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Android Games that Pay Real Money

Android Games that Pay Real Money
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An app is probably the last place you expected that you would come across opportunities for extra cash, but there are games out there that are totally legit. Did you know that there are hundreds of free games available for Android users that pay real cash prizes to users?

Users of all experience levels can win cash competing in mobile game tournaments or even get paid by the minute as you test out new games on rewarded play apps. There are tons of cash prizes on the line. These apps facilitate millions of cash prize payouts every single year.

With just one round of gameplay, you could win up to $12 and transfer it to your PayPal account instantly.

These games are accessible and easy to learn. Nope- you don’t have to be a mobile gaming aficionado to start winning cash. Whether you are standing in line at the grocery store, waiting at your doctor’s office, or just unwinding, these Android Games that Pay Real Money can be played from wherever you are!

Here are our favorite Android games that can help you win real money as you play.

1. Dominoes Gold

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Enter the world of Dominoes Gold, a competitive mobile rendition of the classic dominoes game we all know and love that offers the chance to pocket some additional cash.

Available for FREE download on both iOS and Android devices, the Dominoes Gold features unlimited free gameplay and secure cash prize tournaments.

Dominoes Gold distinguishes itself as a standout choice as one of the few mobile dominoes apps with cash prizes. Either test your skills in dominoes for free or challenge yourself against the computer and win actual real cash with this game.

Beat your competition and climb to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win legit cash prizes of up to $200 in prize pools on Dominoes Gold!

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2. Blackout Bingo

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Blackout Bingo is one of the most popular bingo-style mobile gaming apps available for download on iOS and Android devices. While the word “bingo” might not evoke an image of excitement or thrill, Blackout Bingo takes a fresh spin on this classic pastime, offering competitive gameplay and stunning, vibrant graphics.

Developed by Skillz Games, renowned for their captivating titles that consistently dominate the app store charts, Blackout Bingo has a user base of over 5 million people worldwide. This game stands out as an addictive gaming experience with legitimate opportunities to win cash prizes of up to $300.

For an added bonus, use our code MOTIVE5 to receive $5 of bonus cash today!

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3. Solitaire Cube

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Solitaire Cube transforms the classic card game of solitaire into a competitive multiplayer experience through this app. Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, this game allows you to engage in real-time competitions against actual opponents, offering the chance to secure genuine cash prizes.

Grounded in skill, the app challenges your quick-thinking prowess and strategic acumen. Whether you opt for free play or decide to go head-to-head with players of similar skill levels, Solitaire Cube provides thrilling opportunities to win enticing cash prizes of up to $660 in less than 5 minutes.

For enthusiasts of solitaire strategy seeking a fast-paced gaming experience accompanied by friendly competition against players worldwide, Solitaire Cube is a great choice.

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4. AppStation: Games & Rewards

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Introducing AppStation, the app that compensates you for your gaming sessions within its extensive game library. Accessible on all Android devices, this app is FREE to install.

As a rewarded play platform, AppStation ensures you earn money for every minute spent gaming without any hidden conditions. What sets AppStation apart is its risk-free structure—earn up to $10 effortlessly without the need for in-app purchases.

Ideal for those with hectic schedules who may not have the time to master a game or participate in cash tournaments, AppStation offers a convenient solution. While it may not alleviate all financial concerns, this app provides a fantastic opportunity to earn extra spending money simply by enjoying your mobile gaming experience.

As you play, your time will be tracked down to the minute, allowing you to seamlessly earn points redeemable for gift cards to some of your favorite stores like Walmart, Amazon, PlayStation, and Nike. 

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5. Pool Payday

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Pool Payday is a FREE 8-ball game downloadable on iOS and Android devices. This game not only provides boundless free play but also presents numerous chances to win actual cash prizes through its head-to-head and tournament-style competitions.

With millions of dollars in cash prizes available a year, Skillz positions Pool Payday as a prime avenue for users to seize their portion of the cash prize pie. As a standout game, Pool Payday offers a plethora of cash prize opportunities, each with varying levels of risk.

Install the Pool Payday app for free to enjoy unlimited practice levels or compete in cash tournaments for a chance to win up to $30 in real money rewards.

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6. 21 Blitz

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Experience all the excitement of blackjack from the convenience of your mobile device with 21 Blitz, a gaming app that puts players’ skills to the test. This app offers both free play and cash competitions, catering to gamers of all experience levels. FREE to download on iOS,Samsung, and Android devices, 21 Blitz provides an accessible and engaging gaming experience.

If you’re eager to showcase your card-playing prowess and potentially earn some additional cash, this mobile game is an excellent choice.

With games lasting under three minutes, it’s the perfect on-the-go experience, allowing you to play and win anytime, anywhere. The next time you find yourself with some free time on your hands, 21 Blitz is here to keep you entertained and even help you earn up to $20 in just a few minutes. 

