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Find Your Favorite Game in All of These RMG Genres


Don’t be fooled by all the colors and characters, the real money gamer world is no small world. This side of the gaming industry is huge, you’ll find all you could want and more right on your mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android, or Samsung Galaxy, you’ll be able to find your real money game match. 

How do you navigate such a large aspect of the gaming industry? That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of every type of real money game, so you have the best jumping off point. From Solitaire to bingo, we’ve got you covered. 

Here is our genre guide to games where you can earn real cash.

Game Genre Fusion

Here’s a quick note before we dive in. Many real money games bend and fuse genres. Game developers are constantly at work to find new and exciting twists on beloved classic games. A real money bingo game probably won’t be like your grandma’s bingo, but we can use classic games like bingo as a point of reference for real money games. 

Genre bending keeps the real money gaming world exciting, you’ll love the modern innovations on gaming classics.

Games of Chance

Are you feeling lucky? These games are randomized and don’t necessarily take much skill, just luck.  Pure games of chance are for those who just want to spin the wheel and try their luck. We don’t blame you, there’s nothing more exciting than testing your luck. 

Ready to play a game of chance? Try Golden Hearts Games, available on your laptop or desktop.


If you want more of a challenge in your game, skill-based games are best for you. These games cover a wide variety of real money gaming genres. Skill games can be card games, billiards, dominoes, matching games, or puzzle games.  Utilize your wits through expert strategy in skill-based games.

Ready to play? Show your skills with a game of Pool Payday on iOS or Samsung Galaxy.


Want to kick things up a notch? Try games that have a short time limit to light a fire under your thumbs. Speed games are best for those who thrive under pressure and want to pump up their adrenaline while they game.

Ready to play? Test your speed with Dominoes Gold on iOS or Samsung Galaxy.


Are you in for the long run? Fall in love with a saga game. These games take you on a journey with long maps, hundreds of levels, and characters you’ll fall in love with. Take the ultimate hero’s journey with saga games. This style of game is best for those who want to commit to a game for a longer period of time.

Along for the ride? Try Blackout Bingo, an awesome bingo inspired saga game on iOS or Samsung Galaxy.  

Solitaire Games

If you think you know solitaire, you’re wrong. Who said Solitaire can’t be competitive? There are several twists on Solitaire waiting for you in your app store that make this solo game an exciting, competitive experience. 

There is something for everyone, whether you play Classic, Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, or Pyramid Solitaire. Your next Solitaire fix is out there ready to be downloaded. 

Ready to play? Try Solitaire VIP or Solitaire Cube on iOS and Samsung Galaxy.

Classic Card Games

Everyone’s heard of online poker, but these real money games go way beyond virtual poker. You can fall in love with new takes on Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and more. The best part? Just like in any old poker game, you can win real cash that goes straight to your pocket. 

If you’re a pro at classic card game strategy and are itching for something new, this genre has your name written all over it. Go ahead, play the aces in your sleeve with one of these real money games. 

Ready to play? Try 21 Blitz on iOS or Samsung Galaxy.

Bingo Games

When’s the last time you’ve played bingo?  For some, bingo was an activity that never strayed past our elementary school classrooms. Others bring their own daubers to the function.  Whether you’re a bingo veteran or whether you’ve never played bingo for cash, we can guarantee that you’ve never played bingo quite like one of these bingo inspired real money games.  

Bingo real money games are extremely beginner friendly, and best for those who want to show their skills throughout all of the levels of a colorful saga game.

Ready to play? Try Blackout Bingo on iOS or Galaxy.

Matching Games

Do you remember Bejeweled? Are you a Candy Crush fanatic? You could be winning cash for that. Matching games are the colorful puzzle games mobile gamers have loved for years. Enjoy some of the industry’s most captivating graphics and maps with matching puzzle games. Often times, these games combine the elements of skill, speed, and saga for the ultimate gaming experience. Matching games are beginner friendly and increase in difficulty as the game progresses. You’ll find massive gaming community ready to compete in real time in the matching puzzle game genre.

Ready to play? Try CandyPrize on iOS and Samsung Galaxy.

Bubble Pop and Shooter Games

Ready, set, aim, and shoot! Are you a master marksman? You’ll love these skill-based games reminiscent of 80’s classics like Galaga, Space Invaders, and even Big Buck Hunter. Instead of paying quarters to play, you can win huge cash prizes for playing. 

These games have a huge variety, and can be set in space, on a deer hunting trip, or even at a bubble factory. You’ll love the 80’s nostalgia these arcade-style games invoke. Shooter games are best for people with a knack for quick thinking and sharp precision. Go ahead, pop the bubbles, hunt the deer, and defend your spaceship. 

Ready to play? Try Bubble Cash on iOS, or Big Buck Hunter: Marksman on iOS and Samsung Galaxy.