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What is Spades Cash & How to Play

Spades Cash is a digital twist on the classic card game Spades. The object of this game is to accurately guess how many times you will lay down the highest-value card during a game, this is called a trick.

To start the game, you’ll guess how many tricks you will get during the game. You only want to win as many tricks as you bid. Winning more tricks than your bid is called a bag. Getting two or more bags will result in a point deduction. If you underperform on your bid, you will also face a significant point deduction. Bidding accurately is extremely important when playing Spades Cash.

You and your real-life competitor will play the same hand against automated players. Once the game is over, your score will be compared to your real-life competitors to see who will take home the cash prize.

How to Download & Start Earning

Spades Cash is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. Users can choose to play unlimited free practice levels or enter into cash prize tournaments.

Once the app is downloaded, just create your unique username to start playing.

To enter into cash prize tournaments, you’ll first have to play an entry fee. The price of entry fees can range from 10 cents to about a dollar or so. Once you pay the entry fee, you’re ready to play your first cash prize tournaments. Cash prize pools can be worth up to 100x your entry fee depending on the competition you enter.

Before you enter into your first cash prize tournament, you’ll have to verify your location to confirm you’re meeting the geographical requirements to participate in cash tournaments. The following US states l restrict you from participating in cash tournaments.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • South Dakota

If you live in one of the states listed above, don’t worry! You can still play free practice levels of Spades Cash; you just won’t be able to play for cash.

If you live outside of the states listed above, you can start playing and earning on Spades Cash. The only thing you need to get going is the Spades Cash app installed onto your device.

Games Like Spades Cash You Should Try

Want more games like Spades Cash? Look no further.

We’ve rounded up some of our must-have real money games that have similar gameplay to Spades Cash. Just like in spades Cash, these games offer real life competition with real life prize money.

See how much you can earn with these games.

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