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21 Jack App Review

If your day to day gets boring, liven it up with a new mobile game. Whenever you need a pick me up or a boredom killer, reach for a game on your phone for a reset. There are tons of card games to choose from, and one of our favorites is 21 Jack.

So, let’s take a look at 21 Jack. We’re going to cover how to play, how much you can earn, and how to get started on this all-star game.

What is 21 Jack?

21 Jack is a free mobile game available on all iOS devices. The game is a fusion of two classic card games: 21 or blackjack, and solitaire.

The app has a 4.4. out of 5-star rating on the Apple Appstore with 710 ratings. The game offers cash prize competitions as well as unlimited free play.

IOS user Lasha147 says “I love 21 Jack, having fun playing. It’s for real cash and virtual coins. You definitely need to try it out.” And we at Real Money Gamer must agree. This innovative card game has become a staple for mobile gamers everywhere, and it’s worth trying for everyone.

In cash prize competitions, you will be matched with other real competitors who share your skill level, so you always have a fair shot at the win. The scoring system is fair and skill-based, so you can guarantee an even playing ground on 21 Jack.

Who is 21 Jack for

21 Jack is available to all iOS users. Anyone can play the free levels of the game, but you must meet additional requirements to compete in cash prize tournaments on the app. All cash prize participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. As of right now, cash prize competitions are not available in AK, CT, DE, LA, or SD.

If you are of age and reside outside of the US states listed above, you’re all set to start winning cash on this app.

How to Play 21 Jack?

21 Jack is a fusion between blackjack and solitaire, here’s how it works.

You will be dealt cards one at a time, it’s your job to sort these cards into piles too create stacks of 21. The more stacks of 21 you get, the better. You will get points for every completed stack.

Keep the time in mind as you play, you only have three minutes to sort your hand, so be sure to act fast.

As you play, you will probably overfill some of you stacks to total more than 21. This is called a bust. Once you get three busts, the game is over. This game requires you to use strategy on your toes, which makes it one of the most exciting real money games on the Appstore today.

Your competitor will play their own solo game as you play yours. Whoever scores the most points with their hand will win the cash prize

How Much Can You Earn on 21 Jack?

Cash prize tournaments on 21 Jack can pay anywhere from $0.60 to $150 per game. That’s a pretty significant variance- but your earnings depend on how much you play and the types of competitions you choose.

When you first start out, the cash prize tournaments available to you will be worth around $1 to $10 per game. But as you continue to play the game you will see cash prize tournaments with prize pools reaching $200. This is great for beginners, so they can play for smaller sums of cash while they’re still developing their skills in the game.

21 Jack operates on an entry fee system, meaning that in order to play in cash prize tournaments you must submit a small entry fee. These entry fees usually cost anywhere from a few cents to a dollar or so depending on the value of the prize. If you win the tournament, you will win back your entry fee and then some

If you play consistently, you can earn up to $25 every week playing this game in your free time, but it’s all relative to how much you play.

Three Things to Remember

21 Jack is a legit cash prize game available for free on all iOS devices, and one of our favorite card games on the Appstore. Here’s a recap:

  • Download for free on all iOS devices
  • Play for free or for cash prizes
  • Win up to $200 in just one game

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