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Why Everyone is Playing Mobile Bingo (and Why You Should Too)


Bingo is taking over, and we are totally loving it.

Look, we know what you’re thinking. Why should I care about bingo? Well, here’s the answer- it can get you paid. Winning cash while playing bingo may not be a new concept, but we aren’t talking about your average bingo hall.

The game of bingo has had a facelift. Now you can win in minutes by playing bingo on your phone.

What’s the Deal with Mobile Bingo?

Traditionally, bingo is a game of chance. When you play at a bingo hall or fundraiser the winner is determined by a lucky bingo card. Mobile bingo game developers have set a new precedent.

Most mobile bingo games are based on skill. Instead of letting lady luck declare a winner, users can now use special power ups and point boosters to outscore their competitors. This means that you don’t have to hope for a lucky card anymore, you can win real cash with your game play.

These bingo games don’t have you playing against bots or AI. Just like at a bingo hall, you’ll be playing against other real competitors for a cash prize pool- just without the crowds.

Mobile bingo takes all of the great things about bingo and makes them better. There is a wide variety of bingo games that pay cash prizes available on your device. You can start playing and winning real cash today whether you are an iOS or Android user.

Every bingo game on RealMoneyGamer.com is tested and proved to be a legit source for awesome cash prizes, and they’re all free to download and equipped with unlimited free play and cash prize opportunities.

How Much Can You Win?

When we hear cash prize, we want to know how much. There is no exact answer, because your cash winning potential comes down to your habits as an individual user.

There is a wide variety of bingo tournaments, offering cash prize pools ranging from $1 to $1,000. Every tournament divides the prize pool differently, most tournaments will split the pool between top three participants, but large tournaments will split the prize pool between the top 50 competitors.

Most cash prize tournaments require that participants pay a small entry fee to play, these start at just a few cents and are priced according to the cash prize pool. You can win up to 10x your entry fee in just one bingo game and see profits of up to $200.

However, you don’t have to play for cash to be able to enjoy any of the bingo games on RealMoneyGamer.com. Every bingo app on the site is free to download and offers unlimited free particle levels. We recommend that you start by playing a ton of free practice levels so you can build up your skills and develop a strategy before playing for cash.

How to Play Mobile Bingo

Every bingo game will have its own individual quirks that set it apart from the rest, but here is a basic guide to the majority of cash prize mobile bingo games.

Like in any other bingo game, you’ll start with a bingo card. An announcer will call numbers, and if the number appears on your card, tap the square as quickly as possible to daub. The faster you daub a number, the more power ups you will receive. Power ups are your friend and using them effectively is what will help you secure a win.

In skill-based bingo games, all users will have the same numbers on their card to work off of. This completely evens the playing field, so the game is entirely based on the competitor’s skills. Every game has a comprehensive point system to quantify your skill, whoever scores the most points will win the cash.

Where to Find High-Paying Mobile Bingo Games

Not all bingo games are created equal, but RealMoneyGamer.com has found the best of the best. Check out their list of top bingo games that actually pay their users real cash. Then check out the honest game reviews exclusive insider tips and tricks to boost your score on the site.