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Dominoes Gold Review (2023): Is It Legit?


What is Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is a free mobile version of classic train dominoes that can help you win some extra cash on the side.

The Dominoes Gold app is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. Dominoes Gold hosts unlimited free gameplay as well as legit cash prize tournaments on the app.

Dominoes Gold was developed by Grey Square Games and backed by cash prize gaming giant, Skillz Games. Chances are, you’ve probably played a game from the Skillz platform before. Skillz bring legit cash prize opportunities to popular casual games from all genres. They’re the developers behind top-charting games such as Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, and Yatzy Cash.

Skillz has facilitates millions of dollars in cash prizes every year. Dominoes Gold is one of their most popular titles, so you can expect to see tons of high paying cash prize pools on the app.

On the Apple Appstore, Dominoes Gold has earned a glowing 4.7-star rating from over 25 thousand user reviews. Samsung users are also loving Dominoes Gold. The game currently has a 4.5-star rating on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

This is one of the only cash prize dominoes game on any mobile platform, and it’s a good one. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about Dominoes Gold including how to play, and how much you can really win on the app.

Is Dominoes Gold Legit?

Yes, Dominoes Gold is a legit cash prize game. You can trust that it’s one of the good one because it is backed by Skillz gaming technology. 

Skillz is a leader in the tech that goes behind fair gameplay. In every cash tournament on Dominoes Gold, you’ll play against another real competitor who matches your skill level. The app will analyze your game pay to match you with the right fit. That way, beginners will never have to face expert-level competitors, so everyone has a fair shot at taking home the cash prize.

You may not realize the importance of laying against another real competitor, but it’s a huge deal. This is what makes games like Dominoes Gold more than just the average game you’d find on an online casino.

You will never have to play against a computer or hope that an algorithm will let you win. Ever win on the Dominoes Gold app is determined by skill and skill alone, as determined by the comprehensive scoring guide on the app.

Does Dominoes Gold Play Real Money?

Yes, Dominoes Gold pays real money through their cash tournaments on the app.

The app can help you win money through their skill-based tournaments, but it was not created as a means for competitors to earn money for their time spent playing. Dominoes Gold is not paying out cash like a job or a side hustle, it is simply facilitating cash prizes through competitive game play.

With that being said, if you do choose to play in a cash prize tournament, know that you will be actually getting your winnings in real cash.

Many competitive gaming sites say that they’ll give out their prizes in cash, but they really mean that they’ll send you a gift card. Dominoes Gold primarily sends their cash prize payments through PayPal, so you can get your winnings into your virtual wallet as soon as possible.

That is only if you choose to play for cash. If you don’t want to raise the stakes with cash prizes on Dominoes Gold, that’s totally fine. You can play in as many free practice rounds as you’d like on the app, with no entry fees and no ads.

Dominoes Gold gameplay.

How to Play Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold is similar to any other classic game of dominoes, but now it’s available on your phone. The object of the game is to get to 100 points before the five-minute timer runs out, which will take multiple rounds of the dominoes. In each round, your primary goal is to clear your hand of dominoes in as little moves as possible.

Dominoes Gold play, showing linking tiles.

In each round, you will be dealt a hand of seven dominoes. To play your hand, you must link the dominoes by matching tiles with the same number. Dominoes can only be linked if they have an exposed end, the first domino on the board can be linked on all four sides.

You will be playing each round against the computer. This ensures that tournaments do not take too long as competitors send turns back and forth. Playing Dominoes Gold against the computer keeps the game concise, so you can still get your cash winnings in as little as five minutes.

You might be wondering how Dominoes Gold measures your skill against your competitors if you’re technically playing against a computer. The answer? Dominoes Gold’s comprehensive scoring guide.

You’ll get points for every tile you lay on the board, and so will the computer. If you win the round, you will get points for every tile left in the computer’s hand. But if the computer wins the round, it will be awarded points for every remaining tile in your hand.

Your final score will include every point you earned throughout all of the rounds your played within the five-minute timer, your time bonus, and your spread. The spread is the point difference between you and the computer.

Let’s say you reached 100 points before the computer, and the computer only scored 85 points. In this case, your spread will give you an extra 15 points plus a time bonus depending on how fast you achieved the 100-point goal.

However, if the computer reaches 100 points before you then the spread score will negatively impact your overall score and you will not receive a point bonus. If the computer won 100 and you only won 85, the spread will detract 15 points from your total score leaving you with 75 points.

This final score is what will decide the win against your real-life competitor. Keep in mind that you and your competitor will each receive the same hands of dominoes, leaving the win entirely up to who executes the game with the most skill.

