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Win Real Money with These Dice Games

These little cubes can actually help you win some big cash prizes.

Dice games have been a gaming staple for centuries, and now your favorite dice games have been revamped onto your mobile device, and we found some that pay winners real cash prizes.

You can start winning real cash no matter your gaming experience. These games can be mastered by anyone, even if you have never played a mobile game before. All of these apps promote fair competition by matching you with other real players who share your skill level. That way a beginner player will never have to face an advanced competitor in a cash prize competition.

These dice games are free to download with unlimited free practice rounds. Start by playing for free, then work your way up to legit cash tournaments. You can win up to $35 per game! Games only take a few minutes to play, so you could have some extra cash in no time.

Here are our favorite dice games that pay real money to winners. Challenge yourself to your first cash tournament with these games.

1. Yatzy Cash

yatzy cash

Feeling lucky? Go ahead and roll!

Yatzy Cash is a Yahtzee-style mobile game that features exciting cash prizes!

Developed by Skillz, this app is based on strategy rather than luck. Play for free or for cash with exciting challenges for players of all levels. Downloadable for free iOS and Android devices, this app will keep you entertained all day long!

Go head-to-head against real-life players for a chance to win cash prizes—no need to worry about unfair advantages. When you enter tournaments, Skillz will pair you with competitors who match your skill level, so you always have a fair shot at winning up to $2,500.

Beat your competition by accumulating a higher score than them. Strategically utilize special bonuses and WILD dice for extra boosts to your points. Once you win your first real-world prize, withdraw your legit money directly to your PayPal account for a fast and secure payout.

Download Yatzy Cash today to start playing this adrenaline-pumping mobile dice game. 

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Download Yatzy Cash

2. Yatzy Bingo

yatzy bingo

Never again worry about weighted dice! Start playing Yatzy Bingo today.

Yatzy Bingo is a skill-based game that combines two classic games we all know and love– Yahtzee and Bingo.

This app developed by Skillz will have you hooked in no time, especially when you can turn your high score into a payday.

The game’s rules are simple: roll the five die to fill your score cell. What makes Yatzy Bingo unique is the app’s bingo feature. Receive extra bonus points by filling four cells in a straight, uninterrupted line!

When you’ve mastered your winning strategy, enter cash tournaments for the chance to win cash prize pools of up to $1,250. This enticing incentive is a legit way to start putting money into your wallet by challenging yourself to a thrilling dice game.

If you’re ready to try out this new game, install Yatzy Bingo for free on your iOS or Android device.

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Download Yatzy Bingo

3. Dice Cash

dice cash

Put on your quick-thinking cap because it’s time to challenge your ability to work fast on your feet.

Combining the excitement of dice games with classic Match 3 rules, Dice Cash is a unique mobile gaming app downloadable on iOS and Android devices. 

Developed by Skillz, Dice Cash will become one of your new favorite ways to play a game of dice. The rules are simple: match three dice of the same color together and increase the value of the dice. Win by collecting more points than your competition and strategically use power-ups to connect dice faster.

Challenge people worldwide for a chance to win legit prize pools of up to $700. Consistency is key when it comes to winning, so make sure to practice for free to increase your ability to outscore your competition.

Whether you are looking to play for free or for a quick buck, download Dice Cash onto your mobile device!

Download Dice Cash

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