Bingo King App Review – Is This Game Legit?


It can seem as though there are more mobile bingo games available on the app store than ever before. Game developers are constantly creating new bingo apps that will keep user’s attention. The same goes for mobile bingo players, who are constantly looking for new bingo games that keep the classic game of bingo fresh and exciting.

Today we’re going to cover Bingo King, an iOS bingo app that offers opportunities to win real money through their cash prize tournaments. So, is Bingo King legit? Continue reading our user. guide and review to find out.

What is Bingo King?

Bingo King is a free iOS bingo game by Greensoft Limited. The app offers unlimited free play bingo tournaments in addition to cash prize games to users of all experience levels.

On the Apple Appstore, Bingo King has accumulated a 4.7 out of 5-star rating with over 31 thousand user reviews. Here’s what Bingo King user ChellyBean18 had to say about the app.

“…I just want to say thank you to Bingo King because it’s the first app that I’ve come across that actually seems fair across-the-board. I don’t feel like I’m being cheated or robbed and it’s just so dang redressing. This an A+ application. I have cashed out on numerous occasions and it typically will take less than 12 hours. Which is unheard of in the land of casino game apps! if I submit a request before midnight, I usually have the funds in my PayPal account by 6 AM.”

Is Bingo King Legit?

Yes, bingo King is a legit real money game. They facilitate their cash prize payments through PayPal, and they are reported to pay out their users much faster than other bingo apps out there.

Users can choose to play for cash or just for fun on the Bingo King app without the fear of being scammed or played. Bingo King is one of the good ones.

How Does Bingo King Work?

Bingo King’s cash prize tournaments utilize the entry fee model. If you’re playing for cash, you will have to submit a small entry fee to be able to participate. These entry fees are what make up the cash prize pool, which will be divided amongst the top scoring competitors.

Many mobile bingo games aren’t exactly skill-based, but Bingo King is. Every participant in a Bingo King tournament will be competing on an even playing field. All competitors will have the same bingo card, bingo numbers, and power ups. The winner comes down to who can fill their card as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ultimately, whoever has the most effective bingo king strategy will win.

This makes it so that the point margins between winners and losers are rather small. When everyone is playing at the same level as you with the same strategy, the outcome of the game can be compromised by just one wrong move. So, it’s best to stay focused and prioritize playing in free practice levels to perfect your strategy before competing for cash.

How to Play Bingo King

Bingo King is a standard bingo caller game, it’s pretty much the same as any other game of competitive bingo.

You will receive a bingo card with randomized numbers on it. Your task is to completely fill the card by daubing numbers as they are called. You will earn power ups for accurately and quickly daubing your card, these power ups can be strategically used to get your farther in the game. You’ll receive points for your speed, accuracy, and bingos. Whoever scores the most points by the end of the round will win.

How Much Can you Win on Bingo King?

Like always, your winning potential comes down to the amount of entry fee cash that you’re willing to risk. The potential profits are decent on Bingo King, but the app is not a way to make guaranteed money or significantly contribute to your regular earnings.

Here’s how Bingo King’s highest paying cash tournament distributes its prize pool. The tournament has seven plays who will all pay a $15 entry fee to participate.

  • First place wins $37.50
  • Second place wins $22.50
  • Third place wins $10.50
  • Fourth place wins $7.50

In any of the Bingo King tournaments, you will have to place in first or second place to profit from your game.

How to Get Started on Bingo King

Download the App

Bingo King is free on all iOS devices. As of right now, the app is exclusive to the iOS platform, but it could expand to Android in the future.

Secure your account and play practice rounds

Once you have played through your first tutorial practice rounds, take the time to register your account through the app’s settings. You can do so by tapping the Bingo King icon located at the top left corner of your screen, this will bring you to your settings menu. Then click “sign up” at the top of your screen.

Creating your Bingo King account is free and it will only take a few moments to complete. Registering your account early will ensure that your winnings do not get lost in the sign-up process.

Once your account is created, build your game strategy with the free practice rounds on the app.

Deposit some entry fee cash

When you’re confident in your Bingo King strategy and ready to play for cash, start by making a deposit to cover your entry fees. You can do so by tapping the “store” icon located in the menu at the bottom of your screen.

You will only be able to make an entry fee deposit if you are eligible to play for cash. All cash prize participants must be at least 18 years of age and be living in a state that permits cash prize gaming. Currently, Bingo King cash prize tournaments are restricted in the following US States: DE, LA, MD, MT and TN.

If you do not reside in an eligible location, you can still play in the free practice tournaments on Bingo King.

Start playing cash tournaments and withdraw your winnings

Once your entry fees are secured, you’re all set to start playing for cash on Bingo King. There is no cash out minimum, so you can send your winnings to your PayPal as soon as you secure the win!

In Conclusion

Bingo King is a free bingo app exclusive to iOS that offers 24/7 cash prize game play to users. The app is legit, with thousands of active players who are competing in bingo tournaments every day.