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This Little-Known Industry Pays Millions, Here’s How to Start Earning


The secret to getting extra cash on your phone? Mobile games.

It may sound a little crazy, but it’s legit. The top three mobile game developers alone pay millions in cash prizes to their users every year. That’s right, millions.

There are plenty of options for making money online, but the process of finding cash prize games that you can actually trust can be quite a hassle. But finding apps that actually pay users cash doesn’t have to be difficult.

Fortunately, has the right amount of information you need when it comes to winning money online and playing games. You can find legit games for desktop, iOS devices, and even Android devices because Real Money Gamer shares all there is to know about the cash prize gaming industry- including game recommendations. So you don’t have to scroll through the app store to find games that may or may not be worth your while.

You can do all sorts of things to make money on the side nowadays, but if you have the free time or enjoy playing games on your phone, then you’re going to want to check out how you can win some extra cash with free, beginner-friendly games.

Plenty of Games

Like the many fish in the sea, there are plenty of games to play and win cash. A variety of trivia, puzzle, action, adventure games, and many more could be found browsing through the RealMoneyGamer site.

Taking the chance to review what fits best with your gaming style and preference is the main focus when it comes to picking the right game. If you’re looking for a challenge, there are games like Bubble Cash where users have the chance to match bubbles up to earn combo points on their way to win

Or sports games like Super Hit Baseball Payday that give users the ability to be at bat and hit the ball towards specific locations on the field to gain double the points and win cash payout prizes scaling from $1, $5, $10, and more or even gift card rewards.

Play Anywhere, Any Time

The best way to play the games you enjoy is when you’re comfortable at home, cozy on the couch with no worries in the world.

What’s great about RealMoneyGamer is the fact that the games that are shared throughout the site could be played in the comfort of your own free time. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, you can still fit some friendly competition and fun into you day. Games only take a couple minutes to play, so you could have some extra money in your PayPal account in minutes.  

If you have time to spare on the desktop, throw on a game of head on over to Golden Hearts Games [JB1] and browse through the variety of games ranging from slots, bingo, and more!

Or try Blackout Bingo on your Android or iOS device when you aren’t in the mood for more Netflix streaming or social media scrolling. When’s the last time you’ve actually had fun with your leisure time on your device? The occasional mobile game can provide a break in the monotony, adding some excitement to your screen time.

Get Insider Tips to Win More Often

In addition to the wide variety of real money game recommendations, you can find tips and tricks and reviews on

Everyone wants the best chance at earning the most points; with high scores come high rewards- and this site can get you there.

The site shares the insider strategies of navigating the apps to getting the biggest bang for your buck! You’re given the chance to play against other players that are equally skilled and evenly matched, so you can’t be taken advantage of. You’ll always play against other real competitors in these cash prize mobile games, so you’ll never have to worry about playing against the house.

A brief overview of how the games work and how much cash you can win is detailed on the site. Even YouTube reviews can be found to discover the best tricks to use when playing games like Cube Cube or Solitaire Smash.

You’re guided every step of the way with RealMoneyGamer.

Play The Games You Enjoy & Win Cash on Your Terms

Overall, RealMoneyGamer is an awesome site to look through and pick the options of best suits your style.

You don’t need to be a gamer to play the games offered, nor do you need to be a gamer to win real cash prizes. All it takes is a little practice and strategy to unlock opportunities to win the top cash prizes available on the app store.

This site is full of opportunity because you can find all sorts of games that offer PayPal cash payouts, and gift card rewards to notable retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Adidas, Home Depot, and more. You can even earn gift cards for Google Play Store, the Playstation Store, and iTunes gift cards.

The prizes are endless, and you can have a blast when you win while playing. Over millions in cash prizes have been earned with the games on RealMoneyGamer, so why not be a winner yourself?

This site is your legit source for making the next best selection for your cash prize-winning needs and you won’t miss out on what’s hot and fresh on the market.