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Cash Alarm App Review: How Much Can You Earn with This App?

cash alarm review

Getting paid in your free time can be as simple as downloading an app. There are several rewarded play apps that offer real cash and gift card rewards. But what app is best?

We think Cash Alarm could be a contender.

People across the world are getting paid in cash and gift cards to play games with Cash Alarm. We’re going to cover all the details about this app, including how much you can actually earn on the app. Continue reading to get a complete guide on earning with Cash Alarm.

Continue reading this Cash Alarm App Review to get an updated answer to the question: Is Cash Alarm a legit way to make money in 2023? 

Cash Alarm: Games & Rewards
  • Available Games
  • Rewards Options
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential

Cash Alarm Summary

This app presents users with a way to make legit money online. Cash Alarm pays about .01 cent every minute, but the payout rate varies depending on the game, your location, and how long you’ve been playing the game. No matter your gaming experience, you are guaranteed to make money for every second you spend on Cash Alarm.


Offers payment via PayPal.

Low payout minimum.

No in-app purchases are required.


Low hourly earning rate

Only available for Android devices.

What is Cash Alarm?

Cash Alarm is an app that pays you to play mobile games. When you use Cash Alarm, you get rewarded by the minute when you play from their arcade. The app is available for free download on all Android devices and supports a host of games of every genre.

What Games Cash Alarm Offers

If you were expecting Cash Alarm to only offer knockoff games, you would be wrong. You can get paid to play all the games you know and love on this app.

Cash Alarm offers a wide variety of games from casual, strategy, puzzle, action, adventure, and arcade genres. You can get paid no matter what style of game you prefer.

Here are some of Cash Alarm’s most popular games.

Who Can Play Cash Alarm?

The free app is available on the Google Play Store and is rated T for Teen. So any Android users age 13 and up can download, play, and win on Cash Alarm. The app is rated T because some of the supported games on Cash Alarm offer in-app purchases. The minimum download age of 13 is to ensure that young children are not unknowingly making purchases in the game.

It should be noted that even though some games offer in-app purchases, they are not required to play and earn on Cash Alarm. This app is a straight-forward rewarded play platform that pays you for gaming. You can let your guard down; Cash Alarm won’t trick you into making any in-app purchases. You can earn without making any purchases or deposits, that’s the beauty of rewarded play.

Users across the globe are eligible to earn gift cards in the app as long as they meet the age requirements. But if you were hoping to take home your rewards in PayPal cash, you must be at least 18 years of age because of PayPal’s age requirement. Don’t worry, users under the age of 18 can still walk away with some spending money in the form of gift cards. You can get your rewards in Amazon, Google Play Store, or Starbucks gift cards.

Cash Alarm Reviews

As of the time of writing this article, Cash Alarm has a 4.4-star rating based on 277 thousand Android user reviews. The app also impressively has over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store, so the real question is how you aren’t already one of the millions of users.

For a more in-depth look at this rating, we’ve provided some of the raving 5-star reviews left by satisfied Cash Alarm players for your reading pleasure.

Tricia Young said, “I really love this app. It’s not a get-rich app, but they do cash you. It doesn’t take long to accumulate coins, and I like the games.”

Hayden said, “Really good to earn a few extra dollars. It really pays, not a scam like others. I made 1 dollar last night in a short time. The more time you put into it, the more you get back– very good. Low points needed to get to the cash out highly recommended.”

Ashlee Bartley said, “Ok, this actually pays out. I downloaded it two days ago and have cashed out $10 so far to PayPal. It did come in Euros and not USD, but PayPal converted it before transferring it to my bank. You can withdraw as little as $0.50 if you want! And the games are actual games like Toon Blast! So far, one of the only legit apps that pays real money!”

As clearly stated by these Cash Alarm fans, this rewarded play app actually pays you real money for playing popular games. What more could you ask for in an app? Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love making free, easy money?

Is Cash Alarm Legit?

Yes- Cash Alarm is a legit way for you to make some extra cash for gaming. The app automatically counts your time spent gaming and will send your cash 36 hours after claiming your reward.

The concept of rewarded play may sound like an offer that’s too good to be true, especially to newcomers. We can assure you that Cash Alarm and other pay to play apps are not scams. Since its launch date in 2019, Cash Alarm has given out thousands of free rewards to its users, and it shows no signs of slowing.