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7. Bubble Shooter Arena

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Captivating mobile gamers across the board, Bubble Shooter Arena combines challenges with the prospect of winning actual money. Available on iOS, Samsung, and Android devices– Bubble Shooter Arena has garnered attention from a diverse gaming audience.

In Bubble Shooter Arena, players engage in bubble-matching for points, earning additional rewards for skillful clears. Fostering social interaction, the game facilitates community competitions.

Skillfully designed with clear graphics and user-friendly controls, Bubble Shooter Arena introduces a variety of challenges. Its allure extends to both casual and competitive gamers, thanks to the enticing potential for real money winnings of up to $2,000 and continuous challenges.

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8. Money Turn

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Money Turn is an Android rewarded play app that pays users free money for the time they spend playing games on the app. Earn coins for every minute of gaming, which can later be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

Downloading the app is entirely free, and there’s no need to worry about in-app purchases or deposits. Money Turn operates on a straightforward model— ensuring you will never have to pay to earn money on the app.

As a user-friendly app, Money Turn is an inclusive rewarded play platform that has solidified its position as one of the top money-making opportunities available on the Google Play Store. Although Money Turn is free, it should be noted that it has a low hourly rate, leaving most users earning around $5 a week.

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9. Cash Alarm

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Earning money during your free time can be as straightforward as installing an app. That’s where Cash Alarm comes onto the scene. As a rewarded play app, users can earn legit cash and gift cards for playing games and completing tasks.

As you play featured games on Cash Alarm, you will instantly be rewarded for each minute you spend on the app. As a FREE Android app, Cash Alarm highlights a diverse array of gaming genres to appeal to everyone’s interests.

The best part is that Cash Alarm features popular gaming apps, allowing you to get paid around $10 a week for playing some of your favorite games.

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10. Money RAWR

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Money RAWR is among one of the many rewarded play apps accessible for FREE on the Google Play Store.

Adhering to the standard rewarded play model, the app rewards you with coins for the time spent playing games. Upon accumulating a sufficient number of coins, you can exchange them for cash or gift card rewards.

The money-making opportunities don’t stop there. Money RAWR also offers surveys to help you further maximize your earning potential. On average, these surveys take about 15 minutes and are a great way to add even more money into your pocket.

Money RAWR has a wide range of genres that will keep you entertained for hours. So, if you’re an Android user and stay consistent on the app, you could earn about $20 a month.

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Download Money RAWR

11. Mistplay

Android Games that Pay Real Money

There’s a good reason Mistplay has over 10 million downloads. Mistplay is a rewarded play app available on Android devices that offers a legitimate avenue to earn cash by playing mobile games regardless if you win or lose.

Essentially, you’re compensated for the time spent playing games because increased gameplay equates to more exposure to ad content. Meaning the more you game, the more you earn.

For those seeking additional earnings, Mistplay provides connections to advertisers interested in your opinions. By completing surveys conducted by brands seeking consumer feedback, you can further boost your earnings on Mistplay.

Put simply, Mistplay presents users with an opportunity to get paid up to $50 every month for things most consumers do for free daily.

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12. Match to Win

Match to Win is a match-three puzzle gaming experience available on Android devices with multiple avenues for earning tickets and winning money.

Primarily, Match to Win stands out as one of the few apps that provides entirely FREE entries into sweepstakes, scratchers, and spin-to-win wheels. While the odds of getting lucky and hitting the jackpot are slim, it doesn’t hurt to try– especially since the app is free.

This game caters to those who relish the excitement of the lottery but are tired of spending a couple of bucks every time they want to buy a scratcher. Although Match to Win isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, average players earn about $10 from daily scratchers.

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13. FanDuel

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Elevate the thrill of celebrating your favorite sports team’s victories by winning legit money with the convenience of online wagering on FanDuel.

FanDuel is an ultimate sports betting app available for FREE on iOS and Android devices, catering to both rookie enthusiasts and seasoned fanatics.

Whether you’re passionate about the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, or the National Hockey League, FanDuel provides a safe and secure platform for everyone to place their bets and win legit cash. Join the excitement and make your sports experience even more rewarding with FanDuel.

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14. Spades Cash

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Spades Cash puts a unique twist on the classic game of spades with exciting monetary incentives.

Downloadable on iOS and Android devices, Spades Cash eliminates the element of luck often synonymous with this card game and transforms it into a skill-based experience. 

Whether you decide to play Spades Cash for fun or for its cash prizes, the app offers a seamless multi-player gaming experience. Realistically, this app won’t be able to replace your day job, but it does present you with the opportunity to earn up to $100 in prize pools.

