10 Best Word Games That Pay Real Money in 2024

10 Best Word Games That Pay Real Money in 2024

Flex your mental muscle, decode mixed-up words, and stand a chance to earn real cash! Word games that pay real money, beloved by countless individuals globally, are taking an exciting turn. They’re adding a profitable element to the mix, rewarding players with tangible cash prizes. We’ve curated a list of exceptional word games that perfectly blend fun and the chance to win real money.

You don’t have to be a literary genius to get paid to win these word puzzle games. All of the apps on our list of the top cash prize word puzzle games offer skill-based gameplay and dynamic competitor matching. That means you will always compete against other real people who match your skill level.

Ready to show off your linguistic skills and earn some real money while you’re at it? Our list of word games is your launching pad. Choose the game that resonates with you, plunge into the world of words, and let your linguistic prowess guide you to cash rewards. Unleash your inner word whiz, and watch as your efforts transform into real cash prizes.

Best Word Games That Pay Real Money

All of the details are included below, but if you’re in a hurry, here are our top recommendations:

1. PCH Wordmania: Word Puzzles

PCH Wordmania

Available for iOS and Android

Immerse yourself in a stimulating word game that pays real money, brought to you by Publishers Clearing House. This benevolent giant has been known for awarding large cash prizes since 1953.

It’s far from your everyday word game. This captivating odyssey brims with intriguing crosswords and mind-bending puzzles designed to challenge and delight your linguistic talents. Yet, the thrill doesn’t end with words. As you unravel each linguistic enigma, you also secure a coveted spot in the weekly sweepstakes of Publishers Clearing House at absolutely no cost.

PCH Wordmania: Word Puzzles invites you to a global playing field where wordsmiths duel, matching wits for the joy of the game and for the exhilarating chance of a monetary windfall. Seamlessly merging the rush of competition with the allure of a prize, this game crafts a uniquely thrilling experience that keeps you hooked from the first word to the last.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure in word wizardry that could potentially reward you with more than just bragging rights? Step into the enthralling universe of PCH Wordmania: Word Puzzles, one of our favorite word games that pay real money. Who knows, you might be the next fortunate player to hit the jackpot!

Read our PCH Wordmania Review for more details.

2. Real Money Word Search

Real Money Word Search

Available for iOS and Android

Welcome to a dynamic multiplayer word search game that takes the classic pastime to a whole new level. The twist? Here, you’re not just playing for fun; you’re competing for actual cash and prizes. Whether challenging players from all corners of the globe or racing against the clock, each word you find brings you closer to potential winnings. 

The game’s diverse array of tournaments caters to every skill level, turning every word hunt into a thrilling event. From novice players to seasoned wordsmiths, there’s a tournament that’s just right for you. The competitive stakes are real, and the satisfaction of uncovering hidden words is even better when you know you’re playing for more than just points.

Behind the scenes, powering this global competition, is Skillz, a cutting-edge platform dedicated to bringing eSports to everyone (Real Money Word Search is only available for Android users through Skillz).

Through Skillz, you’ll compete on leaderboards, vie for trophies, and even earn real or virtual currency prizes. But the benefits don’t stop there: an exceptional loyalty program rewards you simply for enjoying the game. In Real Money Word Search, every word you find is a step towards a more rewarding gaming experience.

Read our Real Money Word Search review for more details.

3. Wordscapes


Available for iOS and Android

This game is like a mind workout that’s also a lot of fun. The game mixes word searches, crosswords, and jumbled words. Play free games for 10 minutes each day to make your mind sharper, and it’s also a nice break from your daily chores.

With Wordscapes, you dive into a world of over 6,000 puzzles, each set against calming, beautiful backgrounds. Your job is to connect scrambled letters to find hidden words. As you move through the game, it gets harder but stays fun. It’s like going on an adventure that gets more exciting as you go.

If you love word puzzles, you’ll really enjoy Wordscapes. However, you’ll need to play it through the Mistplay app (only for Android) to earn rewards. The same people who made popular games like Word Stacks and Word Chums created this one too. But Wordscapes is more than a game. Its relaxing backgrounds and fun puzzles make it feel like a mini-break for your mind. 

Earn rewards right from your home. Just download the Mistplay app and start playing!

Read our Wordscapes review for more details.

4. Word Star

Word Star

Available for iOS and Android

This game is all about words and winning. Not only is it fun and fast-paced, but you can also win cash and other prizes! It’s a game that keeps you on your toes, making you think and act quickly, creating a thrilling experience.

Each round in Word Star is a new adventure, filled with puzzles waiting to be solved. Special features help boost your score and add an extra layer of strategy. There’s no time to get stuck in this game – it’s all about speed, smart choices, and scoring as many points as possible.

But Word Star is not just about winning – it’s also about the journey. With beautiful art and engaging music, each game is an enjoyable experience. If you’re a fan of word games and competition, Word Star is the perfect game for you. It’s a captivating world of words, waiting for you to dive in and make your mark.

Word Star is only available for Android through Skillz.

5. Word Cube 2

Word Cube 2

Available for iOS and Android

Where brainy meets gamey. Word Cube 2 is a legit, thrilling game that tests your vocabulary and could land you real cash rewards. This isn’t just a game about finding words. It’s a battle of wits. Challenge opponents in high-stakes 1v1 showdowns, or dive into cash games and grand tournaments for bigger cash prizes.

Gone is the placid pace of traditional Scrabble. Word Cube 2, with its innovative design, introduces no-wait gameplay, score-boosting special tiles, and thrilling time bonuses, making the classic game much more competitive. A victory here is bound to make your AP English teacher beam with pride.