If you’re expecting this app to pay at the same rate as a full-time job, you might be disappointed. Cash Alarm won’t pay you a full salary, but it can pay you small sums of extra spending money.

How Much Can You Earn on Cash Alarm?

Because Cash Alarm is a rewarded play game, your earnings are relative to how much time you spend playing. Users that put in an hour or two every day can expect to take home around $5 to $10 every week. When you play consistently, that’s around $260 to $520 every year.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see cash coming in quickly. It will take two hours of game play to make your first dollar.

Cash Alarm pays about .01 cent every minute, but the payout rate varies depending on the game, your location, and how long you’ve been playing the game. You will earn the highest number of points when you first download a new game, and the point value per minute will decrease the longer you play. This makes Cash Alarm a perfect earning solution for those who get bored playing the same games over and over. You get rewarded more when you try new things on this app.

Across the board, you can expect that one hour of game play will result in about 60 cents in rewards.

In the US, you can cash out once you have earned 4,999 points, which is worth 50 cents. Earning opportunities depend on your location; users located in the US, Canada, and the UK have the highest earning potential. Players in the United States can earn 200 points a minute playing certain featured games.

Cash Alarm is developed and managed by European company, JustDice. When you cash out your rewards, you will be paid in Euros. It’s not much of a change but be sure to account for the different currency when calculating your expected reward.

How to Play Cash Alarm

The primary way of earning on this app is by spending time on your games. You’ll earn most of your points by gaming, but you can supplement your points with Cash Alarm’s generous referral program.

Share a link or QR code with your friends to get a 250-point boost. In addition to the point bonus, your referral group will earn points as you earn. The people you refer will get 25% of the points you earn added to their account.

Let’s say you’ve earned 100 points by playing Angry Birds 2. You will get your 100 points, and everyone in your referral group will get 25 points added to their account, all because of your game play. You will also receive 25% of the points your referred friends earn.

The referral program is an excellent way to boost your points and include your circle into Cash Alarm’s benefits.

How to Get Started

Ready to start earning cash in your free time? Here are the essential steps to getting your first cash reward on the app.

  • First, download Cash Alarm onto your Android Device
  • Then, make your user account. Linking your email will ensure that your rewards do not get lost.
  • Once you’ve created your account, browse Cash Alarm’s arcade for games. When you’ve found something that piques your interest, hit the “play and collect” button below the game. This will take you to the Google Play Store.
  • Install your new game onto your device
  • Once the game is downloaded, return to Cash Alarm, your game will be in the section titled “My Apps.”

If you want to get paid for playing the game you’ve installed, it is impactive to access it through your app menu on Cash Alarm. If you don’t access your games through Cash Alarm, you will not be linked to your money-making benefits.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded your first app, you are all set to start earning your rewards.

Cash Alarm Pros and Cons

Throughout this Cash Alarm App Review, we have covered this rewarded play app’s unique features and offerings. If you’re still on the fence about Cash Alarm, check out the app’s pros and cons to help make your final decision.


  • Offers payment via PayPal.
  • Low payout minimum.
  • No in-app purchases are required. 


  • Low hourly earning rate
  • Only available for Android devices.

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Cash Alarm App Review: Final Thoughts

Cash Alarm is a legitimate way to get rewarded for playing mobile games.

We recommend downloading Cash Alarm if you are an Android user looking to make real money online. The app is entirely free to install and play. So, there’s no risk if you try it out and decide it’s not for you.

What makes Cash Alarm and apps like it so unique is the fact that there are no pesky hidden in-app purchases or fees. Mobile gaming apps that give cash prizes are great, but if you don’t have the time to master a game, rewarded play apps may be the better option for you. Connect with countless games at the touch of your fingertips– complete tasks within the games and beat levels with no risk of depositing money into an app to enter cash tournaments.

This app presents users with a way to make legit money online. No matter your gaming experience, you are guaranteed to make money for every second you spend on Cash Alarm. These rewards may not be your way to unfound riches, but if you need fast cash, Cash Alarm has your back!

We hope you enjoyed our updated Cash Alarm App Review and have a better understanding of just how much money you can make on the app!

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