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Money Bingo App Review – Is This Game Legit?

We review a lot of bingo games that offer real cash tournaments. You may have come across Money Bingo on the Google Play Store and wondered if this game would be worth your time. Well, we’ve done the research and found the answers, so you don’t have to.

So, does Money Bingo deserve to be on your mobile gaming roster? Continue reading to find out. We’re going to cover the ins and outs Money Bingo to see if this game is legit or just a scam.

What is Money Bingo

Money Bingo is a free bingo game available on all Android devices. The app claims to offer cash, gift card rewards, and real-life prizes through their bingo tournaments.

The Money Bingo app is free to download on all Android devices, offering several bingo tournaments on the app. The app does not have any required in-app purchases, but it does have ads in the game.

Money Bingo was developed by Shang Xiong, who’s only game title is Money Bingo. Over on the Google Play Store Money Bingo has a 4.4-star rating, which definitely isn’t bad. But many of the user reviews complain of the same issue preventing them from claiming their cash winnings.

Here’s what Android user Rodney Harris has to say about the app.

“I wasn’t looking to get rich, but I at least thought that it would do what it said it would. I played it and got enough to redeem $20. The game cashed it out but I haven’t seen it or a notification telling me when I would receive the payment… I even sent an email and no response.”

The written reviews on the app’s page reflect this same crashing issue, and others report the distracting ads made the game difficult to play.

Every game has poor reviews every once in a while, but the lack of a response from the game developer is what sets off red flags for us. Most game developers are actively responding to negative reviews to create a solution, but there has only been radio silence from Money Bingo.

Is Money Bingo Legit?

Unfortunately, we aren’t sure that Money Bingo is legit. Reports show that the app claims that users must accumulate $20 in winnings to cash out. When users earn their rewards and try cash out, the app will crash and set a new goal of $200 to cash out.

Don’t waste any effort on this game if you’re hoping to actually receive your winnings. 

How to Play Money Bingo

Once you install and open the Money Bingo app onto your device, the app will immediately add a $50 welcome gift to your account. You can use this gift to enter into cash tournaments on the app but remember that there is no evidence that the Money Bingo app actually pays out users. This welcome gift can be used in the same way that gems are used in a free play bingo game.

The end goal of Money Bingo is to completely daub your bingo card. Listen to the caller as it reads the bingo numbers and tap any called numbers if they appear on your card.

Some spaces on your card will be marked with special icons that will award you with extra points when daubed.

When you receive a bingo, tap the bingo button to claim it. Bingos are completely daubed horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. When you hit bingo you will be automatically sent to the lucky wheel which can help you win even more points and cash on the app.

You’ll have until the clock runs out to daub your card and spin the bingo wheel.

How to Cash Out on Money Bingo

The Money Bingo app claims that you can cash out your winnings after you have watched 100 ads and be active for seven days. The app never actually claims that you can cash out just by winning bingo, you’ll have to commit some serious time to viewing ads if you want to be considered for cash out.

Again, there is no evidence that cashing out is possible on the Money Bingo app- and we don’t think that it’s likely to happen for you. Our research shows that the earning potential for Money Bingo is pretty much impossible, and the reviews speak for themselves. Even if you do hold up your end of the bargain and complete all the steps to cash out, the app will restrict your from doing so.

If you’re hoping to actually win some extra cash playing bingo, we wouldn’t recommend this app. Instead, check out any of the other bingo apps on our site.

In Conclusion

Money Bingo on Android is one of those apps that makes a lot of big promises without actually following through. If you aren’t hoping to win any cash, then this game gets a pass from us. The graphics are decent, but there are a lot of ads on the game. But because there is no evidence that this game actually pays, then we wouldn’t recommend it for cash prize gamers.

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