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Blackout Bingo Strategy: Tips & Tricks to Win

What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is a free bingo app the offers unlimited free play and cash tournaments and is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. The app has been downloaded over 5 million times and has facilitated millions of dollars in cash prizes to its user base since it was released in 2019.

The Blackout Bingo app is one of the leading cash prize games available on the app store today. Blackout Bingo has been ranked number one in Apple’s top cash prize games and has held a spot in the top ten for years. Currently, Blackout Bingo has an impressive 4.5-star rating with over 83 thousand reviews on the Apple Appstore. Samsung users love Blackout Bingo just as much as iOS users, they’ve also given the app a 4.5-star rating on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Blackout Bingo was developed by Big Run Studios and is backed by Skillz Games. Skillz is a top-performing game developer that brings real cash prizes to popular mobile games.

As the name suggests, every game on the Skillz gaming platform is completely skill-based. True, the winner of a classic bingo game is mostly based on luck, but Blackout Bingo is not your classic bingo game.

Winning Blackout Bingo requires some skill and strategy, and we have all of the information you need to know to secure your first real money win. Continue reading to learn all of the tips and tricks used by expert-level Blackout Bingo winners.

Does Blackout Bingo Pay Real Cash?

Yes, Blackout Bingo pays real cash to users through their cash tournaments. Users can play for cash against other real competitors at any time of day.

Every game on is based on skill. Blackout Bingo achieves this skill-based gameplay by assigning all competitors the same numbers on their bingo card, and by announcing the same bingo numbers to all participants. Every player must leverage their speed, listening skills, and power-ups to outscore their competitor.    

But if you don’t want to play for cash, that’s totally okay! You can play unlimited free practice levels on Blackout Bingo, so you can enjoy the entirety of the game at no cost to you. The free levels on Blackout Bingo are exactly the same as the cash tournaments (except for the real cash prizes, of course.)

However, if you do choose to pay for cash you will have to submit an entry fee. Every competitor in your Blackout Bingo cash tournament will pay the exact same entry fee, which will make up the cash prize pool.

Entry fees are priced according to the cash prize total. The more you can win, the more it will cost to enter the tournament. But it should be noted that these entry fees are relatively low investments and start at just 60 cents.

The first-place winner of any cash prize tournament will profit from the game, winning back their entry fee and then some. If the tournament has more than two contestants, the second-place winner will win some cash as well.

To sum things up, yes Blackout Bingo pays real cash prizes. But the app only pays out winnings to winning cash prize competitors. While there are some mobile games that pay users for their time spent on the app regardless if they win or lose, Blackout Bingo does not have that function at this time.

Bingo card on Blackout Bingo.

How to Play Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a competitive bingo caller game that challenges user’s speed and strategy skills.

Much like any game of bingo you’ve played before, your objective in Blackout Bingo is to completely fill your bingo card by daubing the bingo numbers on your card as they are called. You’ll get points for every number you daub. The faster you daub the number, the more powerups you will receive.

Be careful not to daub any numbers that have yet to be called, this will result in a point deduction that could break your final score.

Multitasking is key when it comes to Blackout Bingo. When you’ve completely daubed any bingos, you will have to manually press the bingo button to receive your points. Similarly, any powerups you receive will have to be manually enacted.

Every participant will have two minutes to fill their bingo card. Which means that you could land yourself a cash prize in as little as two minutes.

Win More Cash with These Blackout Bingo Tips and Tricks

Blackout Bingo winners rely on these essential tips to win more often. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you play.

Pay Attention to the Bingo Caller

Let’s be honest, this game moves fast. While multi-tasking is important on Blackout Bingo, the most important aspect of the game is to listen to the bingo caller.

You will only get points for the daub if you daub within the five second time frame after the number is called. Pay attention to the caller at all points of the game to ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential points.

Where to enact Blackout Bingo boosts.

Play for Speed

The faster you daub the bingo numbers on your card, the more points you will receive. In addition to this, you will only receive powerups when you daub your bingo numbers within the 5-second time frame after they’re called.

Speed is essential when it comes to beating out your competitors on the app. Stay clued in throughout the entirety of your Blackout Bingo game so you can daub your bingo card as fast as possible.

Memorize Corner Spaces

One way to get more bingos is to target the corner spaces of your bingo card through your power-ups. One of the most common power-ups on Blackout Bingo is the Golden Ball, which enables you to choose one of three bingo spaces to daub as a free space. This all happens pretty quickly, and you’re going to want to choose the bingo number that will help you the most.

Memorizing your corner pieces will make the Golden Ball decision easier and faster.  Once your corners are filled up, continue memorizing the spaces left on the board that will help you the most.

