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A Review of Solitaire Clash


Solitaire is a game of many benefits. It can help players fall into a state of relaxation, improve one’s memory, and promote a positive state of competitiveness.

Now, solitaire can do all that while helping you win some money.

Thanks to Solitaire Clash people across the world are winning extra cash by playing mobile solitaire. Let’s explore the Solitaire Clash app. We’re going to cover how to play and win, who the game is best for, and how much you can win in the app.


What is Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is a real money gaming app that adds a new twist to Klondike Solitaire. Test your strategy, speed, and solitaire skills with this app that pays its winners cash. Developed by Avia Games, this app is available on iOS and Samsung devices.

This app in ranked Top 5 in the Apple App Store’s card game vertical for good reason. This game is totally addicting and offers cash and gift card rewards to winners. If cards or mobile gaming is your thing, this app should be your next move.

Who is Solitaire Clash for?

Solitaire Clash is perfect for gamers 17 and up who want to win some extra cash here and there. This game is extremely similar to classic solitaire, and all of the same rules apply. So, if you’re already aquatinted with solitaire, you’ll be one step ahead when you start playing this app. Regardless of your previous solitaire experience (or inexperience) you’ll love this game.

Solitaire Clash is easy to learn but difficult to master. This game constantly challenges you and helps you build expert solitaire skills.

This app is made for everyone to love and is perfect for those who want a fun and relaxing hobby that could help them win some extra pocket change.


How to Play and Win on Solitaire Clash

The first thing you’ll have to do is download the free app onto your iOS or Samsung device. Once that’s done, you’ll be prompted to create a gaming screen name. This name will show up on other player’s screens when you’re matched to compete. The app and a screen name are all that is required to start playing.

In order to excel in Solitaire Clash, you’ll have to learn the rules of solitaire. Before your first game, the app will give you a tutorial on how to play, but we will cover all of the rules in detail here.

How to Play Solitaire

The object of the game is to get all of your cards into four foundation piles. Foundation piles can be found at the top left corner of you screen, they are organized by suit starting from ace end ending with queen. As soon as you see an ace from any suit, move it to one of the four slots in the top left corner to start your foundation piles. Then, proceed with twos, threes, and so on.

Arrange your tableau piles in descending order with alternating suits. For example, a tableau stack that starts with a king of spades can only be followed by a queen of hearts or diamonds. You cannot stack cards with the same color suit on top each other.

The hidden cards from the tableau piles will only be turned over when there is nothing else on top of them. Arranging your cards throughout the tableau piles will reveal the cards you need.

If you cannot make any moves from your tableau stacks, you must pull from the waste stack. When you tap on the waste stack, three cards will be turned over. You must use whatever card is on top first. Cards from the waste stack can be placed in the tableau piles or in the foundation piles whenever appropriate.

How Solitaire Gets Competitive

In solitaire you play alone, it’s literally in the name. So how can you make a solo game competitive?

With Solitaire Clash, you’re competing to see who can earn the most points in the game. Each competitor has the same deck, so it’s up to you and your skillset to make the most moves and earn the most points.

Once you’ve completed the round, the app will tally up everyone scores. Different moves in the game equate to different amounts of points. Moving cards to your foundation piles will award the most points, so keep that in mind as you arrange your cards.

Solitaire Clash matches you with competitors who match your skill level, so you’ll always have an even match. Once all of the points are tallied, the top three competitors split the prize pool.

The Solitaire Clash Twist

Solitaire Clash uses the rules of solitaire as a foundation to their game. To spice things up, Solitaire Clash has a 5-minute timer on every game. This adds a sense of urgency to the game and enables you to show off your quick-thinking skills.

If you think you’ve done all that you can do with your deck, press the finish button at the bottom of your screen. When you finish before the timer, a time bonus will be added to your score.


How Much Can You Win on the App?

Solitaire Clash can help you win some cash here and there, but you shouldn’t count on this app to pay your rent. The truth is that this app offers tons of cash prizes and has prize pools that are larger than many other real money gaming apps. So, keep your day job, and continue to play Solitaire Clash for extra boosts of cash.

There is a big range of cash prizes on the app, which makes this game perfect for gamers of all experience levels. Right now, there are games with cash prize pools of $5, $7, $12, $35, and $55. Entry fees are as low as 60 cents and do not exceed $9.

If you’re new to real money games, you can start small with more approachable prize pools. If you’re a rewarded play expert, you can win over $100 in just a few games. Winning $110 in just 20 minutes doesn’t sound too shabby, and you can do it easily with this game.


Free Money on Solitaire Clash

This game is generous to its users by offering tons of opportunity to claim free cash in the game. Within the first five minutes of downloading, we won 50 cents to use in future games.

The app offers special deals when you deposit cash to use as entry fees for games. They’ll throw in up to $10 of bonus cash when you deposit. That’s right- they’ll give you $10 to game!

You don’t have to deposit anything to get the free cash benefits on Solitaire Clash.  Just log in and play a quick game every day to claim your daily bonus. They’ll send you some extra cash on your third day. You can use this cash to enter into competitions with even bigger prize pools.

Things to Remember

 Solitaire Clash is a totally legit gaming app that offers cash prizes to their winners. Gamers of all experience levels can find something they love about this game.

Your wins on this app can help you knock off some items on your Amazon wish list or cover your next shopping spree. When you can collect cash or gift cards the options are limitless.

Here are some important things to remember about Solitaire Clash.

  • Show your solitaire skills and quick-thinking speed
  • Top three competitors get rewards in every game
  • Wide range of prize pools, perfect for players of all experience levels
  • Get rewarded with free cash in the app