Bingo Bling Review – Is it Legit?


There are countless bingo games on the app store- with so many options, it can be difficult to find a game that works for you. We’re here to help.

We have rounded up all of the info you need to know on popular iOS bingo game, Bingo Bling, for this review guide. We’re covering all of the details that the Appstore won’t tell you including how the game actually works and how much you can really win as you play.

What is Bingo Bling?

Bingo Bling is a bingo caller app available for free download on all iOS devices. The app offers unlimited free bingo practice games in addition to tournaments that pay winners real cash prizes.

On the Apple Appstore, Bingo Bling has a 4.8 out of 5-star review with over 49 thousand user reviews.

Bingo Bling was released in 2022 by Game Story, a small mobile game developer who has only released the one game title. Even though Bingo Bling is created by a small developer, they have all of the same amenities such as cash prize transfer through PayPal and instant entry fee deposit from Apple Pay or any major card holder.

The Bingo Bling app is ad free and requires no in-app payments unless you want to play for cash. The app offers several tournament-style competitions with varying degrees of risk, and even free cash prize opportunities.

Is Bingo Bling Legit?

From our research, it appears that Bingo Bling is legit. They offer cash prizes though their tournaments and the user reviews on the Appstore indicate that the game actually gets winners their cash prize money.

In a recent Bingo Bling review user S.S.Marie says, “I have gotten a regularly maintained & fun to play Bingo app that, for once, isn’t trying to scam me out of a few bucks or sell my personal info to the highest bidder. The games aren’t rigged, they’re fair. The app ACTUALLY has customer support. Your cash won’t magically disappear. Your bank won’t randomly get charged after you give them your info. Your account won’t be unjustly banned to prevent you from cashing out. & you can even save up free currency & risk it all for a couple cents worth of paid currency. This is what every Bingo app claims to be, this one just actually followed through.”

Bingo Bling actually follows through on their cash prize promises, so you can play this game without the fear of being scammed.

Where to Play Bingo Bling

Bingo Bling can be downloaded onto an iOS device for free. Currently, the app does not have an Android or Samsung version but there is a chance that the app can expand to the platform in time.

How to Play Bingo Bling

Bingo Bling is a classic bingo caller game that adds elements of skill though their in-game power ups. The object of the game is to completely fill out your bingo card as fast as possible before the three-minute timer runs out.

When the game begins, a randomized bingo caller will announce numbers. If you see them on your card, tap as quickly as possible to daub. When you have successfully daubed three bingo squares, your power up meter will completely charge, and randomly award you with one power up.

You can choose to activate your power up immediately or save it for later, you can save up to three power ups at a time in your queue. Power ups must be manually activated by tapping them in your queue.

How Does Bingo Bling Work?

Bingo Bling is a single player game that brings users together through their tournament-style competitions. In any tournament, three to seven competitors will face off. All tournament participants will be playing with the same bingo numbers, but all will have different bingo cards, making each person’s game unique.

You’ll earn points for every daub based on speed, and you can maximize your score with power ups.

Bingo Bling, and all other bingo game with this style of gameplay are technically skill-based games because your win is partially dependent on your power up strategy, as strategy takes some skill to execute. But your chances of securing a bingo win often times come down to how lucky your bingo numbers are.

Because of this, we wouldn’t say that your odds of winning bingo are entirely based on skill. Luck still has to be in your favor to consistently land on top in a Bingo Bling tournament. Ultimately, your chances of winning Bingo Blitz are pretty slim, but more possible than they are on a game that’s oversaturated with users.

Bingo Bling is a relatively new game, and yes there are there are thousands of players, but there are not enough active users yet to justify tournaments with over 20 competitors- which is a good thing. Right now, the biggest cash tournament on the app only as nine competitors, which totally increases your odds of securing a win.

How Much Can you Win on Bingo Bling?

On Bingo Bling your winning potential boils down to how lucky your cards are, your power up strategy, and how much entry fee cash you’re willing to risk. On all cash prize games, you can’t get rewarded without taking on some risk.

We have mentioned the benefits of smaller tournaments with fewer competitors, but there is a drawback. Cash prize pools are made up of all participant’s entry fees, so having more competitors means that you will have a larger cash prize pool. Bingo Bling has less people in their tournaments, so their cash prize pools are smaller compared to other bingo games.

When you first download the app, the largest cash prize game available to you wis the $15 Bling Round. In this tournament, seven competitors compete for a $15 prize pool. The first-place participant wins $6, second place wins $5, and third place wins $3.50. This is great, but the entry fee for this tournament is set at $3 per participant, so the most that one could profit is $3 or 2x the entry fee.

The game does offer free cash prize opportunities. You can enter into a cash prize tournament for free when you have saved up 3,000 gems. First place wins $2.50, second place wins $1.30, and third place wins $0.70.

Winning cash isn’t everything, and cash tournaments are only meant to increase the fun. But if you’re only motivated to play when there’s a chance you can win big, then this game may not be right for you.

However, if you’re motivated by winning more often, then Bingo Bling is a great fit for you.

Who Can Play Bingo Bling?

Anyone with an iOS device can play the free practice rounds of Bingo Bling, but there are some necessary requirements to be able to play for cash. All cash prize participants on Bingo Bling must be at least 18 years of age and living in an eligible location. Cash prize tournaments on Bingo Bling are not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, IA, KY, MD, LA, SC, VT, or TN.

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can play in Bingo Bling’s cash prize competitions at any time, if not you will have to stick to the free practice rounds on the app.

How to Get Started on Bingo Bling

Download the app

It’s free on all iOS devices, you can download it here.

Secure your account and play practice rounds

After you’ve played your two in-game tutorials, be sure to save your account through the Bingo Bling app settings to make your winnings deposit easier. Then, continue playing practice rounds to develop your strategy.

Cover your entry fees

When you’re ready to play for cash, start by covering your entry fees through a quick cash deposit.

Start winning and cash out

Once your entry fees are sorted, start playing for cash. You can cash out through the app once you have accumulated $10 in winnings. Send your prizes straight to your PayPal account. Most users receive their winnings within one week; if you have any questions regarding your pending cash prize withdrawal, contact Bingo Bling at

Final Words

Bingo Bling is a free cash prize bingo game that adds elements of skill to their competitions through the use of power ups. The game is free to download on all iOS devices, and it prioritizes smaller tournaments to help users like you win more often.