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Bingo For Cash Review: Is This Bingo Game Still Legit in 2024?

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: There’s a new bingo game that comes out every week! We totally understand there is absolutely no shortage of bingo games on the app store, which is why we think that reviews like this one are more important than ever.

When there are so many bingo apps available, players can use a bit of guidance. Now, let’s get down to it.

Bingo For Cash is one of the most recent bingo games released onto the Apple Appstore, and we’re giving this app an honest (and thorough) looking over. We’re going to cover all of the details of the app, including how it differs from the competition and how much you can really win per tournament.

Continue reading this Bingo For Cash Review for our verdict on whether or not this app is worth any hype.

Bingo for Cash Review
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Bingo for Cash Review Summary

The game is skill-based, and its power ups innovate the genre more than any other bingo game on the app store today. Bingo For Cash is legit and definitely worth the hype.


Play for free or for cash, 24/7.

Exciting gameplay and access to special power ups and bonus points.

Legit cash prize pools of up to $174.


Cash tournaments are not available in all states and locations.

It is only available to download on iOS devices.

What is Bingo For Cash?

Bingo For Cash is a skill-based bingo game available on all iOS devices. The app is free to download and offers unlimited free play and 24/7 bingo tournaments that offer real cash prizes.

The app was developed by Winner Studio Co., a small developer with only two bingo apps under their name. But even though the development team is small, the Bingo For Cash has gotten a decent amount of buzz.

At the time of writing, Bingo For Cash is exclusively available on iOS platforms, but the game could be expanding to Android, given the buzz.

Bingo For Cash Reviews

Bingo For Cash has garnered a 4.6-star rating on the App Store based on nearly 50 thousand user ratings.

Here are some of the raving reviews left by Bingo For Cash fans:

Spunkysmomma1313 said, “I really enjoy playing the different levels on this game; it keeps it challenging and interesting.”

Rue61 said, “I’ve been back and forth with so many bingo games and have done some research! I have played this game for several months and have cashed out at least 5 or more times! Bingo For Cash is my favorite! I’ve actually won tonight and have cashed out 3 times! You can’t worry about your bonus cash, but if you’re ahead, cash out and start again! I absolutely love this game, and it is totally legit! Finally, a game that pays out!”

And Garnetchic said, “ I give Bingo For Cash 5 stars. I downloaded it a couple of days ago, and already I am addicted to playing this game. I was a bit skeptical at first because of all the ads saying you win big, which you usually don’t do much and have to watch a ton of ads. Not with this game. Download it. You will love it. So far, I’ve won $60.”

Players not only love playing Bingo For Cash for its thrilling gameplay but also for its real cash prizes.

Is Bingo For Cash Legit?

Yes, Bingo For Cash is just as legit as any of the other top-ranking bingo apps.

As usual, the cash tournaments on the Bingo For Cash app operate with the entry fee system. All cash prize participants will pay a small fee to play. The sum of every participant’s entry fees is what makes up the cash prize pool. The cash prize pool will be split between the top-scoring competitors.

Cash prizes are paid out immediately to your Bingo For Cash account and can be transferred to a PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo account.

How Does Bingo For Cash Work?

Bingo For Cash is totally skill-based, so you won’t have to hope for lucky numbers. Every competitor in the tournament will play with the same numbers on their card, so speed and power up strategy are the key to winning the game. To sum things up, you’ll never see an ad, play against a bot, or have to bet on luck in a game of Bingo For Cash.

How to Play Bingo For Cash

Gameplay on Bingo For Cash is similar to most other skill-based bingo games, but there are a few features that distinguish the game from the rest.

When you first start a game, you will be given a bingo card, and it’s your main goal to daub every square. An announcer will call bingo numbers every few seconds. If the number that’s called appears on your card, tap it to daub.

Here’s how Bingo For Cash differs from other bingo games. Instead of earning points toward your power up with every square you daub, you’ll get closer to a power up for every number that’s called. Let’s break that down.