This global world arena comes equipped with Skillz (to play on Android, you must go through Skillz), a dynamic competition platform that celebrates your success. With leaderboards, trophies, and enticing prizes (physical or virtual), every game is an event. And the more you play, the better it gets, thanks to the amazing loyalty program.

Are you ready to take on the Word Cube 2 world and win big?

Read our Word Cube 2 review for more details.

6. Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO

Available for iOS and Android

The mobile revival of the world’s favorite word game offers an authentic experience with its classic board and tiles. But it’s more than just nostalgia – it’s loaded with new features like custom tiles and competitive modes, offering fresh thrills for players.

Connect with friends and family, challenge them, or test your word skills in one of the exciting free game modes. Duels and Word Drops offer unique, fast-paced word challenges that will keep you coming back for more.

Although Scrabble GO isn’t a real money game, you can earn money and rewards through a partnership with the Money Turn app (available in the Google Play Store). With this combination, you can earn real cash rewards as you level up in the game, creating a fun and profitable experience. By integrating the traditional gameplay of Scrabble with innovative reward mechanics through Money Turn, Scrabble GO has redefined the way we play and earn from word games.

7. Word Race

Word Race

Available for iOS and Android

Say hello to a delightfully simple, ad-free word search game. Whether you’re racing against the clock in a solo challenge, competing with friends, or matching wits with other players around the globe, Word Race promises endless enjoyment without pesky ads disrupting your game flow.

The game’s essence lies in its unique setup: a board peppered with random numbers. Your challenge? Trace the letters to form words. The more words you craft within the given timeframe, the more points you score. The game also empowers you to craft your own puzzles, merging creativity with competition in an engaging way.

If you want to earn real money playing Word Race, access it through the Cash Alarm: Games & Rewards app. It positions you against players of comparable experience levels. Every player is given identical words and a matching time constraint, transforming it into an exhilarating pursuit for the highest score. 

The ultimate reward isn’t solely the satisfaction of triumph but also tangible money. It’s the perfect occasion to challenge your linguistic prowess in this high-reward word race! The Cash Alarm app (for Android), including the engaging “Word Race” game, offers an exciting opportunity to combine fun with the chance to earn rewards. 

Available for download, it provides a great platform for anyone to play games and collect earnings right from the comfort of home. Its integration of thrilling games like Word Race ensures that users enjoy their downtime and optimize it by collecting rewards.

8. Word Blitz

Word Blitz

Available for iOS and Android

This word app, also available through Skillz, is a vibrant and fast-paced game that promises to challenge your vocabulary like never before. This isn’t your regular solo play – it’s an arena where you go up against friends, family, or other players worldwide. It’s a race against the clock, a game of quick thinking and quicker swiping, all to form as many words as possible from the letters strewn on your screen.

Every round is a new adventure, thanks to the ever-changing playfields. As letters are randomly arranged, the fun lies in finding and forming words in every direction – left, right, up, down, and even diagonal. Just remember, the game isn’t merely about finding words. It’s about finding them faster than your opponents. The rush is real, and the countdown is relentless. 

Word Blitz brings a competitive edge to word games, making every match a thrilling duel. It offers a chance to test your skills against the entire country, adding a unique spin to your gaming experience. So, are you ready to become a word-finding legend and make your mark in Word Blitz? The field is set, the clock is ticking, and an exciting word hunt awaits!

9. Word Wipe

Word Wipe

Available for iOS

Welcome to the word game that tests your skill in finding words against the clock. This isn’t just a normal word game. Here, you’ll have a board full of letters, and your task is to form words, clear lines, and get as many points as possible. The twist? You can connect letters in any direction, as long as they touch each other!

Every second counts in Word Wipe. Your mission is to link touching letters to form valid words and clear as many lines as you can. But remember, time is not on your side. The thrill of the game lies in clearing the board before the clock runs out, making every moment an exciting race against time.

With Word Wipe, you’re not just playing for fun. You’re also learning new words and challenging players around the world. So, are you ready to take on this exciting word-finding challenge? It’s time to wipe words, earn points, and see if you can become the top scorer!

While Word Wipe does not offer cash rewards within the app, it’s currently offered through InboxDollars, one of the best apps that pay for small tasks. InboxDollars users can earn rewards for downloading and playing Word Wipe.

10. Wealth Words

Wealth Words

Available for iOS and Desktop

Here, you’ll dive into an array of captivating crosswords, perfect for those spare moments of free time. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a novice puzzle enthusiast, Wealth Words offers a unique challenge to keep your mind sharp.

Wealth Words provides endless crossword puzzles, with a range of sizes to suit your preference. From weekly to monthly challenges, this game keeps you engaged and entertained. Each puzzle varies in difficulty, making it an exciting test for crossword lovers of all levels.

Download Wealth Words and join the throng of crossword aficionados across the globe. Whether you’re looking to fill a few spare minutes or spend hours diving into challenging crosswords, this app has got you covered. It’s not just a game; it’s a world of words waiting to be explored.

If you signup and play through the Wealth Words website, you can earn rewards and money by playing.

Play Word Games for Money and Have Fun!

Word games that pay real money are a game-changer, elevating the challenge and excitement to new levels. These games combine fun and a chance to win real cash, providing a unique experience for players worldwide. 

They are not only an arena to showcase one’s linguistic skills and indulge in playful competition but also a platform to earn real rewards and extra money. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned word game aficionado or a novice, these games bring an added dimension of excitement. No longer is winning simply about earning points or beating your best score; it can now lead to tangible monetary rewards. 

Word games have indeed entered a new era, giving everyone a chance to play, enjoy, and possibly, earn money.

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