How to Play Bingo Tour: Tips & Tricks to Win Real Money

How to Play Bingo Tour: Tips & Tricks to Win Real Money

Struggling to level up or beat your high score in Bingo Tour? No worries, we understand the challenge! Bingo Tour is a skill-based game requiring practice and strategic implementation to enhance your performance. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our team at Real Money Gamer has dived into Bingo Tour, discovering top-notch tips and tricks to elevate your skills and boost your winnings. We’ve done the hard work for you – now, all that’s left is to apply our advice and get your game on!

Let’s not waste any more time – let’s explore how to excel at Bingo Tour and how to play to start winning real cash.

How to Play Bingo Tour

First, we need to go over the ground rules of Bingo Tour so everyone is on the same page on how to play. We have a full Bingo Tour App Review on our page already, which includes a detailed section on how to play, but let’s just go over a brief summary of the key points.

how to play bingo tour

Listen and Dab

Just like classic bingo, an announcer calls out bingo numbers every few seconds. If the called number matches one on your card, tap the square to mark it.

Aim for Bingos

The goal is to achieve as many bingos as possible within the two-minute timer. Tap the purple bingo button at the bottom right when you complete a row, column, diagonal line, or four corners.

Earn Points

Earn points for each bingo, quick space filling, and multi-bingos (spaces completing multiple bingo rows).

Utilize Power-Ups

You’ll receive power-ups throughout the game to speed up card filling and boost points. Tap the power-ups at the bottom of your screen to activate them.

Blue Diamonds

Use blue diamonds to fill any space on your card.

Gimme More Power-Ups

These can be recognized by the “G” icon and let you pre-call a space of your choice.

x2 Power-Ups

Activate these to earn double points for 10 seconds.

Avoid Penalties

Refrain from tapping unannounced spaces on your card to avoid penalties that can hinder your chances of winning.

Timer and Scoring

Play until the two-minute timer ends. Your points will be automatically tallied and compared with others. The top three highest-scoring players share the prize pool.

Bingo Tour Rewards

Bingo Tour has some pretty good rewards that are offered in the form of real cash prizes and in-game rewards.

Cash rewards are offered through tournaments, in which gems (Bingo Tour’s in-game currency) can be earned through playing practice rounds and completing other tasks like logging in daily, referring friends, and hitting milestones in the game.

When it comes to earning cash, cash rewards are anywhere between $5 and $55. The top three players in each game win prizes, but remember to consider the entry fee when figuring out how much you might earn.

For example, in a cash game with a $55 prize, you have to pay an $8.99 entry fee. If you come in first, you get $27. Second place gets $16, and third place gets $12. So, after you take away the entry fee, here’s what you might win:

  • First place: $18.01
  • Second place: $7.01
  • Third place: $3.01
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Bingo Tour Tips & Tricks

Now for the fun part – Tips and tricks to level up your Bingo Tour game and increase your chances of winning! Before we get into the tips, it’s important to note that the best way to improve at Bingo Tour is to practice, practice, practice!

To win more games, you need to improve your overall skill; the only way to do that is to spend time improving. The other tips we will give you will help you improve your strategy and win more points per game, which is very important! However, if you don’t practice, you will never increase your skill, and since this is a skill-based game, that is essential to succeed.

With that being said, here are our top tips and tricks to win playing Bingo Tour:

Daub Faster

Daubing numbers quickly not only earns you more points but also helps fill your bonus bar faster.

Fill Bonus Bar Quickly

Faster daubing fills your bonus bar more rapidly, allowing you to earn power-ups sooner.

Use X2 Bonuses Wisely

X2 bonuses give you 10 seconds of double points. Use them strategically for maximum impact.

Save Daubing for X2 Bonuses

Wait to daub numbers until you have an X2 bonus available. This way, you can save numbers and bingos for a higher score.

Manage Bonuses

You can store up to two bonuses at a time, so plan when to activate them for the best advantage.

Beware of Unnecessary Bingos

Hitting the bingo button without having a bingo can lead to a score penalty, so use it wisely.

Aim for Multiple Bingos

Try to achieve multiple bingos simultaneously, earning you more points and increasing your chances of winning.

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How to Cash Out on Bingo Tour

Bingo Tour offers various methods to fund your account and join cash games, including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)
  • PayPal (check out other games that pay PayPal)
  • Venmo

Please remember that if you accumulate enough bonus cash from playing free games, you can use it to enter cash tournaments. However, depositing actual money is usually faster if you wish to participate in cash games.

You’ll need at least $2 in your account balance to request a withdrawal. Remember that a $1 processing fee applies to withdrawals under $10. Bingo Tour allows you to cash out using:

  • Your PayPal account
  • Electronic check
  • Visa, Mastercard, or debit card
bingo tour cashout options

Games Like Bingo Tour

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Final Thoughts: How to Play Bingo Tour: Tips & Tricks to Win Real Money

To wrap things up, the key to playing and winning Bingo Tour is to dedicate time to practicing. As they say, practice makes perfect, and seeing that Bingo Tour is a skill-based game, leveling up your skill by practicing is essential for success.

Other tips and tricks we went over included:

  • Daub numbers quickly to earn more points
  • Fill your bonus bar ASAP
  • Use X2 bonus carefully, so you can optimize its value
  • Wait to daub numbers when you get a X2 bonus for a higher score
  • Manage your bonuses wisely
  • Don’t hit bingo when you don’t have one to avoid losing points
  • Aim to score multiple bingos at once

If you want a fun way to earn cash while being entertained by fast-paced, competitive style gaming, Bingo Tour is definitely worth checking out. If you follow our tips, you will have a higher chance of making even more money, so feel free to refer back to this article whenever you play!

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