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15. Money Bingo

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Available on Android devices, Money Bingo is a skill-based bingo app that allows users to earn cash prizes and gift cards.

Money Bingo is a newer app that highlights FREE money-making opportunities. The main feature of the app is a fast-paced, interactive bingo game; however, your revenue will ultimately come from viewing ads.

It should be noted that players can only cash out their winnings once they’ve earned a minimum of $20, watched over 100 ads, and have been active for at least seven days. Due to these restrictions, it can be challenging to actually cash out the cash you earn on Money Bingo.

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16. Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is a bubble shooter game available to download on both iOS and Android devices. 

As a skill-based competitive gaming app, players will be presented with the opportunity to pop bubbles for legit cash prizes of up to $22. Although each contestant will be playing their individual solo game, everyone competing in tournaments will play using the same puzzle to ensure fairness.

The main objective of Bubble Cash revolves around bursting as many bubbles as possible within the three-minute timeframe, adding a thrilling element of time pressure to your game. So, to win, you must act fast and shoot your bubbles strategically to earn the most amount of points per shot.

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17. Bingo Win Cash

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Bingo Win Cash is a popular skill-based bingo app available on iOS and Android devices that pays out thousands of dollars in cash prizes annually.

To play Bingo Cash, you will need to daub numbers on your card as the announcer calls them out. Meaning that you must act fast, but not too fast to avoid losing points from accidentally tapping spaces that have yet to be called. With each tapped space, you unlock exciting power-ups to help you achieve as many bingos as possible. 

Outscore your opponent for a chance to win up to $200 in prize pools.

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Download Bingo Win Cash

18. Cash’em All

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Cash’em All is a rewarded play app accessible on all Android devices. On this app, users will have the opportunity to redeem gift card rewards by exchanging coins earned through the completion of quests and challenges within the app’s array of featured games.

On Cash’em All, there’s no requirement to deposit money on the app to earn legit cash rewards of up to $10. Meaning that your earnings are risk-free!

Within minutes of downloading Cash’em All, you’ll be among the millions of players who have earned cash payouts and gift cards to be redeemed when you play through Cash’em All. So you can earn free rewards in your downtime while enjoying some relaxing gameplay.

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19. Pocket7Games

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Serving as the one-stop destination for real money gaming, Pocket7Games is a rewarded play app that provides a diverse array of gaming genres. Not only can you enjoy games across genres, but you can also win cash prizes along the way. 

Pocket7Games is available for FREE download on all iOS, Samsung, and Android devices. However, it should be noted that in order to download the app on your Android device you must do so directly from the Pocket7Games site, as it is unavailable on the Google Play Store currently.

What truly distinguishes Pocket7Games is the fact that every game within its realm is entirely skill-based. This means that each time you play a feature game on Pocket7Game, you’re competing against real users worldwide.

This ensures that your victories are earned through genuine gameplay and skill rather than being influenced by algorithms or luck. This means that in order to earn money by playing games on Pocket7Games, you must practice your strategy for a chance to win grand prizes of up to $25,000.

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20. Coin Pop

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Ready to transform your casual gaming into a rewarding experience? Coin Pop is the perfect app for you, available for FREE download on all Android devices.

This mobile gaming app highlights offers to earn real-world rewards as you play games. Perfect for avid gamers and novices alike, Coin Pop is a user-friendly gaming app that features a straightforward rewarded play solution.

Although Coin Pop is an easy-to-use rewarded play platform, it should be noted that it requires a decent amount of time and effort to accumulate gift cards through gameplay. Despite Coin Pop having a low hourly payout, the app is a lucrative money-making endeavor that can help you earn anywhere from $1 to $15.

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21. AppKing

AppKing, a FREE app accessible on all Android devices, asserts its commitment to compensating users for completing tasks featured on the app. These tasks range from quick things like downloading a new app to clearing levels in a game. 

Users receive payment solely for completing tasks, and the value of each task is contingent on the time and effort required. So, regardless of the outcome, users are guaranteed a payout without the risk of losing money.

While most AppKing offers typically amount to around 50 cents, players may find the occasional $2 offers. Tasks can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to no more than one hour. So, the more time you spend completing tasks on AppKing, the more money you can earn.

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22. Words to Win

Android Games that Pay Real Money

Words to Win is a word puzzle game compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This mobile gaming app primarily revolves around solving challenging word puzzles. Upon solving puzzles, players will earn gold coins that can be later cashed out or used as entries into cash sweepstakes.

Players can elevate their chances by participating in sweepstakes, which allows players to win big jackpots for free— Words to Win offers daily sweepstakes with cash prizes of up to $50.

Not only can you put your puzzle-solving skills to the test on Words to Win, but you can also participate in exciting sweepstakes for a chance to win free money!

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