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Bubble Shooter Arena Review: Win Cash Prizes

bubble shooter arena review

With its blend of challenges and the opportunity to win real money, Bubble Shooter Arena   is drawing mobile gamers everywhere. Found on both the Galaxy Store and the App Store, it’s reaching a wide array of gamers.

Bubble Shooter Arena lets players match bubbles for points, offering extra rewards for strategic clears. Encouraging social play, the game enables community competition.

With clear graphics and easy controls from Skillz, it presents an array of challenges. The potential for real money winnings and ongoing challenges makes it appealing to both casual and competitive gamers.

Bubble Shooter Arena
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Bubble Shooter Arena Review Summary

Bubble Shooter Arena isn’t just a fun game; it’s also a place to earn rewards. Thanks to its connection with Skillz, players can enjoy special events and prizes. Overall, it’s an enjoyable game, but falls slightly short of some of our favorites, like Bubble Cash.


Intuitive Gameplay

Real Money Stakes

Extra Point Opportunities

Helpful Aiming Crosshair

Added Challenge Bonus Bubbles


Lack of Trajectory Guidance

Continuous Difficulty

Potential for Short Games

Bubble Shooter Arena Reviews

We’re not the only ones who like Bubble Shooter Arena. The app has a 4.5-star rating in the Apple App Store, based on more than 4,000 user reviews. It also has a 4.5-star rating in the Galaxy Store, with more than 400 reviews from Samsung users.

Who Can Play Bubble Shooter Arena?

Bubble Shooter Arena, available on the Galaxy Store and App Store and rated 17+, is designed for mature gamers keen on bubble shooter competitions with real money stakes.

Yet, there are regional restrictions. Players from Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota can’t participate in cash competitions. They can, however, enjoy the game using virtual currency without real-money involvement.

Despite these limitations, the game’s essence remains available to bubble shooter gamers globally, presenting them with captivating challenges.

Developer Information

Free Addicting Games stands out in the varied world of puzzles, sports, and card games. They’re known for their fresh designs and high-quality entertainment.

A standout feature in many of their games is the partnership with Skillz, a platform allowing players to compete for actual cash. Games like Bubble Shooter Blitz, Solitaire Merge Blitz, and Tappy Dunk Shots highlight this, offering global competitions with real money on the line.

For those drawn to high-stakes play, titles such as Texas Blitz, 5 Card Frenzy, and the popular mobile game, 21 Frenzy, are available. With its unwavering commitment to quality, Free Addicting Games has become a leading name in the real money casual gaming sector.

bubble shooter arena

Pros of Bubble Shooter Arena

  • Intuitive Gameplay: Much like other Skillz games, the basic gameplay is easy to grasp. Match your bubble with two or more of the same color to make them disappear.
  • Real Money Stakes: Gamers can face off against international competitors in Bubble Shooter Arena for a chance to win cash prizes, elevating the thrill and competitive spirit of the game.
  • Extra Point Opportunities: Removing an entire bubble color or clearing the screen offers bonus points, adding layers of strategy.
  • Helpful Aiming Crosshair: The game introduces a crosshair, assisting in precision aiming.
  • Added Challenge: Unlike some other mobile games, there’s no trajectory line. This demands players to develop a keen sense for shot angles and rebounds.
  • Bonus Bubbles: These special bubbles, when popped, award higher scores, adding another dimension to gameplay strategy.

Cons of Bubble Shooter Arena

  • Lack of Trajectory Guidance: The absence of a dotted line showing the bubble’s path might be challenging for beginners.
  • Continuous Difficulty: New bubble lines keep appearing at the top, pushing the bubbles down, which can escalate the game’s difficulty rapidly
  • Potential for Short Games: If bubbles reach the bottom, the game ends. Depending on gameplay, some rounds might be shorter than expected
bubble shooter arena

Gameplay and Mechanics

Bubble Shooter Arena is an engaging digital twist on the time-honored bubble popping games. The central goal is straightforward: players aim a bubble from the base to connect with two or more similarly colored bubbles at the top. Successful matches result in the bubbles vanishing, carving out more room and strategy possibilities.

Still, this game isn’t solely about aim and fire. With every passing moment, new rows of bubbles steadily surface from the top, pushing existing bubbles further down. The game culminates when these encroaching bubbles touch the screen’s bottom.

Several nuanced features distinguish Bubble Shooter Arena. Notably, the game offers a crosshair tool for pinpoint aiming. Yet, in a nod to challenge seekers, the game deliberately skips the dotted trajectory line, a staple in many of its counterparts. This design choice encourages players to hone their innate sense for shot angles, banks, and rebounds, adding depth to the gameplay.

bubble shooter arena review

Further depth is achieved with the inclusion of bonus bubbles amidst the standard ones. Eliminating these coveted bubbles doesn’t just rack up extra points; it demands players weigh each shot’s potential payoff. Should they settle for a basic three-bubble match or risk a shot for that elusive bonus cluster? Such strategic decisions elevate Bubble Shooter Arena from a mere matching game to a test of wits and strategy.

While the primary mode emphasizes matching and amassing points, the game’s intricacies hint at stages of escalating difficulty. A key mechanic—clearing an entire bubble color—allows players to prevent specific colors from returning in subsequent rows, reshaping game strategies on the fly.

Bubble Shooter Arena is expertly crafted to cater to a variety of play preferences, from relaxed gaming sessions to intense real money challenges. At its heart, it seamlessly combines the traditional bubble shooter dynamics with deeper layers of strategy, drawing in gamers eager for both fun and the prospect of winning real money.

bubble shooter arena

Promotions and Rewards

Bubble Shooter Arena isn’t just a fun game; it’s also a place to earn rewards. Thanks to its connection with Skillz, players can enjoy special events and prizes.

One big feature is the leaderboard. It shows how players rank compared to others. As you play and earn points, you can get virtual awards. These awards make players feel good and motivate them to play more.

Even though players can win real money in certain tournaments, it’s not easy. Winning requires skill and time. While winning money is exciting, most rewards in the game are virtual items or game boosts.

Bubble Shooter Arena Review: Final Thoughts

Bubble Shooter Arena is a fun game that offers the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Although there are many similar games out there, Bubble Shooter Arena stands out by not including the dotted trajectory line that most other games include.

This adds to the challenge and encourages players to master the skills of the game, but it can be frustrating for beginners. Overall, we like Bubble Shooter Arena, but not as much as some of our favorites like Bubble Cash.

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