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PCH Wordmania App Review- Can you Earn Cash on This Game?


PCH Wordmania: it’s one of the top word games on the app store right now, but does it really pay users cash? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Welcome to our honest review and user guide to the PCH Wordmania app. We will be covering the A-Z of this game, including how to play and whether or not you can actually win. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about PCH Wordmania.

What is PCH Wordmania?

PCH Wordmania is a free word game that offers entry into high paying sweepstakes. There are no entry fees ore required payments on this app, just free chances to win.

PCH Wordmania is free to download on all iOS and Android devices.  

The app’s sweepstakes are sponsored by Publisher’s Clearing House. PCH is one of the oldest sweepstakes providers in the world, they have been facilitating cash sweepstakes since the 1960s through their magazine programs- and they have now expanded onto the app store.

The PCH Wordmania app does not have any intrusive ads, it’s just gameplay and sweepstakes. The app is hosted by Steve Harvey (well, it’s hosted by a Steve Harvey Bitmoji) who reads the sweepstakes wines every Monday night at 6 p.m.

PCH Wordmania users have won thousands o though the sweepstakes, you can see a log of all the recent winners and their prizes on the app. If you’re lucky, you’ll be up there one day soon.

Is PCH Wordmania Legit?

Yes, PCH Wordmania is legit. But it should be noted that the app does not pay out cash prizes based on skill. The only winnings you can receive are through the sweepstakes, which have a lot of entries every week. The thrill of this game is mostly routed in the fun of having your name in the drawing.

How Does PCH Wordmania Work?

The only thing you need to do to enter into PCH sweepstakes is play the game! Completing levels in the game will award you with points that can be redeemed for entry tickets into the sweepstakes.

The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win. Sweepstakes prizes change every week, you can save your tickets in the app to maximize your entries for a prize that excites you the most.

Be sure to see who won the weekly prize every Monday night on the app!

Can you Win Real Cash on PCH Wordmania?

Yes, you can win real cash on PCH Wordmania. PCH even gives out cars, vacations, tech, and everything in between. They give out thousands in cash through their sweepstakes every week.

The idea of winning cash prizes is awesome, but your chances of actually winning are pretty slim. There are thousands of people who are submitting multiple entries into every tournament. You could be the lucky ticket holder, but don’t bet on it happening soon.

How to Play PCH Wordmania

The object of the game is to find many words in the wheel of letters as possible.  Every wheel will have five to nine letters that can be unscrambled into words from a thematic word bank. When you’ve found all the targeted words from the wheel, you will pass the level and move onto the next.

To lock in a word, just drag your dinger from one latter to another and release once the word is complete. If the word you found is a target word, it will appear in the word bank at the top of your screen. If the word is not a target, it will be marked as a bonus word, and award you with extra bonus points that will increase your ticket total.

PCH Wordmania Tips and Tricks

Here are our go-to tips that will help you maximize your points on PCH Wordmania.

Count word bank slots

When a new level begins, be sure to get a good look at the word bank before you start decoding. This will help you pursue the game with clarity and can even help you pass the level faster. You’re going to want to get though as many levels as possible before you enter into the next sweepstakes to increase your odds of getting picked.

Claim bonus words

If you see a word, lock it in. You’ll get extra bonus points for every word you find even if it does not appear in the word bank. Look out for popular suffixes such as -es, -er, and -s to lengthen words whenever possible for even more bonus points.

PCH Wordmania Review

How to Get Started on PCH Wordmania

Here are the steps you’ll take to get to your first PCH sweepstake.

  • Register your account and start playing – Once the app has been installed onto your device, take a moment to register your account through the app’s settings. You can play the game without completing an account, but you cannot submit entries into the sweepstakes without a completed account. It’s best to get this step done early so it does not cause any setbacks later. Then start decoding the letter wheels and earning points! The more levels you complete, the more sweepstakes entries you can get.
  • Enter into weekly sweepstakes – When you’re ready to enter into sweepstakes, convert your points. You can do so through the main menu of the app. Be sure to log in every Monday to see the winners of the weekly jackpot sweepstakes!

Final Words

PCH Wordmania is free word game available on all iOS and Android devices. Users can get free entries into high paying sweepstakes just by completing levels of Wordmania, but there are no cash prize tournaments on the app.

Ultimately, this means that there are no entry fees or required payments to be able to win cash and other prizes, but your odds of winning a PCH sweepstake are very slim because of the volume of entries. But at the end of the day if you have an entry, you have a shot at winning.