Is Spades Cash Legit to Win Real Money? (Spades Cash Review)

Spades Cash App Review: Win Real Prizes for Your Spades Skills

Spades Cash Review: Is It Legit?

Spades is one of the most exhilarating card games you can play. For hundreds of years spades players have been using their wit and strategy to best their opponents and take-home cash prizes. Spades is a cutthroat game with fierce competition that thrives on players strategizing to outsmart each other.

Now Spades Cash is helping people play and win Spades on their phone. This app even offers cash prizes to users, so you can earn some extra cash while you play.

There are tons of card game apps that offer cash rewards to winners, but is Spades Cash worthy of Las Vegas-level accolades? That’s what we’re here to breakdown for you in this Spades Cash review.

Today we’re discussing how to play the Spades Cash app, who it’s best for, and how much you can win on the app.

Spades Cash Review: Skill-Based Game With Real Cash Prizes
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Spade Cash Review Summary

Spades Cash is a skill-based game that takes the luck out of the classic card game, Spades. It does this by matching you against another player (or multiple players) with the same hand. Each real player competes against bots, and the player with the highest score wins. You can play for free, or enter cash tournaments. The small entry fee of the cash tournament is used to create a prize pool, and the winner walks away with some extra cash. Overall, Spades cash is a fun game, and if you like Spades and other card games, you’ll enjoy Spades Cash.


Available for Apple and Samsung users. Skill-based game that does not rely on luck or chance, and matches you against other players at your level. Free games that can be played just for fun. Enter cash tournaments for a chance to win real money. Tutorials will show you how to play Spades, if you’re not familiar with it.


Withdrawals can take a while to be processed (about 10 business days). Not available for Android devices other than Samsung.

Key Details:

  • Spades Cash is available for iOS and Samsung users. It is not available in the Google Play Store.
  • It is a skill-based game that does not rely on luck or chance.
  • You’re matched against other players of a similar skill level to keep things fair.
  • Each player gets the same hand and competes against bots. The player with the highest score against the bots wins the game.
  • You can play free games, or pay an entry fee to join cash tournaments. When a cash tournament and you’ll earn real cash you can withdraw from the app. If you don’t win, you’ll lose the entry fee.
  • Cash tournaments are not available in AR, AZ, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD. Players in those states can still play free games.
  • You can play one-on-one, or in a matchup against several other players.
  • Prizes vary depending on the entry fee and the number of players.

What is Spades Cash?

Spades Cash is a mobile version of spades that takes the luck out of the classic game, making the game a strategy and skill-focused game.

Now you don’t have to wonder if you could have performed better if the cards were shuffled differently. Playing cards without having to rely on your luck adds a whole new level of fun to the game.

This game was developed for Skillz, a mobile gaming platform that helps users win extra cash for playing their favorite games. You may have heard of Skillz before. Their apps are some of the most widely downloaded games in the app store. Skillz has created real money gamer favorites like Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, and Dominoes Gold, which is why we’re so excited to review Spades Cash.

Spades Cash is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices.

Who Can Play Spades Cash?

Across both app stores, Spades Cash requires users to be 17 and up to download the game and play. The age requirement is set in place because there’s an option to win cash prizes, and therefore lose, money in the app. The option for cash tournaments is unavailable in the following states.

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • South Dakota

Prize tournaments are not enabled for users in those locations. Even through these states do not allow cash tournaments, you can still play for free no matter where you are. If you’re of age and reside in a location where cash tournaments are permitted, you can start winning today.

So in summary, you can play Spades Cash and enter cash tournaments if you’re at least 17 years old, have an iOS or Samsung device, and do not live in any of the states listed above. Regardless of where you live, you can download Spades Cash and play free games if you’re at least 17 and have an iOS or Samsung device.

Spades Cash Reviews

In addition to providing our own review based on our experience with the game, we also like to show what other users think. It’s safe to say that Spades Cash is a popular game with many loyal users.

Spades Cash has a 4.6 rating in the Apple App Store, based on well over 4,000 user reviews and ratings. It has a 4.5 rating in the Samsung Store, based on nearly 300 user reviews. With a high number of reviews and very close ratings on both platforms, it’s clear that Spades Cash has been well received by those who’ve played the game.

How to Play Spades Cash and Win Real Prizes

Before you start playing the game, the app will walk you through a quick tutorial of how to play. The rules are pretty detailed and the scoring can be tricky, so we’re going to cover a more detailed explanation of how to play the game.

Spades Rules

Spades Cash is a digital twist on the classic card game Spades. Winning Spades is all about accurately bidding on how many tricks you can win by the end of the game. A trick is won when you play the highest value card in your turn.  In Spades, aces are the highest value cards in any suit. However, if a spade is played, the highest value spade will win instead.

For example, if there is a jack of diamonds, a queen of diamonds, a king of diamonds and an ace of diamonds played in one round, the ace will win the trick. But if there is a queen, king, and ace of diamonds played against a two of spades- the two of spades will win the trick.

