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Solitaire Cube Strategy: Tips & Tricks to Win

What is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube is a top-performing competitive solitaire game available on all iOS, Samsung, and Android devices. The game is free to download and play on all platforms, offering unlimited free play practice rounds and tournaments with real cash prizes.

The app is developed by Tether Studios, the mobile game developers behind several beloved mobile games including 21 Blitz, Yatzy Royale, and Cube Cube. Tether Studios is known for their stunning graphics and fool-proof game controls. Solitaire Cube is a shining example of Tether Studio’s fun but easy to learn game play.

Solitaire Cube was downloaded over 20 thousand times in January of 2023, and there have been millions of users since the app was launched on the Apple Appstore in 2016. The large quantity of Solitaire Cube players is a testament to how user friendly the game truly is.

If you want to win some extra cash on Solitaire Cube, you don’t have to be an experienced gamer by any means. Solitaire Cube is made for casual mobile game players of all experience levels. Even Solitaire Cube is the first mobile game you’ve ever picked up, you’ll be able to have some fun and score some wins.

On the Apple Appstore Solitaire Cube has a 4.6-star ratinv with over 90 thousand reviews. The game’s good reputation carries over onto the Samsung Galaxy Store where the app has amassed a 4.5-star rating with 7 thousand user reviews. The Solitaire Cube app was introduced onto the Android platform in 2020, and Tether Studios is still working out the kinks. At the time of writing, the Android version of Solitaire Cube holds a 3-star rating with less than 800 user reviews.

In addition to being created by prominent game developer Tether Studios, the app is also backed by the Skillz gaming platform. Skillz is the top-paying cash prize game developer across all OS platforms. They bring real cash prizes to fan favorite mobile games such as Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold, and Pool Payday. Skillz facilitates millions of dollars in cash prize payouts across their platform every year.

Solitaire Cube is a skill-based game. If you want to hedge your bets and win more often on the app, continue reading to learn everything there is to know about winning on the app.

Does Solitaire Cube Pay Real Money to Users?

Yes- you can win real money on Solitaire Cube. Unlike many other games on the app store who primarily pay their prizes through gift cards, Solitaire Cube gets you your winnings in cash though PayPal.

The Solitaire Cube app offers several cash tournaments that vary in risk level. You can play for a $1 prize pool or a $200 prize pool on the app. Just note that every cash tournament on Solitaire Cube comes with a bit of risk because of the entry fee model.

Every cash tournament on Solitaire Cube requires that all participating members pay a small fee to enter. These entry fees are priced according to the cash prize pool amount. Every competitor’s entry fee will be combined to make the cash prize pool; therefore, the higher the cash prize pool, the more the entry fee will cost.

But that’s not to say that entry fees are necessarily expensive, they start at just 60 cents. If you get a first-place win, you’ll profit from the game winning back your entry fee and then some.

Do you have to pay an entry fee to be able to enjoy a game of Solitaire Cube? No. The app is totally free to download and play, they offer unlimited free practice rounds on the app. But if you want to raise the stakes by playing for cash, then you’ll have to take on some risk with the entry fees.

To sum things up- yes, Solitaire Cube pays out real money to users through their cash tournaments. But you don’t have to play for cash to be able to play the game.

How to Play Solitaire Cube

When you think solitaire, you might not think of an exciting and competitive game. But Solitaire Cube will change that.

Solitaire Cube uses the rules of classic Klondike solitaire and adds a comprehensive point system and a timer to make the game competitive. Every competitor will have five minutes to play their hand of solitaire, and they will earn points for every positive move they make.

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible as fast as possible.

Placing a card into your foundation stacks will get you 100 points and arranging cards in your tableau stacks will get you 20 points for every positive stride you make in the game. You’ll have three chances to cycle through your draw pile, every cycle you make after will cost 20 points.

All participants in any given Solitaire Cube tournament will play their own solo game on their device, but every competitor will be dealt the same hand of cards. This ensures that the game is fair and square for all contestants, and that no one has an unfair advantage because of a lucky hand.

Once every competitor has finished their game and submitted their score, prizes will be distributed appropriately.

Solitaire Basics

If this is your first time playing solitaire or if you need a refresher on the game rules, we’ve got you covered. Here are the basic rules for Klondike solitaire and Solitaire Cube.

The objective of any solitaire game is to organize the entire 52 card deck into foundation piles. Foundation piles are organized by suit and are filed in ascending order, starting with ace and ending with king. The four foundation piles can be located at the top left corner of your screen.

