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Bingo Cash Strategy: Tips & Tricks to Win


What is Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is a skill-based bingo game available on all iOS and Samsung devices. The game revamps your average game of bingo into something new and exciting, with power ups, point boosters and even real cash prizes.

The app is free to download and play across all available platforms, with no required in-app purchases to be able to play the entirety of the game. Users can enjoy unlimited free play on the app in addition to legit cash prize tournaments.

Bingo Cash has been downloaded countless times, and there are a lot of active players on the app winning cash every day. At the time of writing, Bingo Cash has a 4.7-star rating with over 67 thousand reviews on the Apple Appstore. Bingo Cash has held a high rating since its launch in 2021 and has held a spot in Apple’s top ten cash prize games for months. Currently, Bingo Cash sits at number six. Bingo Cash is also popular with Samsung users, the app currently holds a 4.5-star rating with over two thousand user reviews.

The app was developed by Papaya Gaming, a leading mobile game developer that has facilitated millions of dollars in legit cash prizes across their gaming platform throughout the years.

If you want to get a cut of the Bingo Cash prize pool, continue reading to find our go-to tips and tricks to maximize your score (and maybe even win more cash) on the app.    

Bingo Cash prize pool.

Does Bingo Cash Pay Real Money to Users?

Yes, Bingo Cash pays real money to users every day through their cash prize tournaments. Many cash tournament games only pay winnings through gift cards, but Bingo Cash is true to its name and facilitates their cash prizes primarily though PayPal, so you can get your winnings into your pocket. 

Bingo Cash does offer cash prizes through their tournaments, but you do not have to enter into cash tournaments to be able to enjoy the game. Users can play Bingo Cash for free with the unlimited free practice rounds on the app.

It should be noted that Bingo Cash was not created as a means to earn cash like a side hustle. While the game does offer cash prizes, they are not guaranteed. Every cash prize on Bingo Cash must be won by beating your competitors with your skills.

With that being said, you do take on risk when you enter into a cash prize tournament on the app. This is because you must submit a small entry fee to be able to play for cash prizes. These entry fees are a relatively low investment, starting at just a few cents. But an increased cash prize pool will result in an increased entry fee, because every competitor’s entry fee makes up the prize pool.

If you win the game, you’ll profit and win back your entry fee and then some. You can win back up to 5x your entry fee in just one tournament, but if you lose the game you will lose your entry fee.

Cash prize gameplay can kick up the excitement of any game. If raising the stakes sounds like fun to you, then the cash prize tournaments on Bingo Cash are a great option for that. Just remember that cash tournaments are only there to add to the fun, not as a means to supplement your income or score a fortune.

Bingo Cash gameplay.

How to Play Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is similar to many other bingo games you’ve played before, but they’ve added a comprehensive point system, timer, and several unique power ups that might be new to you.

The objective of Bingo Cash is the same as any game of bingo: fill your card. You will be assigned one bingo card and given two minutes to play. Once the game begins, a caller will announce the first bingo number. If the number appears on your card, tap it as soon as possible.

The faster you daub, the better. You will only receive points for your daub if you tap within the seconds-long time frame after it was called. Be careful not to tap any bingo squares that have yet to be called, as this will lead to a point deduction.

When you have completed a new bingo, you must manually tap the bingo button at the bottom corner of your screen to receive your points.

Once you’ve successfully daubed three numbers, you will receive a power up.  Power ups on Bingo Cash will help you fill your board even faster, add extra time to the clock, or double your points. Power ups on Bingo Cash must be manually enacted by tapping the power up button located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Continue listening to the bingo caller and daubing your card until the two-minute timer runs out. Once time is up, submit your score and await the game results. When everyone has submitted their scores, the app will distribute the cash prize pool accordingly. Be sure to check the results of every game so you can claim any prizes that you may receive.

Tips and Tricks to Win Bingo Cash Tournaments

Use these simple tips to hone your skills and develop your strategy on Bingo Cash.

Bingo Cash power ups.

Know your Power ups

There are four power ups on Bingo Cash and knowing their specific functions will dramatically improve your efficiency in the game. Here’s a breakdown of every power up on the Bingo Cash.

  • Wild Daub

This will allow you to choose any section on the screen as a free space.

  • Pick-A-Ball

This power up will take you to a new screen where you cannot see your bingo card. You will be presented with three to four different bingo numbers, and you can choose the one that you want to daub.

  • Double Score

This will give you 2x the points you earn within the ten seconds after the power up was enacted.

  • Bonus Time

This will add 10 extra seconds to your timer.

