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Solitaire Cash Review: Does this Game Give Free Cash?


What is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash makes solitaire competitive. Available on all iOS and Samsung devices, this app is completely free to download and does not have any disrupting ads.

Solitaire Cash groups you with other real competitors so you’ll never play against a bot. Each competitor gets the same exact solitaire deck, and whoever scores the most points in the least amount of time will take home the cash prize.

This game is developed by Papaya Gaming, who are the developers behind other rewarded play favorites like Bingo Cash, Bubble Cash, and 21 Cash. In addition to high paying cash prizes, Papaya Gaming is known for smooth game play and colorful graphics.


Who Can Play Solitaire Cash?

Anyone with an iOS or Samsung device can play Solitaire Cash, but. You must be at least 18 years old and in an eligible location to be able to participate in cash prize tournaments.

Unless you’re playing a free entry competition, Solitaire Cash’s cash prizes are only available after you’ve paid an entry fee. So when you’re playing for cash, you’re taking on a small amount of risk. Some states do not allow that type of competition, so if you’re located in one of the following states cash prize competitions will not be available to you.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota
  • Washington

If you’re located in one of the states listed above, you can still play in Solitaire Cash’s unlimited practice tournaments.  If you reside in a state that is not listed above, you’re all set to start playing for cash prizes.


How to Play Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash takes the rules of basic solitaire and adds a point system and a timer. Every game lasts five minutes, it is your goal to complete the game as fast and efficiently as possible. Finishing the game before the timer ends will result in a significant time bonus that will be added to your point total at the end of the game. You get points for every move you make, moving cards to the foundation piles will get you the most points.

Once you’ve completed the game or made as many moves as possible, submit your score by tapping the exit button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Your points will be automatically counted and compared against your competitors.

You have more opportunities to win cash and gems on this app. The top three players will split the prize pool. Solitaire Cash rewards users as much as possible with their prize pool model.

If you need a refresher on the rules of solitaire, we’ve got you covered.

Solitaire Basics

The object of solitaire is to organize your deck by suit into foundation piles. Your foundation piles are located at the top left corner of your screen, these piles start from ace and move up to king.

To get cards to your foundation pile, move them from your tableau stacks. You can only move the top card of your tableau stacks. These stacks are organized in descending order (king to two) with cards from alternating suits. In simple terms, cards of the same color cannot be stacked in your tableau piles.  So, if you have a king of spades, you must stack a queen of hearts or a queen of diamonds on top of it. You will not be able to stack cards of the same color suit on top of one another.

If you cannot make any moves from your tableau pile, draw a card from the stack at the top right corner of your screen. You can only draw from the top card in your discard pile. When you’ve reached the end of your discard pile, you can rotate the same stack until the game is complete.

How Much You Can Make on Solitaire Cash

Let’s cut to the chase, this game isn’t called Solitaire Cash for nothing. People are actually winning cash every day with this app.

Cash prizes come in small sums that can add up when you play consistently. One five-minute game can help you earn $1 to $5. You can earn an extra $10 a week by winning just one game a day. That comes out to an extra $520 every year.

Don’t want to pay any entry fees? No problem, you can still win some cash with this app. Read below to learn how.


Free Cash Opportunities

Solitaire Cash hosts free roll tournaments where you can enter into cash prize competitions without paying an entry fee. In simple terms, that means you can get free money when you play on this app.

Free roll tournaments will become available to you after a few days of logging on to Solitaire Cash. The app also provides daily prizes that can be awarded when you log in. The prizes get better and better the more consecutive days you log in, and you can expect to win your first sum of free cash on your third daily prize.


Things to Remember

Solitaire Cash is a legit way to win some extra cash on your phone. This game is completely skill based and will challenge every player with unlimited free play games and competition leagues.

Here’s what you need to remember about this binge worthy solitaire game.

  • Play for free or for cash prizes
  • Get more opportunities to win with prize pool splitting
  • Enjoy daily prizes and free cash opportunities.