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Pocket7Games Review (2023)- Is It Legit?


There are tons of mobile games out there. When there are so many apps, it can leave people looking for a simpler solution. Luckily, there is one. Pocket7Games is the real money gaming solution that has tons of games in just one app. Let’s cover the ins and outs of Pocket7Games with an overview of every mini game they offer.  Continue reading to see just how versatile Pocket7Games can be.

What is Pocket7Games?

If you’ve been looking for an all-in-one gaming app, you’ve found it. Pocket7Games is the real money gaming destination that offers games of a variety of genres. Even better, this app offers cash prizes to play games of any genre.

Pocket7Games has it all, from puzzle games to card games to bingo. The app was created by real money gaming developer, Avia Games. Pocket7Games is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. There are thousands of active players on this app, and they love what it has to offer. Pocket7Games has 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Apple Appstore and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Every game on Pocket7Games is completely skill based. Meaning that every time you play a Pocket7Game, you’re playing against another real person. This ensures that your win is based on the actual gameplay, not an algorithm.

Is Pocket7Games Legit?

Yes, Pocket7Games is legit, and the app pays users real money through their cash prize tournaments. Cash prize winners can build up unlimited winnings and withdraw to their PayPal account through the app.

However, you do not have to play for cash to be able to enjoy the Pocket7Games arcade. The cash prize tournaments only exist as a means to make the mini games more competitive and fun, there is no obligation to raise the stakes with cash prizes if you do not want to.

Pocket7Games pays out cash prizes to tournament winners every single day.

What Games Does Pocket7Games Offer?

This app has a wide variety of quick play games. Every game on the app has a four-to-five-minute timer and has options to play for cash or for tickets. Here are all the games that Pocket7Games brings to the table.

Match ‘N Flip

This fast-paced card game is reminiscent of Uno. We would say that Match N Flip is a perfect combination of solitaire and Uno. Quickly match cards of the same number or color to clear your stacks before the time runs out.

Bingo Clash

This game is the real money bingo game that is most similar to classic bingo. Bingo Clash is bingo with a fast-paced twist and tons of rewarding power-ups that will help you daub your board.


Just as the name suggests, this game is the classic solitaire you know and love, just with a five-minute timer and a cash prize incentive. Arrange your stacks from king to ace to uncover all of the cards on your deck. You’ll be rewarded with points for every move you make, and your score will be compared with your competitors to see who will take home the win.

21 Gold

This game is a refreshed version of blackjack or twenty-one. No matter what you call this classic game, 21 gold challenges you to create as many stacks of 21 as possible. You will be dealt one card at a time. Tap the lanes to start a stack. When a stack reaches 21, the lane will clear to make room for more cards.

Tile Blitz

This Tetris-style game challenges you to creates seamlessly piece together misshaped pieces to complete the puzzle without any holes or gaps. When a row is filled with no gaps, it will give you points and disappear to make room for more. Make sure your pieces don’t exceed the bounds of the puzzle and see how many rows you can clear before the time runs out.

Bubble Buzz

Bubble Buzz is a classic bubble shooter game that challenges you to pop bubbles by matching colors. You bubble launcher will be loaded with bubbles of varying colors. It’s your job to aim the bubbles into the puzzle. When you launch a bubble into a bubble group of the same color, they’ll pop and clear the board.

Develop your quick thinking and aiming skills with this totally satisfying mini game.

Word Search

How many words can you find in five minutes? That’s what Word Search challenges you to do. Compete against four other competitors to see who can find the word bank words the fastest and find bonus words for additional points.

Dunk Shot

Aim, shoot, score! This New addition to Pocket7Games challenges your aim and speed. See how many baskets you can score in this basketball shooting game.


Show off your strategy with Mexican Train style dominoes. Continue the train by matching tiles with the same number to clear your hand. Compete against the computer to outscore your competitor with the same hand.

2048 Blitz

2048 Blitz is where puzzle meets math. Swipe tiles to get the 2048 tile. When you combine tiles of the same number, the number will double and create room for more tiles. Make sure you leave enough room to swipe, you lose the game when you fill the puzzle board.


This color matching puzzle game is similar to candy crush. Tap to link tiles of the same color in groups of two or more to clear them from the board. Focus on your goals at the top of the screen to complete the challenge as fast as possible. Utilize in-game power ups to complete goals even faster.