You only want to win as many tricks as you bid. Winning more tricks than your bid is called a “bag.” Getting two or more bags will result in a point deduction. If you underperform on your bid, you’ll also face a significant point deduction. Bidding accurately is extremely important when playing a Spades Cash game.

Playing on the App    

Once you select your game the app will take a few seconds to pair you with a competitor who matches your skill level. If you don’t want to wait, you can tap the orange begin match now button at the bottom of your screen to be sent to your game. Choosing this option will not affect your game play, but it may take longer to see if you’ve won the match after you’ve settled your score.

Once the game begins, each player will be dealt a random hand of thirteen cards. Once you see your hand, you’ll be asked to bid on how many tricks you will get by the end of the game.

Play one card per turn and try to win the exact number of tricks you bid at the beginning of the game. Keep in mind what the other players bid and try to leverage your cards so that they do not meet their bid.

Once your hand is empty, the game will automatically tally your points and account for any point deductions.

How Competition Works on Spades Cash to Earn Real Money

Spades Cash is a solo game. This may be confusing considering the facts that you can see three other players in the game, and you were matched with a real person before the game began.

Let me explain. The three other players in your game are not real people, they are bots (using AI). Spades is a traditionally a four-person game, but the app uses bots that enable solo play.

You may be asking, where is the real competitor you were matched with earlier? They’re playing their own game with their own bots. You and your real-life competitor have been dealt the same hand. You can make your own bid and use your hand the way you please throughout your game. One you and your real-life competitor have finished your individual games, your scores are compared. Whoever scored the highest with the hand wins. This makes it possible to compete against real opponents in a fair way.

Playing this way ensures that the game is skill and strategy-based. If you and your competitor were to compete with different hands the win would be partially based on the luck of the draw.

This is how Skillz makes classic card games like spades skill-based competitions. Now Spades is a strategy-based sport instead of just gambling. It really is genius.

How Much Can You Win on Spades Cash?

Let’s be clear, you shouldn’t count on paying your bills with this game. However, you can earn a little bit of pocket change if you win. Here’s how it’s done.

If you want to play for cash (not mandatory), you’ll have to make a deposit in the app. Depositing is super easy. Just tap the shopping cart icon at the menu located on the bottom of your screen. Then, choose a fixed amount to deposit. You can deposit amounts that range from $2 to $30.

Once the money is in your account, you can start playing for cash prizes. Just be sure to account for the entry fee whenever you play.

Entry fees start at 10 cents and can go up to about $5. The larger the entry fee, the larger the cash prize. Spades Cash offers prizes for head-to-head and bracket competitions. Brackets will almost always have higher cash prizes, because they involve more players, more entry fees, and longer odds. Prize pools for brackets have been known to reach $100.

If you’re only playing head-to-head competitions, you’ll probably only win a few dollars here and there. One-on-one games are perfect for those new to the real money gaming world, and starting small is always smart when there’s money on the line (even if it’s just a few cents.) If you’re a Spades pro and want to take your chance for some more substantial winnings, go for the bracket competitions. But be aware, you will lose the entry fee unless you win the tournament.

When you regularly play bracket competitions, you can earn up to $200 every month. That could fill your gas tank, pay for groceries, or even cover your phone bill. Of course, you could also wind up in the red if you’re unsuccessful.

The opportunities are endless when you start making extra cash on the side. Spades Cash offers relatively high-paying prize pools that help you put more cash in the bank.

Real money gaming and rewarded play is all about managing your expectations. Downloading Spades Cash isn’t necessarily like hitting pay dirt, but it gives you the possibility to win money and contribute to your piggy bank.

Spades Cash App Review

Is Spades Cash Legit?

Yes, Spades Cash is a legit gaming app that can help you win some extra money. This game does the seemingly impossible by taking the luck out of the game.  Based on the trust Skillz platform, you can play with confidence. We recommend this app to gamers of all experience levels who want to try their hand at spades.

While you’re income from this game will not replace a full or part-time job, it may be a fun way to earn some bonus cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spades Cash a scam?

No, Spades Cash is not a scam. It’s available on the Skillz platform, which is a well-known and trusted source of real money games. You can play for free if you prefer, or you can pay a small entry fee to join cash games and tournaments.

Is Spades Cash a gambling app?

Spades Cash allows you to play spades for money against real opponents of similar skill. You’ll need to pay a small entry fee to join cash games and tournaments. The fees start as low as $1. The entry fees are used to create a prize pool, which is claimed by the winner. If you don’t win the prize, you’ll lose the entry fee. Players who don’t want to risk losing money can stick with the free games available in the app.

Can you play Spades for money?

Yes, Spades Cash allows you to play Spades online to win real cash. Joining the cash games and tournaments is optional. If you don’t want to pay an entry fee, you can stick with the free games that do not offer cash prizes.

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