not all rewarded play apps follow through on their promises. Real Money Gamer cuts through the trial and error process so you can start racking up the points and work toward your payment as soon as possible. The site even offers exclusive tips and tricks to help you win even more.

Unleash your Android’s earning potential with the easiest way to get paid. Gift cards to your favorite stores await, start claiming them today.