How Can you Earn Free Cash on Pocket7Games?

Yes, it is possible to win free cash on any of the mini games on the app. All you have to do to enter into cash prize tournaments for free is to play the practice rounds of the game.

When you play in the free practice rounds on the app, you can earn tickets. These tickets can then be used to enter into cash prize tournaments at no cost. However, these particular tournaments do not offer high-paying cash prize pools. If you were hoping to maximize your cash winnings, you might want to consider entering into a cash tournament with a regular entry fee.

How Does Pocket7Games Pay you?

Pocket7Games offers cash prize payment through their cash prize tournaments. If you win the tournament, the cash prize will be automatically added to your account. When you’re ready to cash out, go to the three dots located at the top right corner of your Pocket7Games home screen. Then click the “withdraw” button. Your cash winnings will be sent to your PayPal account within three to five business days.

Where to Download Pocket7Games

Here’s the best part of Pocket7Games: every game listed above is available on one app. The Pocket7Games app comes preloaded with 11 mini games that can make big impact. You can win cash with each and every one of these games or relax and play for free. Pocket7Games is the epitome of play your way.

Here’s how to get started.

  • First, download the free Pocket7Games app onto your iOS or Samsung device.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose your screen name. This is what will show when you compete against other players.
  • Then start playing any of the eleven mini games on the app.
  • After you have played a few practice rounds, take the time to register your account. Registering your account goes beyond creating a username and avatar. This will only take a minute or so, just add your name, email, and preferred cash prize payment method. Registering your account early will keep your winnings safe and ensure that your payment process goes smoothly.
  • After your account is registered, start playing and winning cash with all of Pocket7 mini games!

Pocket7Games FAQs

Does Pocket7Games Pay Real Money?

Yes, Pocket7Games is a legit real money game that offers cash prizes to tournament winners every day. This game is tested and true, there are thousands of Pocket7Games players who are winning real cash on the app.

This skill-based game is tested and true, and you can play without the fear of being scammed.

Is Pocket7Games Free to Play?

Pocket7Games is free to download and play, and there are no required in-app purchases to be able to enjoy the entirety of the game. However, if you wish to participate in cash tournaments on the app you will have to pay a small entry fee for every cash tournament.

Entry fees start at 60 cents and are priced according to the cash prize pool amount. If you win the tournament you will profit from the game, winning back your entry fee and then some. Winners can win up to 5x their entry fee on any of the games on Pocket7Games app.

Who Can Play Pocket7Games?

Pocket7Games can be downloaded and enjoyed by any iOS or Samsung user. However, here are some necessary requirements you must meet if you want to play for cash prizes.

All cash prize tournament participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in a state that allows mobile cash tournaments. As of right now, cash tournaments are not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, or VT.

If you meet the requirements listed above, you’re all set to start playing in cash tournaments on Pocket7Games. If you do not meet the necessary requirements listed above you can still download the game, but you will have to stick to the free play tournaments.

There are no barriers of entry to be able to enjoy the games on this app. You can play and win even if this the first mobile gaming app you have ever downloaded. The games on Pocket7Games are easy to learn and totally beginner friendly.

How Much can You Win on Pocket7Games?

There is no limit to how much you can win on Pocket7Games. Your winning potential boils down to how much entry fee cash you are willing to risk.

Right now, the most you can win in any tournament on Pocket7Games is with the Bingo Clash $220 prize pool tournament. The entry fee for this particular tournament is $10, and each round can have up to 32 players. Here’s how the prices will be divided.

  • First place receives $70
  • Second place receives $30
  • Top four participants receive $20
  • Top eight participants receive $12
  • Top 16 participants receive $4

When Will I Receive my Winnings?

Most players receive their winnings in their PayPal within three to five days after withdrawing from their Pocket7Games account. This is the typical time frame in which you can receive your winnings, but it could potentially take up to 14 days to get your cash winnings. 

How to Contact Pocket7Games Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Pocket7Games through email, support@aviagames.com.

Three Things to Remember

Pocket7Games is a legit cash prize game platform that offers a wide variety of casual mini games from several popular genres. Here are three Pocket7Games features to keep in mind.

  • Download and play for free on all iOS and Samsung devices
  • Play 11 games on just one app, the Pocket7Games arcade is constantly growing
  • Win up to $70 in just one tournament, and even enjoy free cash opportunities