Know the Function of Every Power-Up

Learn the Blackout Bingo powerups to keep your gameplay as speedy as possible. Power-ups are your best friend on Blackout Bingo, knowing exactly how each power-up can benefit you will take your skills to the next level.

  • Golden Ball

The Golden Ball will take you to a new screen and present you with several bingo numbers to choose from, whatever you choose will be a free daub. This boost does not allow you to reference your bingo card before you choose, which is why memorizing the spaces that you need to fill is so important.

Before you activate a Golden Ball power-up, scan your bingo card to see what space you need filled the most. There is no guarantee that the game will offer it to you, but there’s always a chance that it will.

  • 2x Points

The 2x powerup will give you double points for 5-10 seconds. It’s best to save these for as long as possible, activating them only at the end of your game or when you can stack other power-ups on top of the 2x point boost.

  • Free Daub

The Free Daub power-up allows you to mark any space on your bingo card. Unlike the Golden Ball point boost, the Free Daub allows you to see your card as you make your decision.

  • Bonus Time

The time bonus power-up will add an extra 15-30 seconds to your timer. There’s no reason to save this boost for any specific point in the game, the time bonus can be used at any time.

Blackout Bingo Strategies to Win More Cash

If you’re looking for new ways to level up your winning stats on Blackout Bingo, try out these innovative game strategies.

  • Hold your Powerups

Did you know that you can hold multiple power-ups at one time? Your power-ups will stack up in the power-up button, and you can continue to stash them until the button says “full.” The most recent boosts that you have won will be at the top of your stack.

Some Blackout Bingo players have found that waiting to activate boosts until the end of the game helps them clear the board and optimize their score.

For the first section of the game, play like normal. Daub your card as fast as possible to stack up as many point boosters as you can.

In the last 30 seconds of the game, start activating the power-ups you have been saving. Since you have already been daubing your card for the majority of the game, you won’t have to waste your Free Daubs and Golden Balls on bingo numbers that will be called later in the game.

Even better, if you have a 2x boost stacked up you can quickly activate Free Daubs and Golden Balls to double the point value of your free spaces.

Bingos on the app.
  • Save your Bingos for the End

If you’re waiting to activate your boosts, you should also consider waiting to hit the bingo button until the end of the game. The best time to hit the bingo button is when you have a 2x boost activated.

The later in the game that you can do this, the better. That way you won’t miss out on any multi-bingos.

How to Maximize your Winnings on Blackout Bingo

Strategies and tips to improve your gameplay take practice to perfect. If you’re looking for an immediate way to get more on Blackout Bingo, then you should invite your friends to the app. Use your referral to invite others to the game and you both can get an extra $20 sent to your Blackout Bingo account.

How to Cash Out on Blackout Bingo

  • Download the App

The Blackout Bingo app is free to download on all iOS and Samsung devices.

  • Play Free Practice Rounds

Once the app is installed, start playing your first free practice rounds to learn the ins and outs of the game.

  • Deposit your Entry Fee Cash

When you’re ready to start competing for cash, you’ll have to deposit some cash to cover your entry fees. All cash prize participants must pay a small entry fee to play in any cash tournament. These entry fees make up the cash prize pools on the app.

Before you make your entry fee deposit, it’s important to guarantee that you are eligible to be a cash prize participant. All cash prize competitors must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. As of right now, cash tournaments on Blackout Bingo are not available in AK, CT, DE, LA, SD, or TN, but anyone can play in the free practice rounds on Blackout Bingo.

If you are eligible to compete for cash, go ahead and deposit some entry fee cash. You can do so instantly via Apple Pay or debit card on the app.

  • Play your First Cash Prize

As soon as you have your entry fee cash, you’re all set to start playing for cash! The cash tournaments are the exact same as the free practice rounds (except for the cash prize pool) so you’ll be totally prepared to start winning.

  • Start Collecting Winnings and Cash Out on the App

You can cash out your winnings through Blackout Bingo as soon as you have accumulated at least $10 in cash winnings. Once you’ve reached the $10 threshold, send your winnings to your PayPal account by tapping the withdraw button under the My Account menu.

That’s all it takes to get your cash winnings. After you withdraw, just wait 3-5 days for your winnings to hit your PayPal account.

Things to Remember

Blackout Bingo is one of the most beloved cash prize game on the app store today. The game has over 5 million downloads and thousands of cash prizes awarded every day, it’s a true real money gaming staple that anyone can enjoy.

Maximizing your score can help you win even more cash on the game. Here are the essential tips to keep in mind as you’re playing Blackout Bingo.

  • Build your skills in unlimited free practice rounds before you play in a cash prize tournament
  • Learn the function of every powerup so you can make the most of them
  • Save your power-ups for the end of the game to fill up your bingo card

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