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Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 App Review

There are thousands of games that offer cash prizes on the app store. As hard as you may try, you won’t be able to play them all. But this game can help you play more games with less.

Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 is a cash prize gaming app that offers two games in one, so users can get double the fun on just one app. But is this game really the best of both worlds? We’re going to get to the bottom of it.

We’re going to analyze the details of Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 and cover everything you need to know, including how to play, how much you can earn, and whether having two games in one is really worth it.

What is Skill Cash?

Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 is a free cash prize game available exclusively on iOS and Samsung. The app is developed by Winkle Games, a new casual game developer. As of right now, the app has a 3.4 star rating on the Appstore and is currently ranked in the 110th slot in the real money game category on iOS.

The app has been on the Appstore for less than a year, and the developers are always making new adjustments to the app to make the gaming experience better. Even though there are two games on the app, Skill Cash doesn’t skimp on quality. 

The graphics are bright and smooth to create a truly enjoyable game experience with minimal bugs and glitches. The best part is, there are no ads in the game so you can play and win without any interruptions.

Skill Cash offers cash prize tournaments as well as unlimited free play with their Solitaire and Match 3 games, so users can play at any intensity level at any time.

What Games are on Skill Cash?

Skill Cash is equipped with premium versions of two of the most popular games on the Appstore: Solitaire and Match 3 puzzles.    

The Benefit of Having Two Games in One App

Having multiple games on one app gives users the opportunity to play more without taking up more data on their device or having to search the Appstore to find a legit game that would work for you.

When you have multiple games on one app, you can transfer your funds to your PayPal account even faster than you would with a single-game app.

Your winnings for both solitaire and match 3 go to the same prize bank in the app, which could potentially double your winning potential. Even though there are two games on the app the cash prize pools are comparable to any other real money game, so Skill Cash users won’t be winning any less than they would be on an individual solitaire or match 3 game.

How to Play Skill Cash Solitaire

Like many other cash prize solitaire games you might have played before, Skill Cash Solitaire takes the classic rules of Klondike solitaire and turns the game into a competitive experience.

In a traditional game of solitaire, it’s just you vs. the cards. But in a competitive mobile solitaire game, you will put your solitaire skills to the test as you compete against other users from across the world.

Skill Cash Solitaire utilizes a timer and a point system to quantify your solitaire skills. To ensure that every game is a fair test of every players skill, each participant in the tournament will be dealt the same hand. Whoever can score the most points with the given deck in the least amount of time will come out victorious.

If you need a refresher on the basics of solitaire, we’ve got you covered. Here are the fundamental rules to a classic game of Klondike solitaire.

Solitaire Basics

Solitaire is a single player organization game, that challenges you to file your entire deck with per the solitaire rules. Your game is comprised of your tableau stacks, foundation piles, and a draw pile.

Tableau stacks can be organized in descending order from King to two, but all cards must alternate in color.  So, in your tableau stack, a red card cannot be stacked on top of another red card. If you have a king of hearts, you can only place a queen of spades or a queen of clubs on top of it.

Foundation piles can be found at the top left corner of your screen, and they are organized in ascending order from ace to king. There are four foundation piles for the four suits in your deck. You get the post points for arranging cards into your foundation piles, so make them your priority throughout the game.  

When you run out of moves from your tableau piles, you must pull from your draw pile which can be found at the top right corner of your screen. You only get to pull from your draw pile so many times, so be sure to take your time to not pass over any moves you can make with your draw stack. If you pull through your entire draw stack, don’t worry. You can continue to recycle the stack over again, but it will deduct some of your points every time you do so.

How to Play Skill Cash Match 3

Skill Cash Match 3 is a fast-paced matching puzzle game similar to games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. The only difference is- this game can help you win some cash as you play.

The game is simple- you’ll have two minutes and a finite number of moves to match as many icons as possible. Swipe between two icons to swap their places and rearrange the puzzle board. When you place an icon into a row or column of three or more icons of the same color, they will disappear, further rearranging the puzzle and giving you points in the process.

The object of the game is to strategically arrange the icons to get as many points as possible, swap and arrange puzzle pieces until the clock runs out or until your run out of moves. Whoever scores the most points with the puzzle will win the cash prize.

Is This App Legit?

Yes, Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 is a legit real money game that offers cash prizes to users every single day. Users can play in solitaire and match 3 tournaments at any time of day. There are thousands of users playing in cash and free play tournaments at any time of day, so you will always have a real competitor to face.

The app analyzes you game play to characterize your skill level and matches you with other real competitors who share your skill level. So, if you’re new to the game, you don’t have to worry about being swindled by an expert on the app, and advanced players will always be matched with competition that keeps the game rewarding and exciting. 

Skill Cash is free to download on iOS, and there are no required in-app purchases after you’ve downloaded. Anyone can enjoy the entirety of the game for free, but if you want to play for cash this is a perfectly suitable app to fit your needs.

How Much Can you Win on Skill Cash?

Solitaire and Match 3 tournaments on Skill Cash operate cash prize pool tournaments. Instead of a 1v1 competition, users will play against 3, 6, or 50 people in any given tournament. The more you play on the app, the more cash prize tournaments will become available to you.

Upon downloading the app, users will instantly get access to tournaments that can help you win up to $6 per game, but as you continue to play you will gain access to tournaments that can help you win up to $25 per game.

Skill Cash offers a wide range of tournaments with low-pressure stakes. This game may not offer $1000 jackpots, but it does provide all users with entry level cash tournaments that add some extra excitement to the game.

The low-pressure cash tournaments make Skill Cash the optimal app for mobile game beginners. In just one app, users can learn two mobile game staples and test out real cash competition in a low-stakes environment. 

If you wish to play for cash, you’ll have to submit an entry fee for every tournament you play. Entry fees only cost a few cents on this app, and users can win prizes worth up to 5x their entry fee.

There are some prerequisites users have to meet before playing in a cash tournament. All cash tournament competitors must be at least 18 years old and living in an eligible location. Cash tournaments are currently not available in AK, CT, DE, LA, or SD. If you don’t meet the requirements listed above, you can still play in unlimited free play games on the app.

Once you’ve built up some cash winnings, transfer them directly to your PayPal account through the app!

In Conclusion

Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3 is a legit real money app that offers free play and cash prize entry into two essential real money games. Users can play competitive solitaire and a match 3 puzzle game with just one app.

When you play for cash on both games, you can get double the winnings. Enjoy double the fun with two games and unlimited cash prizes with Skill Cash Solitaire, Match 3.

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