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A Review of Match to Win: Can You Really Win Cash with This Puzzle Game?

The Google Play store is filled to the brim with apps that pay real cash. However, there are not many apps that promise users access to regular sweepstakes completely free of charge.

Free sweepstakes: that’s the big offer that Match to Win fronts. Admittedly, the opportunity to instantly win $10,000 sounds like a deal that’s too good to be true; so we decided to get to the bottom it.

Let’s examine Match to Win. We’re going to cover how to play, how the app works, and how much you can win. Continue reading to see if Match to Win’s promise is actually legit.

What is Match to Win? 

Match to Win is a match-three puzzle game that offers several ways to earn tickets and win money within the app. Primarily, this app offers free entries into sweepstakes; when you play their puzzle games, you have access to daily and monthly cash prizes.

The app is developed by Rewardify Inc, with over 5 million downloads, Match to Win is one of the top puzzle games out there.

Match to Win is available on iOS and Android devices. This app is rated T for teen and has a 4.5 star rating on iOS and 4.3 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store.


How Does Match to Win Work?

In order to get access to the sweepstakes on the app, you must play the puzzle game. This game is fun and super easy to earn. Chances are, you already know how to play. Match to Win is a match three game with a limited number of moves. You have to match items in groups of three to reach your target before you run out of moves; the controls and puzzle basics are very similar to the Candy Crush Saga.

The app also gives you free access to scratchers every time you complete a new level in the game. Scratchers can be worth up to $250. In most cases, scratchers will award you with a few cents or with tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for entries into sweepstakes.

Daily sweepstakes are worth $25, and the monthly sweepstakes are set at a $1,000 cash prize. There is only one winner for every sweepstakes draw, so your odds of winning are slim but never zero.

Match to Win uses a randomized software to choose their sweepstakes winners, and scratcher winnings are also randomized. Rest assured, you’ll always have a fair shot at the available cash prizes.

Who is Match to Win For?

Match to Win is intended for Android users ages 13 and up who want to test their luck with some big prizes. If you’re into puzzle games and want to see how much cash you can win with an app, this game is for you.


Why Match to Win?

Match to Win is one of the only apps in the real money gaming sector that offers completely free entries into high paying sweepstakes. In between sweepstakes you can win cash from scratchers and the spin to win prize wheel in the app.

Your chance of winning the sweepstakes or more more $10 from daily scratchers may be slim, but the opportunity is always there.

This game is best for those who love the thrill of the lottery but don’t love buying lottery tickets. When you regularly play Match to Win, your hat can always be in the ring for a cash prize.

How Much Money you Can Earn on The App?

The highest sweepstakes prize available on Match to Win is $10,000, that prize can be found on the new lotto feature in the app. That’s a significant amount of dough, but with the high volume of players consistently entering into the sweepstakes your chances of walking away $10,000 richer aren’t very high.

You will see small amounts of cash roll into your account from the scratchers and prize wheel you get when you complete new levels.  You easily can complete multiple levels every day, so you can win multiple cash prizes from these scratchers every day.

Cash prizes from the scratchers and prize wheel can range from a few cents to a dollar. Most players win a few dollars from the scratchers within their first week of playing the game. The minimum amount of prize money needed to cash out is $7, which is pretty low for apps like this.

Users report that cash winnings from the scratchers are more frequent for new users. You can get close to the $7 cash out minimum within your first few days using the app. Choose between PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards upon cash out. Once you’ve been using the app for a little while, the cash tends to come in more slowly in favor for more tickets and coins. This is awesome because your and coins are exchanged for entries into the sweepstakes.

So, as you continue to play the game, the scratchers tend to reward you with more entries into the sweepstakes, thus giving you more opportunity to win big.

If you want to accumulate points even faster, refer your friends to the app! Match to Win has a generous referral program. You and your friends can win up to $1,000 with a referral code scratcher and add extra points to your Match to Win bank.

Match to Win is not primarily a rewarded play app. The main appeal of this app is the ability to enter into their sweepstakes for free, so winning is not necessarily dependent on how much you play, it’s dependent how lucky you get when they draw the sweepstakes.

However, the more you play the more entries you get to put into the sweepstakes. Winners are random, but those who play more are statistically more likely two win the sweepstakes pot.

It’s best to think of Mach to Win rewards as a free lottery instead of a rewarded play gaming side hustle. You could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this app if you are regularly putting your hat in the ring for the sweepstakes. But if you’re only playing to win small bits of cash from the scratchers, you won’t walk away with much.



Match to Win is a legit way to enter into sweepstakes with big cash prizes completely free of charge. Why not shoot your shot for free money? This app may be your best way to enter into a regular lottery without paying a dime.

Maybe you’ll be the next lucky winner of a Match to Win sweepstakes. If not today, then maybe tomorrow?

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