To get your cards into foundation piles, you’ll have to sort through your tableau stacks. Your tableau stacks are the centerpiece of your solitaire game, there are seven stacks that you’ll have to organize. Every tableau stack has a different number of cards; the first stack only has one card; the second stack has two cards and so on.

Tableau stacks must be organized in descending order with alternating card colors. This means that cards of the same color cannot be stacked on top of each other. So, if you have a king of spades, you must stack a queen of hearts of a queen of diamonds on top of it. Tableau stacks start with king and can go all the way down to two.

When the cards are dealt, only the top-most card on your tableau stacks will be facing upward. All cards beneath the top card will be downturned. To make downturned cards visible, you will have to clear any cards above it. Flipping a card over is permanent; once you reveal a downturned card, it will remain visible for the entirety of the game.

When you don’t have any moves to make with your tableau stacks, turn to your draw pile. Your draw pile is located at the top right corner of your screen. Tapping into your draw pile will reveal three cards at a time, and only the top-most card can be used.

One essential aspect of solitaire to know is the fact that not all games are solvable. Every shuffle is unique, and the specific rules to the game can make it impossible to win. If you have run out of moves, that means your game is over. If this happens while playing Solitaire Cube, be sure to end the game as fast as possible to maximize your time bonus.

Tips and Tricks to Win More Cash on Solitaire Cube

Mastering Solitaire Cube will take some practice, but these are the little-known tips and tricks advanced players use to keep the game in their favor.

Plan Before you Make your First Move

The five-minute timer won’t start until you make your first move. Take your time to analyze your deck before you start the clock. These few seconds of planning can transform the entirety of your game.

Tap the Draw Pile First

Your first move should always be tapping your draw pile. This will increase the moves that you can make from your initial deck. Even if you don’t make any moves from your draw pile at first, knowing what cards are going to cycle through the draw pile is extremely important for planning your game.

Move all Aces and Twos into Foundation Piles

Don’t hesitate to move aces and twos into your foundation piles as soon as you can. You get the most points for moving cards into your foundation stacks and moving over aces and twos will not impact your tableau stack organization.

Use Undo to Get a Sneak Peak

Not all mobile solitaire games offer an undo button, but Solitaire Cube does. The undo button will be your best friend in this game.

Th undo button is particularly helpful when it comes to turning over cards. Let’s say you have two cards that can both be moved into one of your foundation piles and moving either card will reveal a downturned card. The undo button can help you get a sneak peek to see what cards will be revealed. In this situation, you can move both cards into the space and keep whichever option that reveals a downturned card that will help you the most.

Don’t Clear a Slot Unless There is a King

When organizing your tableau stacks, you may be eager to empty an entire stack to give you a new free space. This is a great thing to do, but only if you have a king that can fill the slot.

Kings are the only cards that can be placed in empty tableau stacks. However, any card can remain in a tableau stack if it was dealt there. If you do not have an available king, it might be best to leave the card at the base of the tableau stack and build from there.  Otherwise, you will have less space to hold your cards.

Know when the Game is Unsolvable

Recognize when you have run out of moves. Not every game of Solitaire Cube can be solved. In these situations, your time bonus is of primary importance. If you haven’t made any moves after cycling through your draw deck, end the game. The faster you do so, the better. You’re going to want to make the most out of your time bonus to beat out your competitor.

Solitaire Cube Video Strategy Guide:

Is Solitaire Cube Available for Everybody?

Solitaire Cube is available for free on all iOS, Samsung, and Android devices. The free practice rounds of the game can be played by anyone, but there are some necessary requirements that one must meet to be eligible to play for cash prizes.

All cash prize participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. This is because not all states allow mobile cash prize gaming. Currently, cash prize tournaments are not enabled in AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, or TN. But anyone can play free rounds of Solitaire Cube regardless of location.

Unfortunately, there is no getting around these eligibility requirements. Solitaire Cube will have to confirm your location before your play, and they will confirm your age through your PayPal account before you cash out your winnings.

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can start playing for real cash prizes on Solitaire Cube today. All you need is the app and some free time to play.

Three Things to Remember

Solitaire Cube is one of the best competitive card games on the app store today, offering unlimited free play and cash prize tournaments. Here’s what you need to remember as you develop your skills on this game.

  • Play for free and work your way up to real money tournaments
  • Make smart moves, but play for speed to maximize your time bonus
  • Plan ahead and perfect your strategy with the undo button

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