Dominoes Gold cash prize pool split.

How Much Can you Win on Dominoes Gold?

Technically, there is no limit to how much cash you can win on Dominoes Gold. Your cash prize potential is entirely dependent to how much you are willing to risk. Entry fees on the app are priced according to the cash prize pool. The more cash a particular tournament has on the line, the higher the entry fee will be priced.

There is a wide variety of risk levels available on the app. You can play for as little as a $1 prize pool or for as much as a $200 prize pool. If you win the tournament, you’ll get back your entry fee and then some, profiting up to 5x your entry fee in just one round of Dominoes Gold. On the other hand, if you lose the game, you will lose your entry fee.

Dominoes Gold is just a mobile game, and it should be treated as such! Don’t make things stressful by playing for cash that you can’t afford to lose.  Most tournaments on the app are for just a few dollars to keep things light; if you are interested in playing for cash, we recommend that’s where you start.

Is Dominoes Gold Free to Play?

Yes, Dominoes Gold is free to download and play. The game will only charge you for entry fees if you choose to play for cash.

When you play in the free practice rounds of Dominoes Cash, you will play for Z-Coins. These are the free in-game currency for the Skillz gaming platform.

How Does Dominoes Gold Work?

Dominoes Gold offers both head-to-head and tournament style cash prize games. In their head-to-head games, you can complete against one other user for an all-or-nothing prize.

In tournament style competitions, three or more users will compete for a cash prize pool that will be divided among the top scoring competitors. Every tournament on Dominoes Gold shares the cash prize pool, entry fee, and amount of players. It’s also best to check how the cash prize pool will be divided among the competitors. To do so, just tap the cash prize on any of the tournament slots.

Once you’re in the tournament, you will play your own solo game of dominoes. Every competitor in a tournament will have the exact same dominoes pieces to work with, and whoever can score the most points before the clock runs out will win.

Just choose your tournament, play the game, and submit your score. The app will automatically divvy up the prize pool once every contestant has submitted their score.

Who Can Play Dominoes Gold?

Dominoes Gold can be downloaded by anyone with an iOS or Samsung device, but there are some specific requirements you must meet to be eligible to play for cash.

All cash prize competitors on Dominoes Gold must by at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Cash prize tournaments are disabled in the following states: AK, CT, DE, LA, and SD.

If you meet the requirements to play for cash, then you’re all set to start playing and winning cash on Dominoes Gold! If you don’t meet the requirements to play for cash, you can still enter into the free practice rounds on the app.

How to Get Started on Dominoes Gold

It’s free on all iOS and Android devices.

  • Learn the rules

Once the app is installed, you will create your unique username and approve your randomly generated avatar. Then the app will give you a game tutorial and send you to your first practice round.

  • Register your account

After you’ve learned the rules, take the time to register your account. You will need to include your name, email, and your preferred payment method. This will ensure that your winnings are secure and make the cash out process easier. It’s best to do this before you start playing for cash.

Once your account is all set up, continue learning the game and gaining confidence in your skills.

  • Cover your entry fees

When you’re ready to play for cash, start by making a deposit to cover your entry fees. To do so, tap the shopping cart icon at located in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Don’t worry about being charged without your knowledge on the app. Every entry fee deposit has to be made manually. You will be never charged without your knowledge.

The app has partnered with Apple Pay and all major card holders to make your entry fee deposit as simple as possible for all users.

  • Start collecting cash winnings

Once your entry fees are accounted for, you’re ready to start playing for cash!

  • Deposit to your PayPal

You can withdraw your winnings ovce you have accumulated at least $10 in from Dominoes Gold tournaments. To do so, just tap the withdraw button located in your profile.

After you’ve withdrawn your winnings, all there is left to do is wait for your winnings to hit your account. Most users receive their winnings within three to five business days.

If you have any questions about your pending cash payment, contact Skillz by email at or by phone at 1-(877) 639-7133

How to Get Free Bonus Cash on Dominoes Gold

Want some extra cash to contribute to your entry fees on Dominoes Gold? Inviting your friends to the app is how it’s done. To do so, open the slide out me nu on the right corner of your screen, tap on Free Bonus cash, and then hit Share.

When your friend joins the app through your referral link, you will both get some extra cash added to your account.

In Conclusion

Dominoes Gold is one of the best ways to play dominoes on your phone, and it can even help you win some extra cash while you’re at it. Here’s are three Dominoes Gold facts to keep in mind before you download.