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A Review of Blackout Bingo: Your New Favorite Game Where You Can Win Real Money


The pay-to-play app market is huge, there are hundreds of apps claiming to pay you tons of cash waiting to be discovered in the app store. Finding a game that’s worth your time can be difficult. That’s where we have come in to help.In this review of Blackout Bingo, we’re sharing the ins and outs of Blackout Bingo’s game play and in-app opportunities that allow you to win real cash and it’s totally legit.

What Is What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is the new bingo style game that’s ready to be downloaded on iOS or your Samsung device. This game may have bingo in the title, but it’s not your grandma’s classic game. This game takes a new twist on the time-honored game of chance with new competitive gameplay and gorgeous colorful graphics.

The app is brought to you by Skillz Games, whose addicting games are constantly topping the app store charts. Currently, Blackout Bingo is in the top five bingo games on the Apple app store and has a 4.5-star rating in the Apple App Store and Galaxy Store.

With over 5 million players, Blackout Bingo stands as one of the hottest games you must play.

Who is Blackout Bingo for?

Ultimately, this game is for anyone (18+) looking for a fun mobile gaming experience that could get them some extra pocket change. The app is available and free for anyone to download and play but because Blackout Bingo does have the option to win real money in the app, it is unavailable for cash out prizes in the following states.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota

 How to Get Started

 Getting started is simple, all you have to do is download the app on your iOS or Samsung device.

Once it’s downloaded, create your account in the app. You’ll start with choosing a username and a unique avatar.

Once you’ve created your account, you’re all set to play your first practice game. The next step? Challenge yourself to win your first cash prize.

How Do You Play Blackout Bingo?

 Welcome to 2022, where bingo is no longer a game of chance. Now you are in control with this skill-based take on the classic.

Once you download the app and make an avatar, it’s time to start playing. In the game, you’ll see your first bingo card. With every three bingo matches you’ll receive a daub; these are special boosts that will help you score bingos faster. Games last for two minutes; see how many bingos you can get before the clock runs out!

When you score, you’ll be rewarded with z tokens for your play, those z tokens help you earn Ticketz that can be turned into real cash.

The game will match you with competitors who match your skill level, so you always have a fair chance to win. Let’s see, Blackout Bingo offers fun skill-based game play, awesome graphics, and the opportunity to earn real cash. That’s a win-win-win situation!

Is Blackout Bingo Legit?

 Yes, this game is totally legit.  When you win in the app, you’ll collect your earnings via PayPal.

Feel free to cash out anytime you have a redeemable reward, but your winnings are always secure and safe in the app.

How Much Can You Earn on the App?

Like all bingo games, the more you play the more you can win. With this game in particular, you always have a fair shot of winning. Blackout Bingo matches you with real competitors who match your skill level, so it’s always an even fight to the top.

When you win you receive z tokens or Ticketz, these tickets allow you to play and also can be redeemed for cash prizes. Players are broken down into tiers based on the amount of Ticketz they earn.

  • Bronze earns 1x Ticketz with no Ticketz monthly requirement
  • Silver earns 2x Ticketz with a 250 Ticketz monthly requirement
  • Gold earns 3x Ticketz with a 50,000 Ticketz monthly requirement
  • Platinum earns 4x Ticketz a with 150,000 Ticketz monthly requirement
  • Diamond earns 5x Ticketz a with 400,000 Ticketz monthly requirement
  • Black earns 6x Ticketz a with 800,000 Ticketz monthly requirement

Getting to the Black tier may take some time, but time flies when you’re playing games that are fun and addicting like Blackout Bingo. Win even more when you deposit your own money into the game, increasing your chances to power up and get extra bonuses.

You can redeem your Ticketz for bonus cash so you can enter a Blackout Bingo competition for real money. Not ready to play for Ticketz? No problem. Save up your Ticketz and redeem them for fun Skillz prizes like apparel, phone accessories, and more!

It takes 20,000 Ticketz to make $1, so don’t quit your day job for this game. If you’re looking for a quality mobile game to pay for a cup of coffee or some extra cash for spending, this is the game for you!

Things to Remember

Blackout Bingo is a totally fun mobile game available for iOS and Samsung users. This game provides legitimate opportunities to win some real cash. Overall, Blackout Bingo is perfect for the everyday gamer who wants to make an extra buck here and there.

You’ll love this game, all there’s left to do is download! Use code MOTIVE5 to get $5 bonus cash.

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