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Yatzy Cash App Review


If you know board games, you know Yahtzee. If you know mobile games, you should know Yatzy Cash.

These games have similar names, but there are a few key differences, the most important difference is the fact that Yatzy Cash pays real cash prizes to winners. That’s right, you can win extra cash just for playing the mobile version of the classic dice game.

If you’ve been looking for the latest fun way to earn some extra money, look no further. Let’s drive into Yatzy Cash and get down to all of the details, including how to play and how much cash you can win.

What is Yatzy Cash?

Yatzy Cash is the mobile of the classic dice game, Yahtzee. While both of the games have similar names and rules, Yatzy Cash ensures that winning is about more than just luck.  Winning with Yatzy Cash isn’t as simple as rolling the dice, this game is completely strategy and skill based.

This game challenges you to utilize your quick thinking and strategy skills to leverage your points in your favor. The object of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible by rolling a set of five dice to create targeted score combinations.

Yatzy Cash is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. The app is developed by popular real money game developer Skillz, who are the developers behind mobile gaming classics like Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, and Dominoes Gold. Skillz is a trusted gaming platform that always delivers on their cash prize promises; no need to worry about the app losing your winnings or your points, this app handles everything with care. Yatzy Cash is a legit, foolproof app that can help you win some money.

You can play for free with 1v1 play or bump up the stakes and play for cash. Yatzy Cash offers cash competitions for 1v1 and bracket style games.


Who Can Win Cash on The App?

Yatzy Cash does not have any age restrictions to download the app, but you must be at least 18 years old to be able to participate in cash prize competitions because of the associated risk when playing games that have entry fees.

Playing for cash does come with a little bit of risk, and some states don’t allow you to play for cash prizes when there is risk involved. When you enter into a competition with a cash prize, you must pay an entry fee. The winner of the game will get the prize pool, and thus the loser will lose the entry fee.

If you’re in one of the following states, you can’t accept any cash prizes in the app, but you can play Yatzy Cash free play on the app.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota

If you are not located in any of the above states, you’re all set to win some money with this mega fun game.


How Much Can You Win with Yatzy Cash?

Your winnings on Yatzy Cash depend on your rank in the game and the types of competitions you participate in. Your rank is calculated by how much you play the game, how many tickets you’ve accumulated while playing, and what level you’re on. As you move up in rank, the cash prizes increase.

When you first start playing, you will be in the beginner tier with smaller cash prizes. After first downloading the app, there is the option to play your first 1v1 Yatzy battle for a $1 prize pool or play in a bracket for a $30 cash prize. Entry fees are as low as 60 cents and can cost a few dollars per game.

Generally, 1v1 competitions have smaller prize pools because there are fewer people playing, whereas bracket competitions have the highest prize pools.

As you increase in rank cash prizes can reach the hundreds, making Yatzy Cash a lucrative gaming option that everyone can master.