Play for Speed

Speed is crucial on Bingo Cash. The faster that you daub the numbers the announcer calls, the more power ups and points you will receive. Be sure to stay focused on the announcer throughout the entirety of the game so that you can make moves as fast as possible.

Just one second of the Bingo Cash can be what makes or breaks your score. Focus on daubing quickly and accurately as you develop your skills.

Plan Ahead

Start memorizing the numbers that you need to fill the very second that you see your card. This will help you make smart choices when you enact the Pick-A-Ball power up, which is the most common power up in the game.

Start by memorizing the corners of your bingo card, once those are filled memorize the spaces that will help you the most.

Bingo Cash Tips And Tricks Video Guide:

How to Start Winning Cash on Match n Flip

You can win your first Bingo Cash tournament today, just follow these steps to get started.

Download the app and register your account

Bingo Cash is free to download on all iOS and Samsung devices. Once the app has been installed onto your device, you will be immediately prompted to select an avatar and a username. Don’t worry, these can be changed later.

After you’ve done that, you will need to play a couple tutorial practice rounds. Once you’ve completed your first few practice rounds, take the time to register your account. You can do this by tapping the profile icon at the bottom menu of your screen. This process is super quick, just fill out your name, email, and preferred payment method.

You are not required to set up an account with the app before you start paying and earning, but it’s an essential step to ensure that your pay out process goes smoothly. It’s best to complete your account set up as soon as you can.

Start winning

After you’ve registered your account, start developing your skills with free practice rounds of the game. When you feel confident in your Bingo Cash strategy, start playing for cash.

Tap the shopping cart icon located in the menu at the bottom of your screen to make your entry fee deposit. The app is partnered with Apple Pay and all major card holders to make your deposit as simple as possible.

Withdraw your funds

You are free to withdraw your funds from the account as soon as you’ve built up at least $10 in cash winnings. Just tap your profile and hot withdraw to send your funds to your PayPal account.

Enjoy your cash winnings

That’s all it takes to start winning on Bingo Cash. All there’s left to do now is to wait 3-5 business days for your winnings to hit your account. 

Bingo Cash FAQs

How Much can You Win on Bingo Cash?

There is no limit to how much you can in on Bingo Cash. Your winning potential all comes down to how much you are willing to risk.

The highest paying cash prize pool available on the app is $70. In this particular tournament, all competitors will pay a $5 entry fee; the first-place user wins $40, second place wins $20 and third place wins $10.

Does Bingo Cash have Free Cash Opportunities?

Yes, it is possible to win free cash prizes on Bingo Cash. The app offers free entry into some cash prize tournaments by using gems. Gems are the free currency on Bingo Cash, and you can win gems by playing in free practice rounds.

When you save up enough gems, they can pay your way into cash tournaments in lieu of a regular cash entry fee. This is called the freeroll tournament; it costs 1.2k gems to enter and there is a $7 prize pool on the line. First place wins $4, second place wins $2 and third place wins $1.

These aren’t extremely high paying tournaments, so if you’re looking go raise the stakes with big cash prize pools, you will want to opt for one of the traditional cash tournaments on the app.

Can I get my Cash Prizes Instantly on Bingo Cash?

Unfortunately, Bingo Cash does not offer instant cash prize transfer at this time. Once you withdraw your winnings it should take 3-5 business days for your cash to hit your PayPal account.

Be patient as you wait for you cash winnings. There are a lot of players on the app, and every cash prize transfer has to be reviewed and authorized by someone on the Papaya Gaming team. If you have any questions about your cash prize transfer, contact Papaya Gaming for support.

Is Bingo Cash Free to Play?

There are no mandatory purchases or deposits on Bingo Cash. Users can enjoy the entirety of the game without having the pressure of playing for cash. You can play in unlimited free practice rounds on the Bingo Cash app.

Is Bingo Cash Available to Everyone?

The Bingo Cash app can be downloaded by anyone with an iOS or Samsung device, but there are some specific requirements one must meet to be eligible to play in a cash prize tournament.

All cash prize competitors on Bingo Cash must be at least 18 years old and living in a location that authorizes cash prize mobile game play. Currently, cash prize tournaments on Bingo Cash are not available in AZ, AR, IA, LA, DE, SC or WA.

In Conclusion

Bingo Cash has been one of the most downloaded cash prize games on the app store for good reason. Users can enjoy an easy to learn game with no ads for free, and can even win some extra cash on the app.

See how much your score can improve when you utilize our tips and tricks for Bingo Cash.