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Money RAWR App Review: Is This Android App Legit?

Have you noticed how many rewarded play apps are available on the google play store? There are tons of apps that are offering cash rewards for playing video games. With all that money apparently waiting to be paid to users like you, you might wonder which are legit and which are not worth your time.

Don’t let the duds turn you away from the rewarded play model as a whole. Even though not every game fulfills their promises, there are some diamonds in the rough that are foolproof ways to earn extra cash while gaming.

So, is Money RAWR legit? Let’s find out. We’re doing to dive deep into the app and discuss the ins and outs of Money RAWR. Continue reading to learn the nitty gritty details of this app, including how much money you can expect to earn.

What is Money RAWR?

Money RAWR is one of many rewarded play apps available for free download on the Google Play Store. This app is only available to Android users; sorry iPhone users, Money RAWR for iOS isn’t a thing yet.

Money RAWR is developed by JustDice, an app developer in association with the AppLike GmgH platform. AppLike GmgH is German company that is behind many rewarded play apps on the Google Play Store including Appstation and Coin Pop.

Even though many of these rewarded play apps are created by the same developer company, they are not all made he same. Apps across one company can vary widely in quality and payout amount, which is why it is imperative to review these apps as the individual entities that they are.

Money RAWR rated T for teen because of the content of some of the available games.  The app has over 5 million downloads and a 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

This app follows the basic rewarded play model, in that it awards you with coins for your time spent playing games. Once you’ve gathered enough coins, you can exchange them for cash or gift card rewards.

Who Is Money RAWR for?

Money RAWR is completely free to download onto any Android device and is intended for users ages 13 and up. It’s important to note that not every game available through Money RAWR is rated T, most of them are rated E everyone. But because there are a few options with the T rating, the app is required to be rated T.

With that being said, anyone Android user of age can use the Money RAWR app to earn rewards to game. Note that if you want to cash out with PayPal cash, you must be at least 18 years of age, as that is the minimum age to open a PayPal account. Minors can cash out with gift card rewards.

How Does Money RAWR Work?

Money RAWR is a gaming platform that enables users to accumulate cash as they game. With that being said, Money RAWR does not come with games preloaded onto the app. Instead, Money RAWR will create a customized arcade wall for you to choose games from.

Once you find some games you like, download them onto your device through the Money RAWR app so it can automatically account for your time spend gaming and pay you accordingly. This may sound complicated, but the process is pretty straight forward. Rewarded play apps like Money RAWR are tools for mobile gamers to get paid for doing what they love most.

Is Money RAWR a Scam?

No, Money RAWR is not a scam. In fact, it’s one of the rewarded play apps that truly is a diamond in the rough. This app is a legit pay to play gaming app, just be sure to actually read the terms of service before you start gaming.

How Much Can You Earn on Money RAWR?

Yes, Money RAWR is a great way to earn a little bit of cash to game, but it’s not a way to get rich quick. It takes a significant amount of game play to be able to see your cash rewards grow. That’s why we think this app is best for those who already like to spend their time playing mobile games.

Now that we’ve appropriately set our expectations, let’s talk money.

In order to cash out your rewards, you’ll have to have accumulated at least $10 worth of mCoins, which is doable. The app will give you 5,555 coins when you join the app, which is worth a little under 50 cents.

Different actions in the app will be rewarded with different amounts of points. The highest paying actions are downloading new games and taking surveys in the app. Yep, Money RAWR does surveys too.  If you want to accumulate your mCoins even faster, try using their survey option in the app. Surveys take about 15 minutes and tend to pay out a lot of coins. When you find a survey you qualify for, take the option! You’ll rack up cash rewards faster when you combine Money RAWR’s offers.

You will earn coins for every minute you spend gaming, but the rate at which you’re paid per minute will lessen over time. For the highest rewards, we recommend constantly trying new games.

If you are a very active gamer, you could earn around $20 a month playing games through Money RAWR. More casual gamers can expect to earn around $5 a month, which means that if you stick to it you can earn $240 a year.

Apps Like Money RAWR

If you want to get the most out of the rewarded play gaming model, we recommend using multiple apps at once. Here are some of our favorite apps that you could use alongside Money RAWR to maximize your rewards.


In summary, Money RAWR is a completely legit app that you can use as a money-making tool to enhance your mobile gaming experience.  Go ahead, get paid to play the games on their huge arcade, your time won’t go to waste here.

Whether you’re into puzzle games, casual games, card games, or skill games Money RAWR has what you’re looking for. Money RAWR has something new for you to explore no matter how long you’ve been gaming. So why not get rewarded to game? Earning has never been more fun.

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