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The Best Skillz Games to Win Money (Real Cash Prizes)

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If you frequently read articles on Real Money Gamer, you may recognize the name Skillz. If you don’t or need a refresher on who Skillz is, we’ve got you covered.

Skillz is a leading eSports mobile gaming platform specializing in creating games that present gamers with cash-winning opportunities.

What sets Skillz apart from the rest is the expansive number of games they offer. Whether you prefer strategy, puzzles, or card games, Skillz has something everyone will love! And we’ll show you the best Skillz games to win money.

What is Skillz Games?

Founded in 2012, Skillz is one of the biggest hosts of eSports tournaments across the world. Skillz’s apps earn hundreds or millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Most Skillz games are available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices and often can be found partnering with other app developers. (Most of the Android apps are not available on Google Play, but they can be downloaded directly from Skillz.)

Once you find a game that piques your interest, you can download the app onto your phone. Many of Skillz’s apps are set up in a similar way, featuring both free gameplay and cash tournaments that offer real-world prizes.

Since Skillz capitalizes on strategy, it is important to constantly improve your abilities within the app through practice for an increased chance at beating your competition. When you are ready, you will be required to deposit money into the app to pay for your entry fee to participate in tournaments.

Skillz pays top-performing players through cash prize pools generated from these entry fees. So that’s why it is essential to improve your skills since there is a risk factor.

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The Best Skillz Games to Win Money

With so many addicting Skillz games out there, it can be hard to choose the best app for you to make money from.

Keep reading to hear our list of best Skillz games to play for money prizes.

1. 21 Blitz

21 blitz

If you love playing a competitive game of cards, 21 Blitz is for you—this Skillz app combines the classic rules of Blackjack and Solitaire into one thrilling gaming experience. Earn points by making 21 or stacking onto your foundation cards.

Master 21 Blitz and enter into cash tournaments to win real cash prizes of up to $20. Available to download for free on your iOS, Samsung, or Android device, this is one of the most innovative games that Skillz offers. 

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Download 21 Blitz

2. Dominoes Gold

dominoes gold

Highlight your domino skills in Dominoes Gold! This app by Skillz offers amazing real-money prizes to help put some pep into your step.

Spend your free time playing for fun or racing against real players in tournaments with up to $200 in cash prize pools. Strategically match your seven dominoes by connecting the tiles with the same number and earn points. 

Dominoes Gold is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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Download Dominoes Gold

3. Solitaire Cube

solitaire cube

If you love solitaire, Skillz has got you covered. Solitaire Cube is one of our favorite ways to make extra money playing this classic card game.

Win money through cash tournaments by racing against the clock to collect the most points possible. Since the game is strategy-based, it will push your quick-thinking abilities to the limit!

Download Solitaire Cube onto your iOS or Android device to win up to $200 in just a few minutes of gameplay.

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Download Solitaire Cube

4. Blackout Bingo

blackout bingo

Blackout Bingo is one of Skillz’s top-performing apps, holding the title as one of the top cash prize games available on the App Store.

Blackout Bingo elevates the bingo experience by offering cash prize incentives and exciting power-ups to boost your score to the top of the leaderboard.

Blackout Bingo is a Skillz app you won’t want to pass up. Download the app for free onto your iOS or Android device to start playing today for a chance to win up to $400.

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Download Blackout Bingo

5. Yatzy Cash

yatzy cash

Roll the dice to win up to $30 in cash prizes.

Yatzy Cash is a favorite among Skillz fans, providing mobile gamers the chance to play a game of Yatzy all from the comfort of their phone.

Based on skill rather than luck, you can rest assured that Yatzy Cash offers fair opportunities to win. Download the Yatzy Cash app onto your iOS or Android device to practice and increase your rank to access even larger cash prizes.

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Download Yatzy Cash

6. Spades Cash

spades cash

Try your hand at Spades Cash.

This Skillz game offers card game lovers all the fun of spades on their mobile devices. 

Spades Cash transports you to Las Vegas and even pays winners up to $100 in real cash prizes. Available for iOS, Android, and Samsung users, Spades Cash takes luck out of spades and makes this classic game solely based on skill.

If you have what it takes, compete head-to-head against players of similar skill levels in legit tournaments on Spades Cash to take home some extra money.

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Download Spades Cash

7. Pool Payday

pool payday

It’s your payday every day, thanks to Pool Payday.

Whether you are a pool shark or just looking for a new Skillz game to try out, Pool Payday has got you covered.

Available to iOS and Android users, this app puts a modern twist on the classic game of 8-ball pool by making it easier to map out trick shots. Earn points by pocketing your balls, and boost your score past your competition by ricocheting your ball off the walls and into a pocket.

Get the highest score possible to rise up the leaderboard for a shot to win up to $36,000 in legit cash prizes.

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Download Pool Payday

8. Big Buck Hunter

big buck hunter

Do you have a good shot? If so, Big Buck Hunter is here to put your speed and accuracy to the test.

Thanks to Skillz, you can finally enjoy all the excitement of hunting without any of the more unfavorable aspects that come along with it.

Big Buck Hunter has garnered a massive following by being one of the best shooting games that offer real cash prizes. Available on iOS, Android, and Samsung devices, this mobile hunting app features simple-to-use gaming controls and mechanics.

So take aim and shoot to win up to $50 playing Big Buck Hunter. 

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Download Big Buck Hunter

9. Ultimate Mahjong

ultimate mahjong

Ultimate Mahjong isn’t your grandmother’s mahjong!

Offering up to $8,083 in cash prizes, you compete against fellow games to see if you have what it takes to outscore your competition.

This Skillz app makes mahjong exciting again by featuring some light-hearted competition with monetary incentives. Download Ultimate Mahjong onto your iOS or Android device and showcase your skills to get to the top of your league.

Start playing today to challenge your mahjong abilities and win legit money. Because who doesn’t love earning money?

Download Ultimate Mahjong

10. Bubble Shooter Arena

bubble shooter arena

Pop bubbles and compete for cash prizes on Bubble Shooter Arena.

This mobile bubble-shooter app by Skillz brings you even more ways to win money by playing games from your mobile device.

Bubble Shooter Arena has easy-to-use controls and special powerups that help make your gaming experience much more exciting. This app will captivate you for hours with its colorful graphics and fun gameplay.

Flex your bubble-shooter abilities and win up to $2,589 by competing in tournaments. Download Bubble Shooter Arena onto your iOS, Android, or Samsung device and start winning today!

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Download Bubble Shooter Arena

11. Strike! By Bowlero

strike by bowlero

Say goodbye to stinky bowling shoes and hello to real cash-earning opportunities, thanks to Strike! By Bowlero.

This Skillz app modernizes classic bowling rules by offering cash incentives and interactive mobile gameplay.

Enter into cash tournaments and rack up your points by knocking down pins. Download Strike! By Bowlero onto your iOS or Android device today to start winning up to $25 in PayPal cash.

Download Strike! By Bowlero

12. NFL QB Shootout

nfl qb shootout

If you have always dreamt of becoming a quarterback for the NFL, this Skillz app is for you.

NFL QB Shootout transports players onto the football field, testing their ability to aim and pass the ball to their teammates accurately.

Compete in tournaments with prizes up to $50 per game to start profiting off of your football abilities. Download NFL QB Shootout onto your iOS or Android device now for instant access to real money prizes.

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Download NFL QB Shootout

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