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21 Blitz Review: Win Cash with This Mobile Card Game

It seems like every classic card game has been reimagined into a skill-based app. The latest we’re covering is 21 Blitz. This game is a revamped version of blackjack, twenty-one, or pontoon. No matter what you call the original card game, 21 Jack is one of the best ways to play and win blackjack online.

We’re going to be covering the details of 21 Blitz, including how to play, who it’s best for and how much you can win.

What is 21 Blitz?

21 Blitz is a digital spin on blackjack, that utilizes players math and speed skills. The app offers free play and cash competitions and is an approachable game for gamers of all experience levels. You can download this app for free on all iOS and Samsung devices.

This game is developed by Tether Studios and is in affiliation with Skillz. You might have played a Skillz game before, they have released real money gaming classics like Solitaire Cube, Blackout Bingo, and Dominoes Gold. 21 Blitz is no exception to Skillz game’s greatness, this app upholds the reputation Skillz has built.

21 Blitz is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store with 28 thousand reviews; the app is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Samsung Galaxy Store.


Who is 21 Blitz For?

You must be at least 17 years of age to download this app because 21 Blitz offers optional in- app purchases. Cash tournaments give you the opportunity to win (and lose) money, which some states prohibit. The option to play for cash is restricted in the following states.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota

If you’re located in one of the states listed above, don’t worry! You can still play 21 Blitz for free. You just won’t be able to participate in competitions with cash prizes.

If you’re of age and located in a state that permits it, you can play in 21 Blitz cash prize competitions. This game is simple and easy to learn but progressively gets more challenging as you level up. 21 Blitz brings out your competitive nature, so this game is perfect for people who like to rise to the challenge. Card game lovers and rookies alike will be hooked on this game.  No matter what type of gaming experience you have up your sleeve, 21 Blitz will keep you on your toes.

How to Get Started

Setting up 21 Blitz is as straight forward as it can be.  Once the app has been installed onto your device, the first thing you’ll do is create a username. Once you create your username, the app will walk you through a quick tutorial of the game.

Once you’ve seen the tutorial, you will be ready to start playing.


How to Play and Win 21 Blitz

If you’ve played blackjack or 21 before, you already have a solid grip on how 21 Blitz works. This game takes the rules of blackjack and adds new twists to make it a skill-based game instead of a game of chance.

To best understand the rules of 21 blitz, let’s recap the rules of blackjack.


Blackjack Rules

The objective of the blackjack is to create stacks that equal 21. You create stacks one card at a time from the dealer’s hidden hand.

Face cards will always be worth ten points, and aces can be worth one point or eleven points.  Numbered cards are with their face value. Using these rules, blackjack players bet against the dealer’s stack. Whoever’s stack is closest to 21 wins, if your stack goes over 21 you automatically lose.

21 Blitz Rules

The main objective of 21 Blitz is to make as many stacks of 21 as possible in the three-minute game. You can create stacks in the five lanes available to you, and you cannot skip any unwanted cards. When a stack reaches 21, the lane will clear to make room for a new stack.

This game eliminates the role of the dealer entirely. Instead, you will automatically be dealt an unlimited hand of cards. As long as the timer is running, your hand will be full. Only one card will be revealed at a time and you must choose a stack to place it in to unveil a new card.

The card values in 21 Blitz are the same as they are in Blackjack. That is, face cards are worth 10, aces can be worth one or elevens, and numbered cards are worth their face value. The only difference in this game is that black jacks are wild cards and will automatically make a stack worth 21 points. 

The jack of spades and the jack of clubs will clear a stack regardless of the cards beneath it.

If a stack goes over 21, that is called a bust. Once you reach three busts, the game will automatically end. 

You will be dealt an unlimited hand of cards. As long as the timer is running, your hand will be full. If you’ve made all of the stacks that you want for the round, tap to end the timer and receive a time bonus added to your score.

Once the game is over, your score will be tallied and compared to your competitor’s score. Whoever scored the highest wins the prize.

 21 Blitz App Review:

How Much Can You Win with 21 Blitz?

Before you play in a cash competition, you must deposit some cash into the game to cover your entry fees. You can deposit fixed amounts ranging from $2 to $30. Entry fees are relatively low, they start at just 60 cents.

The cash prizes depend on your rank and level in the game. When you’re first starting, you don’t have access to the big leagues with higher cash prizes, which might be a good thing. There is risk involved in playing cash competitions, so we think it’s best to take your time practicing and playing in lower stakes competitions before you bite off more than you can chew.

Bracket competitions tend to have a higher entry fee and prize amount, so if you want to play at higher stakes, start there. Prizes can range from anywhere from $1 to $20, but you’ll have to spend time playing the game to unlock higher cash prizes.

When you first start out, you could win around $40 every month. That means you can walk away with $480 every year with 21 Blitz. Think of all the ways you can spend that cash. Treat yourself more often when you start winning with this app.


Things to Remember

21 Blitz is a mega fun twist on the classic card game. If you want to show your card skills and win some extra cash, this is a great mobile option for you. Here are some things to remember about 21 Blitz. Since games only last three minutes, you can play on the go and win on the go. The next time you’re bored in the grocery store line take out 21 Blitz and go for your next win.

  • Download for free on iOS and Samsung
  • Play for free or for cash prizes
  • Show your quick-thinking skills
  • Compete to work your way into higher ranking leagues for bigger cash prizes

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