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7 Best Solitaire Games That Pay Legit Cash Prizes​​

Playing cards have been a gaming staple since the fourteenth century, and they’ve only gotten better in the digital age. Modern card game lovers can rejoice in the fact that they can play almost any game with their smartphone. Even better? They can get paid for it.

Love to play solitaire? You could be getting paid for that.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s totally legit. Solitaire is the latest way to make some extra cash on your phone. Whether you prefer classic, spider, or pyramid solitaire, you can win money by competing in tournaments during your free time.

These apps pay users daily, and it might surprise you how much you can earn by playing these games. Solitaire won’t pay a full-time salary, so this isn’t a sign to quit your day job. But this is a sign to see how much cash solitaire can put in your pocket.

We’ve assembled a list of the best solitaire games that offer free play and cash prizes. Try these free solitaire games to round up your spending money during your downtime.

1. Solitaire Cash

solitaire cash

Change your outdated perspective of solitaire and start playing Solitaire Cash today!

This app makes solitaire competitive by adding a timed tournament to traditional rules. Light-hearted in nature, Solitaire Cash will put your quick-thinking skills to the test.

Whether you want to play for free or for legit prizes of up to $5 per game, Solitaire Cash has you covered. Practice using the free gameplay featured on the app, and then, when you are ready, enter into tournaments against players worldwide.

Earn points by moving your cards to foundation piles stacked in descending order with alternating suits. Win by accumulating the highest score before the five-minute timer is up to beat your competitors. Rank in the top three scorers and make a profit from Solitaire Cash.

Stop playing one of your favorite card games for free. It’s time to start getting paid for doing something you love. Download Solitaire Cash today!

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Download Solitaire Cash

2. Solitaire Cube

solitaire cube review

This new solitaire game gets players addicted through its creative in-game features and interactive gameplay.

Play against real players to win the big cash prizes from tournaments featured on Solitaire Cube.

Challenge your skills and earn more points than your opponent to become the person with the highest score at the end of the game. You can receive a legit payout if you rank on the leaderboard as one of the top three scorers!

Receive up to $20 per game you win by installing Solitaire Cube on your iOS or Samsung device now!

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Download Solitaire Cube

3. Solitaire Smash

solitaire smash

Solitaire Smash doesn’t stop at providing you with fun mobile games. It also can put some extra cash into your pockets.

This app redefines the classic game of solitaire into something new and exciting, with opportunities at every skill level to win legit cash prizes. This app even allows you to win free cash occasionally! Use your in-app gems to enter tournaments for a free payday.

Stack your cards in descending order with alternating suits on top of your foundation piles. The game’s goal is to outscore your opponent by clearing your deck and board.

Download Solitaire Smash onto your mobile device for hundreds of hours of free practice and competitive cash tournaments! Perfect your solitaire strategy and win up to $500 a year playing Solitaire Smash.

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Download Solitaire Smash

4. Solitaire Clash

solitaire clash

Are you ready to start getting paid to flex your solitaire skills? If so, consider installing Solitaire Clash for free.

Play Solitaire Clash to win gems or enter cash tournaments to win legit prizes. Don’t worry about stiff competition; this app will connect you with competitors that match your skill level, giving you a big chance to win.

Win gems or legit cash prizes by improving your winning strategy and competing against fellow solitaire fans on Solitaire Clash.

Beat your competitors by receiving a higher score than them. Earn points by arranging your tableau piles in descending order with alternating suits. And if you get stuck, tap into your waste stack for additional cards to play with.

If you finish your game before your five-minute timer is up, you will be awarded an extra time bonus to boost your score even further past your competition. If you play your cards right, you can increase your bank account balance up to $55 in a few short minutes of gaming.

If you have an iOS or Samsung device, you are ready to start playing and winning Solitaire Clash.

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Download Solitaire Clash

5. Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3

Skill Cash

Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 is an innovative mobile gaming app that brings you two of your favorite games, solitaire and Match 3.

Developed by Winkle Games, Skill Cash will quickly become one of your new favorite ways to win money by playing solitaire.

Sometimes, more isn’t better, but that isn’t the case with Skill Cash. Even though there are two games on the app, Skill Cash doesn’t skimp on quality.

With colorful graphics and seamless gameplay, this app is easy and fun to use. Whether you’re in the mood for solitaire or Match 3, Skill Cash is one of the best ways to play your favorite games from one app.

Win cash prize tournaments of up to $1,000 by competing against real players worldwide on Skill Cash!

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Download Skill Cash: Solitaire, Match 3

6. Solitaire Fortune

solitaire fortune

Beloved by solitaire fans across the world, Solitaire Fortune is a great way to amass a fortune by playing your favorite game. Well, not actually a fortune, but enough to impact your daily finances.

This gaming app is extremely accessible and easy to learn. Whether you’re just starting or have mastered gaming techniques, Solitaire Fortune allows you to play for free or in cash tournaments.

Once you feel confident in your winning ability, go head-to-head against fellow players for a shot at winning prize pools of up to $120. 

Solitaire Fortune closely follows classic solitaire rules. As a refresher, you must stack your cards on top of your foundation cards in descending order to earn points.

With tournaments available at every level, even players with little gaming experience can profit from Solitaire Fortune.

Install Solitaire Fortune onto your iOS device for free and win legit prizes today!

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Download Solitaire Fortune

7. Freecell Solitaire Cube

freecell solitaire cube

Freecell Solitaire Cube is a free app that allows users of all experience levels to compete in freecell solitaire competitions. The app offers tournament-style freecell competitions with legit cash prizes and unlimited free game levels.

If you’ve ever played freecell solitaire, this mobile app is similar. Earn points for every positive stride you make in the game. The game’s objective is to solve the deck and place every card into your four foundation stacks.

Organize your tableau stacks from king to ace to get access to the cards you need. The four free cells at the top right corner of your screen can hold any card in your tableau stack. We recommend keeping those free cells empty until you need to place a card to gain access to a specific card beneath it. 

Unlike similar solitaire apps, Freecell Solitaire Cube deals you all your cards face up, so you can quickly strategize your entire deck at the start of your game. 

Download Freecell Solitaire Cube to win up to $75 in less than five minutes of gameplay.

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Download Freecell Solitaire Cube

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