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Solitaire Cube Review (2024): Is it Legit and Safe?

solitaire cube review

Solitaire has made quite the comeback, and we can thank apps like Solitaire Cube for that. With so many gaming apps available across app stores, it can be difficult to find ones that are worth the hype.

One of the solitaire gaming apps that has received countless glowing reviews is Solitaire Cube. Known for its exciting gameplay and colorful graphics, this app has it all. Especially when you factor in the potential earnings that Solitaire Cube claims to pay out.

Before downloading Solitaire Cube onto your mobile device, consider reading this Solitaire Cube Review.

Don’t get stuck with another gaming app out to steal your hard-earned money! Keep reading this article for our honest review of this popular app to find out if Solitaire Cube is a legitimate way to make real money online.

Solitaire Cube Review
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Solitaire Cube Review Summary

Solitaire Cube is a legit gaming app that pays thousands of dollars to users just like you daily. No matter your skill level, you can easily start playing Solitaire Cube thanks to its accessible gaming mechanics.


Available on Apple and Android devices Safe and secure withdrawals to PayPal or bank account Legit cash prizes of up to $380k


Cash prizes not available in every state or location No guarantee to win money

What is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube is an app that puts a competitive twist on the classic card game. Available on iOS and Android devices, you can play against real people to win real cash prizes.

Based on skill, this app puts your quick-thinking abilities and strategy to the test. Play for free or go head to head against fellow players of a similar skill level for a shot at winning cash prizes.

If you love the strategy of solitaire but prefer playing fast-paced games with light-hearted competition, Solitaire Cube has got you covered.

Who is Solitaire Cube For?

All types of mobile gamers love this app, and it shows. No matter where you are, you can play and enjoy this game.

The app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Solitaire Cube does have an age restriction. Because there are optional in-app purchases, you must be 17 or older to download the app.

However, some states have restricted users from winning cash with games like Solitaire Cube. That doesn’t mean that you can’t play. You just can’t play for cash. Here are the states that limit cash prizes with online games.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota

If you’re in one of these states, all is not lost! Again, you can still play Solitaire Cube, you just won’t have the option to play for cash.

Solitaire Cube Reviews

Ranked #97 in Casino on iOS devices, Solitaire Cube has a 4.6-star rating on the App Store based on 7.7 thousand user reviews. Contrarily, the app also has received a more controversial 3.1-star rating on the Google Play Store based on over 850 user reviews.

Despite the drastic difference in scores between iOS and Android users, the game still highlights exclusive cash prizes.

Check out what real Solitaire Cube players are saying about the app:

Rolltidesoxfan said, “It’s a good game to make small bets with. Very addicting. Great tech support. Overall great app. Always makes it to my new phone.”

Jeckyg said, “This game is challenging and rewarding. Competition adds a great dimension to the game.”

NicNicety said, “This is a great platform to practice playing solitaire and build your skill in playing the game. I also love the different opportunities this site offers for playing for money!!”

And Embraceyou35 said, “I have won money and have just played for fun! Very cool app. If you love solitaire as much as me, then you would love this app!”

Although this app has a decreased rating for players on Android devices, the app still pays out real-world prizes. Solitaire Cube consistently works on improving the gaming experience for all its players, so Android users should look forward to exciting additions that make winning that much easier.

Is Solitaire Cube Legit?

Yes, Solitaire Cube is a legit real money gaming app that allows gamers opportunities to play for fun or in tournaments for cash prizes.

Whether you love solitaire or are just starting out, Solitaire Cube is a fun interactive game suited for every skill level. This app is fairly simple to learn, but it’s still important to practice your skill and game strategy.

It should be noted that Solitaire Cube does present a risk factor for a chance to earn money on the app. Players are required to pay a cash entry fee to join tournaments.

The money you deposit into your app will go directly to creating the prize pool, meaning that if you are unable to outscore your competitor, you have the chance of losing your entry fee. This is another reason why practicing for free on the app is so important.

So, we recommend feeling confident in your skills before entering tournaments.

How to Get Started

solitaire cube review

iOS and Android users alike can download at no charge. Once you have the app installed onto your phone, it will prompt you to choose your location and notification settings for the app.

Once you’ve chosen your settings, create a screen name and an avatar. You can choose an animated avatar or input a photo from your choice. This is what your competitors will see when you enter a competition.

Once completed, you will receive a quick walkthrough of how to play the game. As soon as you’ve clicked through the tutorial, you’ll be ready to play your first match.

How to Play Solitaire Cube

I’m sure you’re thinking, how do they make solitaire competitive? The first known solitaire game was created in Russia in 1826, and ever since, it’s been a classic game that only needs one player. That is, until now.

Here’s how Solitaire Cube makes this classic game competitive. You and the other players you’re matched with each have the same deck. Whoever scores the most points by making the most moves wins. Each game has a five-minute timer, so you have to act fast. If you’ve made all of the moves, you can end the timer early. You’ll get extra points called added to your score when you stop the clock early. Your time bonus is added to your score to create your final score. Scores are compared, and a winner is declared once each competitor has completed the game.

Once the game has begun, Solitaire Cube is very similar to classic Solitaire. The object of the game is to get all of the cards in your foundation stacks. Foundation stacks are at the top left of the screen and are organized by suit from ace to king.

How Much Can You Win on Solitaire Cube?

Win up to $660 in as little as 5 minutes on Solitaire Cube. With winnings like that, it’s no wonder Solitaire Cube has garnered well-earned respect from online money-makers worldwide.

Most tournaments range from $1 to $65, though with the occasional few with larger payouts. Participate in lower-risk competitions to get more bang for your buck. Since you will be having to pay cash entry fees, it’s better to play it on the safer side when first starting out.

Entry fees start as low as $0.25 per game, so even if you are playing for a $1 prize, you can rest assured that you can at least triple your money.

As to date, Solitaire Cube’s highest-paid player has won a whopping $380,980– which is no small feat. Although the game is easy to start playing, it takes a lot of time and effort to master.

If you are already playing solitaire on your phone, we recommend trying out Solitaire Cube because you might as well get paid for something you love doing.

Solitaire Cube Pros and Cons

Compare some of Solitaire Cube’s pros and cons to see if one outweighs the other for you.


  • Available on Apple and Android devices.
  • Safe and secure withdrawals to your PayPal or your bank account.
  • Legit cash prizes of up to $380,980 by playing Solitaire Cube on your phone.


  • Cash prizes are not available in every state or location.
  • No guarantee to win money.

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Solitaire Cube Review Final Thoughts:

solitaire cube review

To put things simply, Solitaire Cube is a legit gaming app that pays thousands of dollars to users just like you daily.

No matter your skill level, you can easily start playing Solitaire Cube thanks to its accessible gaming mechanics. Get lost in the colorful gaming world of Solitaire Cube, play for fun, or in exhilarating cash tournaments all in your downtime.

As outlined in this Solitaire Cube Review, this app is free to download on all iOS and Android devices. Just think of all the money-earning opportunities that you’ve already missed out on thus far. Don’t let another pass you by. Start playing Solitaire Cube today!

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