How to Play Bingo Bling: Tips to Win Real Money

How to Play Bingo Bling: Tips to Win Real Money

how to play bingo bling

Have you been playing Bingo Bling, but are struggling to reach new levels or beat your high score? Don’t worry, we get it! With Bingo Bling being a skilled based game, it’s important to practice as well as learn and implement new strategies to continue improving in the game.

Lucky for you, that’s where we come in. Our gamers here at Real Money Gamer have been playing Bingo Bling and figuring out the top tips and tricks to improve your skill level and win more money.

We did the grunt work for you, now all you have to do is read this article, use our tips, and play! So, without delaying any further, let’s get right into how to play Bingo Bling so that you can start winning real cash.

And if you’re new to the app, read our Bingo Bling review to learn more. And if you don’t already have it, download the app from the Apple App Store or the Galaxy Store.

How to Play Bingo Bling

Before we get into any tips and strategies, we need to go over the basics: How do you play Bingo Bling?

Well to start, let’s go over the ground rules.

The objective of the game is to daub numbers to complete a row and call bingo before your opponent. Use power-ups, like the Wild Daub, to help boost your score and give you an edge over your competitor. The Wild Daub, for example, allows you to daub any number on the board.

Speed is going to be your best friend in this game, as the faster you daub, the more points you receive.

bingo bling

Bingo Bling is available for free play, or cash prize tournaments. If you choose to play for free, you can enter games by using gems, which are awarded to you in various ways including logging in daily, referring friends, watching ads, and completing practice games. After signing up, you should receive 500 free gems to help you get started playing games.

You cannot win money playing practice games.

If you want a chance to win cash, you will need to deposit money into the app that will then be used to enter competitions. Be aware that there is risk associated with cash prize games due to the fact that you are wagering your own money to play.

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Different games in the app have various entry fees and cash rewards. For example, a game might require a $3 entry fee with a $15 prize for the winner. On the other hand, tournaments can offer even bigger prize pools, sometimes reaching $100 or more, usually with higher entry fees.

Both practice rounds and cash prize tournaments are played against real-life players.

Bingo Bling Rewards

Bingo Bling offers a bunch of different rewards to make your gaming experience exciting. You can win real cash sent to your PayPal or Apple Pay, and there are also gift cards available for cool stores. Inside the game, you can earn gems as rewards too.

The cash prizes can be anywhere from $1 to $200 per game, depending on how much you paid to play. So whether you’re aiming for some extra spending money or looking for a bigger prize, Bingo Bling has rewards for everyone.

Tips to Win Bingo Bling

Now for the fun part – our top tips and tricks to win! To preface this, these tips will only help you if you take the time to practice, because that is ultimately what will improve your overall skill, and ultimately allow you to win more games.

Here are some tips we recommend:

1. Make Use of Boosters

Boosters are extremely important and will help you increase your score, which will help you beat competitors. There are four boosters to use in Bingo Bling: Extra Time Booster, Wild Daub, Ace Ball, X2 Booster.

The extra time booster awards you 10 seconds extra time, wild daub allows you to daub any number of your choice, ace ball gives you four numbers and lets you choose one that you think will help you win bingo, and finally, the X2 booster doubles the points for 10 seconds.

Strategic x2 Booster: Hang onto your x2 booster until you’re about to hit bingo. This way, you can maximize the points you earn when you really need them.

how to play bingo bling

2. Ace Ball Planning

Before using your ace ball, think carefully about the numbers you need for bingo. Keep those missing numbers in mind so that you can choose the best number when your ace ball opportunity comes up.

3. Boosters Timing

Don’t be too quick to use your wild daub or ace ball boosters. If you use them too early, you might end up selecting a number that could have been called naturally by the game. Instead, hold off and observe which numbers are being called. Then, use your boosters for the missing numbers.

4. Immediate Extra Time

As soon as you earn extra time, make use of it promptly. Don’t let it go to waste – it’s a valuable booster that can help you get more points.

5. Utilize Booster Slots

Keep an eye on your booster slots. If they’re full, use them strategically so that you can continue earning more boosters. This way, you’ll always have them available to enhance your gameplay.

6. Play Regularly

Consistency can pay off. Try to play Bingo Bling regularly to get accustomed to the game dynamics and patterns. Playing regularly will allow you to improve your skill, and increase your chances of winning each game you play.

7. Stay Calm

Stay composed, even if you’re close to winning. A steady hand and a clear mind can make a difference. Staying calm under pressure is essential, especially with a game like Bingo Bling that is based on speed.

8. Daily Bonuses

Make use of daily bonuses and rewards to enhance your gameplay without spending extra. Daily bonuses will help you earn gems that will in turn get you into more games, which means more chances to win cash!

how to play bingo bling

9. Practice Patience

Be patient and play strategically. Rushing can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities.

How to Cash Out on Bingo Bling

Once you’ve secured your winning bingo card, you’ll be eager to cash out your well-deserved rewards.

how to play bingo bling

To cash out on Bingo Bling, follow these simple steps:

First, ensure you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold, usually stated within the app.

Next, navigate to the withdrawal section and choose your preferred payment method, which often includes options like PayPal or Apple Pay.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm your request. Keep in mind that the processing time may vary, so be patient as the app reviews and approves your withdrawal.

Additionally, take advantage of daily prizes and rewards by playing consistently. These bonuses can add up and contribute to your overall winnings. Remember, Bingo Bling offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential cash rewards, making it a game where strategy and chance intertwine for a chance to win big.

Games Like Bingo Bling

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Final Thoughts on How to Play Bingo Bling

Overall, Bingo Bling is an easy game to master, as long as you take the time to practice, as well as take advantage of power ups and know when to use them. The key is to strategize correctly to best boost your score and out-compete competitors.

Let’s recap the top tips to win:

  1. Make use of boosters
  2. Plan to use ace ball when you have missing numbers for bingo
  3. Time boosters correctly to optimize benefits
  4. Use extra time booster as soon as you get it
  5. Do not let booster slots fill up
  6. Play regularly
  7. Stay calm
  8. Take advantage of daily bonuses

If you implement these tips into your gameplay, we believe you’ll be well on your way to winning more games and earning more cash! Please feel free to refer back to this article if you ever need a quick refresher. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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