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Top Reward Apps That Pay Users Cash and Gift Cards

Here’s an invitation to escape the stress of your busy day to day work life. All you have to do is relax and play some games. The best part? You also get paid.

Spending time on playing on your phone is not a traditional way to earn extra cash, but it is the best way to increase your earnings without increasing your workload.

What Are Reward Apps?

Ever wanted to get paid to be on your phone? Rewarded play is the perfect solution.

Rewarded play apps serve as tools to monetize your gaming habits. When you game with one of these apps you earn points that can be exchanged for real life cash rewards. Points are accumulated in different ways, depending on the app you choose.  Points can be earned based on your time spent gaming, levels completed, or by completing in-game tasks. Most apps even offer surveys and product review opportunities so you can quickly rack up points.

You can get paid to play a variety of mobile games with no risk. That’s right, you can make money with rewarded play games regardless if you win or lose.

These apps support games that fit every gaming preference. From card games, puzzle games to casual games- rewarded play apps will have you covered. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn new games to get paid. Play classics like Yahtzee, Words with Friends, or Homescapes through a pay to play app.

That’s the difference between rewarded play and real money games; rewarded play apps are a legit way to earn money in the background of your daily life. You won’t have to worry about paying entry fees for tournaments or losing time and money. Rewarded play apps have no required in app purchases or deposits for you to earn prizes. Rewarded play apps have no geographical restrictions, so you can earn no matter where you’re located.

Getting paid to game is simple. Download one of the rewarded play apps listed below, create your account, and choose the games you want to play.  Your points will automatically tally as you play. When you have enough points to cash out choose how you get rewarded. Get paid in PayPal cash or gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, and more.

Don’t spend another minute mobile gaming without getting paid for it. It’s seriously as easy as downloading an app and playing from their mobile gaming arcade. You’ll cash out your gaming rewards in no time.

Here are our favorite rewarded play apps that can help you get paid to play the mobile games you already love.

1. Money RAWR

money rawr

Money RAWR is a free Android app with a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play Store based on over 91 thousand reviews. With more than five million downloads, this app is a legitimate way for you to start making money by testing out games.

Increase your bank account balance once you choose and download a game from the app’s customized arcade wall. The more you play, the more you earn. Players earn coins for every minute they spend gaming. However, it should be noted that the more you play one game, the less money you will be paid over time. We recommend keeping your gaming rotation on Money RAWR fresh. By trying out more games, you will maximize the coins you earn. 

On average, active Money RAWR gamers earn up to $20 a month by playing games on their Android device. Although this app might not make you a millionaire, it pays you for playing games, which most of us do for free.

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Download Money RAWR

2. Mistplay

apps like rewarded play

Since its release in 2015, Mistplay has paid players over $24 million in rewards. And they are ready to cut you in on the deal! Compatible with Android devices, this app is free to download and play, garnering it a 4.1-star review based on almost 400 thousand reviews on the Google Play Store.

To start making money on Mistplay, you’ll choose a game from your Mixlist and collect units. As you continue playing, you can redeem legit rewards by transferring your units into real money prizes or gift cards to some of your favorite stores and companies.

Consistency is key if you want to increase your earning potential on Mistplay. Those who consistently play games on Mistplay can take home up to $50 monthly. Mistplay won’t replace your day job, but it is a great app that will help ease some of your financial worries.

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3. Cash Alarm

cash alarm review

Cash Alarm is a legit app that is free to download on all Android devices and rewards you for playing popular games.

Whether you love strategy, puzzles, adventure, or casual games, Cash Alarm has you covered. Some of Cash Alarm’s most popular games you might recognize are Angry Birds 2, Dragon City, Coin Master, Solitaire, and much more.

Cash Alarm has received a 4.4-star rating based on 276 thousand reviewers. With over 10 million app downloads, you can rest assured that your rewards are in good hands. This straightforward gaming platform is simple to start and even easier to earn money on.

Although Cash Alarm won’t replace your salary, users who play for an hour or two every day can expect to take home around $5 to $10 a week. If you want to supplement your Cash Alarm rewards further, we recommend utilizing the referral program on the app. By referring your friends to the app, you will get a point bonus and receive 25% of the points they earn for free.

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4. Money Turn

Money Turn

Money Turn is one of the best apps that pay you to play Android games. Since its release, Money Turn has quickly established itself as one of the Google Play Store’s best game apps, with a 4.5-star rating.

Money Turn lets you make legitimate money without depositing cash into the gaming app. Simply make money from your mobile device by playing exciting games.

The more time you spend playing and the higher levels you reach, the more you increase the amount of coins you are rewarded. The hourly rate on Money Turn depends on the types of games you choose to play on the app. Most tasks reward players anywhere from $1 to $5 for every hour spent gaming. Quickly increase your earning potential by taking surveys and investing your coins in the app.

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5. Coin Pop

apps like rewarded play

Do you like shopping at Amazon, Walmart, or Adidas? Or maybe you enjoy eating out at restaurants like T.G.I.F’s? Well, Coin Pop is going to be the app you want to get your hands into because it gives users the chance to win cash or gift cards from their favorite retailers and restaurants.

Once you have downloaded Coin Pop from the Google Play Store, you will be asked to complete a few demographic questions like your age and gender so the app can better customize the games featured on your arcade wall.

Play the hottest trending games right now for coins to redeem for cash. The higher the coins you collect, the higher your cash payout you can redeem. Play games, master the art of increasing your coins, and win cash prizes like $5, $10, $15, and more when you play games using Coin Pop.

When you are ready to withdraw your in-app rewards into real-world earnings, transfer your coins to PayPal cash or gift cards to some of your favorite businesses.

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