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Bingo Duel Review – Is this Game Legit?

It’s no secret that there are more bingo games on the app store than we can count, but we can definitely try. We’re reviewing every bingo game that we can, in this review we’re covering Bingo Duel, a bingo caller game on the Skillz platform.

Continue reading to learn how to play, how much you can actually win, and whether or not Bingo Duel is actually legit.

What is Bingo Duel?

Bingo Duel is a free bingo game available on all iOS and Samsung devices. The app offers unlimited free practice rounds of bingo in addition to tournament-style competitions that offer real cash prizes.

The app was developed by Kingsify LLC, a small developer who has partnered with Skillz to bring real cash prizes to their games. Skillz is one of the largest cash prize game developers out there, and they facilitate millions of dollars in cash prizes every year across their platform.

When mobile game developers partner with Skillz games, they’re leaving their cash prize operation to the one’s that know it best. Skillz Games is behind some of the iOS and Samsung app store’s top preforming games including Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold, and Yatzy Cash.

Bingo Duel is one of the smaller titles on Skillz, but it has all of the same amenities as the big names including PayPal transfer, fast entry fee deposit via Apple Pay and excellent customer support.

On the Apple Appstore, Bingo Duel has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating with over 900 user reviews. Samsung Galaxy users have rated the app at 5-stars, which speaks to the game’s quality across both platforms.

The Bingo Duel app is free to download, free to play, and completely ad-free.

Is Bingo Duel Legit?

Yes- Bingo Duel is legit. We can say so with certainty because the app is backed by Skillz Games, one of the largest and most trusted cash prize game developers out there. If you decide to play for cash, you won’t have to be worried about being scammed.

Every Skillz cash tournament matches you to other competitors who share your skill level, leveling the playing field across the board. There aren’t any bots on the app, so you’ll never have to bet against the house for cash.

How Does Bingo Duel Work?

Here’s the thing about cash prize bingo- often times, the games aren’t entirely based on skill. But that’s not the case with Bingo Duel!

Every competitor in a Bingo Duel tournament will have the same numbers on their card and will have the same numbers called during the game. You will be awarded points for every number you daub on your card, the faster you daub, the more points you receive.

Because everyone in a Bingo Duel tournament is working off of the same numbers, the margins of winning are pretty slim. Securing a win mostly comes down to your speed and power up usage.

Many bingo games on the app store are extremely difficult to consistently win, but Bingo Duel offers a simplified tournament style to make your odds of winning greater than they would be on another app.

Bingo Duel offers 1v1 tournaments, where you go head-to-head against one other competitor. This feature is what makes Bingo Duel shine when compared to its competitors who put up to 40 players in just one tournament.

When you play a cash tournament on Bingo Duel, every competitor will play their own solo game. When time runs out, users will submit their scores and whoever scores the most will take the win.

How to Play Bingo Duel If you’ve played mobile bingo before, you probably already have a good idea of how to play Bingo Duel. When you start a game, you’ll receive a bingo card with randomized numbers, and a caller will start announcing numbers.

If one of the numbers matches on eon your card, tap to daub. Daub your numbers as quickly and accurately as possible to maximize your points. As you successfully daub your card, you will fill you power up meter. When the power up meter is full, you will be awarded one power up that can be used to fill your card. Power ups must be manually activated by tapping them, and you can store up to three power ups at one time.

The object of the game is to completely fill your card. Be sure to hit the bingo button whenever you have a bingo. Bingos care any completed vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row as well as the four corners on your card.

The game will end once the two-minute timer is complete, and whoever scores the most points will win.

How Much Cash Can You Win on Bingo Duel?

Here’s the deal- if you’re hoping to make hundreds of dollars on an app right away, you won’t be able to. But don’t let that discourage you! You can win real cash playing Bingo Duel, but it will be just a few dollars at a time.

It should be noted that you do not have to play for cash to be able to enjoy the game. The app offers unlimited free practice rounds, but if playing for cash keeps things more fun and exciting for you then more power to you! You’ll have tons of opportunities to win on Bingo Duel.

Your winning potential depends on how much entry fee cash you’re willing to risk. Every cash tournament requires a small cash entry fee. If you win, you’ll profit from the game, but if you lose you will lose your entry fee cash.

Upon downloading the app, the biggest cash prize pool available is set at $17. There are eight players in this tournament who will all pay a $3 entry fee. Here’s how the cash prize pool is divided.

  • First place wins $10
  • Second place wins $4
  • Third and fourth place wins $1.50

If you only want to play 1v1 tournaments, your winnings will slim but your odds of taking a W will be significantly higher. The Rookie tournament is 1v1, with a 60 cent entry fee. The winner will get $1.

Who Can Play Bingo Duel?

Free practice rounds of Bingo Duel can be played by anyone with an iOS or Samsung device, but there are some necessary requirements one must meet to be able to play for cash. All cash prize tournament participants must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Cash tournaments are not available in AR, CT, DE, LA or SD.

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can start playing for cash prizes today!

How to Get Started on Bingo Duel

Download the app

Bingo Duel is free on all iOS and Samsung devices.

Save your account and play free practice rounds

Go through the game tutorials, then save your account through the app’s settings. This will make any cash prize withdraws go without a hitch. Once your account is official, continue playing the free practice rounds to gain some confidence in your skills.

Deposit your entry fee cash

When you’re ready to play for cash, secure your entry fees through the app. You can do so by tapping the shopping cart icon at the bottom menu of your screen.

Withdraw your winnings to PayPal

You can withdraw your cash winnings after you have built up at least $10 on the app. To cash out, hit the withdraw in the main menu on the app. Most users receive their winnings with three to five business days, if you have any questions regarding you cash prize payment contact

Final Words

Bingo Duel is a free mobile bingo game that offers cash prizes through 1v1 and tournament-style competitions. The game is legit, and available for download on all iOS and Samsung devices.

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