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The RealMoneyGamer Review Process

Our mission at RealMoneyGamer is to provide you with top-notch mobile game recommendations, reviews, and insider tips & tricks to maximize your wins. We’re experts in this field, and we are passionate about showing you the most fun and accessible ways to win extra cash online playing casual games or by simply being on your phone on your free time.

Game reviews are the pinnacle of our practice, and we take what we do with pride. We provide in-depth reviews of how each app gives back to users. Our reviews give users a deeper understanding of how the apps are operated and what you can expect when you download.

We review gaming apps and sites that we think are the best of the best. Providing honest insight into how the app/site works, who it’s best for, and how much you can expect to earn.

Why We Review

We know how many options are out there and how overwhelming choosing a new game or app can be. Your time and energy are important, so we do the hard work of finding the legit mobile gaming offers for you, so you can get straight to having some stress-free fun.

We want to make the real money gaming community an approachable and profitable place for everyone, no matter your gaming experience.

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Allison Cone

Allison is a content writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who helps everyday people, like you and I learn how to win extra cash by playing mobile games. She is passionate about connecting people to brands that will level up their day to day. She has a keen understanding of what makes a great game, how to communicate that to players, and help users understand the benefit of playing games. Her writing style is engaging, informative, fun and focuses on delivering valuable insights and tips to help everyday people improve their skills and enjoy games to the fullest, while earning some extra money doing so! When she is not reviewing the latest mobile games or creating ad creatives, you can find her making pottery, blogging about an underrated restaurant, or hiking with her dog, Tuna.

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Alyssa Nasca

Alyssa is a staff writer and social media enthusiast based in the San Diego area who has a passion for finding fun ways to earn money. She creates videos for the RMG YouTube channel, where she shares her knowledge on innovative ways to boost your income. Alyssa is always updated on the latest gaming trends, so be sure to follow her if you want to keep up with any new games, tips, and tricks! When she’s not creating content or researching the latest money-making trends, you can find her hanging out at the beach with friends or trying new coffee shops on the weekends. Check out the RMG YouTube channel for more of her insights and content!

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Ryan Kehl

Ryan is a Staff Writer living in sunny San Diego who has a knack for uncovering cool ways to make money from the latest games. Always in tune with what’s new and exciting in the gaming world, Ryan is the go-to person for the hottest gaming trends and ways to profit from them. But he isn’t all about work. During his downtime, Ryan enjoys the thrill of kayaking, the delight of sampling tasty treats from new food trucks, and the joy of chilling on weekends. Stay connected with Ryan to keep your finger on the gaming pulse!

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Abigail Pacheco

Abigail is a staff writer based in San Diego, passionate about sharing how you can make your money work for you. As a recent San Diego State University graduate, she understands the benefits of making a little extra spending money. Through her articles, she wants to share the advantages of real-money gaming with her readers and teach them how to maximize their winnings! When Abigail isn’t researching how to make quick money in fun ways or creating content, you can find her exploring sunny San Diego with her friends or running.

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Editor Abigal