In most other skill-based bingo games, you’ll only earn points toward a power up when you daub a square. Typically, you’ll get a power up after successfully daubing two squares on your card.  This can lead to some significant game time at a complete standstill because you have to wait for one of your numbers to be called (which isn’t guaranteed to happen.)

Bingo For Cash eliminates this problem by providing power ups for every number that’s called, so you’ll earn power ups even if the number that’s called does not appear on your card.

This feature is our favorite part of the game because it allows you to progress your game in ways that other skill-based bingo games do not allow. Because of this, you are way more likely to have a full house! We think that’s better than sitting and waiting for a lucky number to be called.

How Much Money Can You Win on Bingo For Cash?

Bingo For Cash offers prize pools that are standard to the real money gaming world. Most tournaments offer prize pools in the $5-$25 range, but there are some high-paying tournaments available immediately after downloading the app. You can play in tournaments with prize pools reaching $174. See the breakdown of this tournament below.

$174 Prize Pool

  • $60 entry fee
  • First place wins $102
  • Second place wins $66
  • Third place wins $6

The triple-digit prize pool seems impressive, but if you do the math, the potential winnings aren’t astronomical by any means, considering the risk of a $60 entry fee. Our recommendation is to stay in the $25 and under cash prize range for the best entry fee prices and potential profit margins.

How to Get Started


Download Bingo For Cash onto your iOS device from the App Store. Unfortunately, this addicting app is still unavailable to download on Android devices.

If you’re an Android user, check out some of our favorite Android Games that Pay Real Money.

Start Playing

Play for free or cash prizes once you’ve successfully installed the app onto your mobile device. Win by accumulating the most amount of points possible by getting bingos and strategically using power ups.

Withdraw Your Money

Once you’ve won a cash tournament, you are ready to withdraw your money. Start the withdrawal process to instantly transfer your earnings into legit cash deposited to your PayPal, Apple Pay, or Venmo account. 

Bingo For Cash Tips and Tricks

We’re going to flip the script for this one. If you have read any of our skill-based bingo tips and tricks articles (if you haven’t, WHY NOT?), you’ll know that we always tell users to save their power ups for the end of their game to maximize their chances of a full house.

This is not the best course of action for Bingo For Cash. In fact, we recommend that you use your power ups as soon as possible. Because you’ll be earning power ups for almost every other number, to ensure these score boosts are not scarce.

You’re going to want to use your power ups as soon as possible, and it’s even better to use your power ups in tangent with each other. To do so, activate a 2x point power up just before activating a free daub. This will ensure that you will receive maximum points.

Even better, layering power ups increases the power of a 2x boost. When you daub a square when a 2x boost is activated, the multiplying power will increase. Your 2x boost will turn into a 3x boost and will follow this pattern all the way up to 5x as long as you daub a square when this boost is activated.

Bingo For Cash Pros and Cons

Here is a list of Bingo For Cash’s Pros and Cons for your reference.


  • Play for free or for cash, 24/7.
  • Exciting gameplay and access to special power ups and bonus points.
  • Legit cash prize pools of up to $174.


  • Cash tournaments are not available in all states and locations.
  • It is only available to download on iOS devices.

Bingo Apps Like Bingo For Cash

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Bingo For Cash Review: Final Thoughts

So, is Bingo For Cash worth the hype? We think yes!!!

The game is skill-based, and its power ups innovate the genre more than any other bingo game on the app store today. Bingo For Cash is legit and definitely worth the hype.

Although this game won’t be able to help you quit your day job, it can allow you a way to earn legit money fast. Whether you’re short a few dollars on your monthly bills or are on a tight budget, Bingo For Cash is ready to start paying you out cash today.

After reading our Bingo For Cash Review, we hope you have learned a new way to put some extra money into your bank account. If you have an iOS device, we recommend downloading this free app onto your phone. Trust us, your bank account will be thanking you!

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