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How to Win Money with Bingo King: Strategy, Tips, & Tricks

How to Win Money with Bingo King

So you’ve been playing Bingo King but feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Maybe you’re not winning as often as you like, or you haven’t been able to reach a new level.

Don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good at Bingo King anymore. It just means it’s time to learn new tips, tricks, and strategies!

In today’s article, we will teach you a new Bingo King strategy you can practice to improve your gameplay, overall bingo playing skills, and win more money. Keep reading to learn exactly how to win money playing Bingo King!

How Much Can You Win on Bingo King?

Bingo King has a special treat for players – the chance to win lots of money! How much you win changes based on things like the type of bingo you play, how many people are playing, and how much the tickets cost. Bingo King offers different games, like the classic 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, and also cool versions like pattern-based bingo and blackout bingo.

Prizes can be small or huge, especially in games with progressive jackpots. In these games, the prize money grows over time. To make the best choices, watch out for the biggest prizes and ticket prices that match what you want to risk and win.

For an in-depth review of Bingo King, visit our Bingo King App Review.

Who Can Play Bingo King?

Bingo King is available to anyone over the age of 17. There ‘s an age restriction to play this game because it is considered a gambling app due to the real money component.

Other requirements to play include regional restrictions. If you are in the US states of DE, LA, MD, MT, TN, or the AU states of ACT, VIC, QLD, NT, you cannot participate in real cash tournaments. You can still download and play Bingo King for free if you reside in these states.

If you reside in those states and you want a bingo app that will allow you to compete for cash, here are 9 Bingo Games That Pay Real Money.

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Bingo King Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Here are 5 top strategies, tips, and tricks to improve your Bingo King gameplay to win more cash!

Use Some Cards, Not Too Many

Start with a few bingo cards, maybe 2 or 3. That way, you can keep track of them without getting confused. As you get more comfortable, you can try using more cards.

Try Different Games

Play different bingo games on Bingo King. Begin with the classic bingo games like 75-ball or 90-ball. After you feel confident, explore games like pattern-based bingo or blackout bingo to see which one you like best.

Pick Quiet Times

Play bingo when you notice fewer people are playing. Usually, early mornings or late nights can be quieter. With fewer players, your chances of winning can be better.

Know Your Budget

Decide how much money you want to spend before you start playing. For example, you could say, “I’ll use $20 today.” Stick to that plan. If you run out of that money, it’s time to stop playing.

Make Use of Power Ups

You control how you use your power-ups, but the main goal is to get the highest scores and finish the game fast to grab extra bonuses. Power-ups will help you immensely when scoring points and give you that extra edge over your competitors if used correctly.

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Bingo King has four main power-ups:

  • Magic Dauber: You can mark any square on any card.
  • Magic Ball: You can pick a ball and then mark it.
  • Triple Time: Your scores from marking get tripled.
  • Extra Time: You get more time as a bonus.

How to Withdrawal Cash on Bingo King

When you feel like taking out your winnings, just ask for your money to be sent to your chosen PayPal account.

One important thing we observed is that if it’s your first time asking for money, it might take a bit longer because they want to be sure everything is okay. To prevent extra conversations with PayPal, be sure your account’s name matches your game account’s name exactly.

Usually, your money should arrive in a few business days, but if it doesn’t, you can reach out to the game’s developers.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to withdraw cash on Bingo King:

1. Verify Your Identity

Most reputable online gaming platforms require identity verification to ensure secure transactions and prevent fraud.

2. Choose a Withdrawal Method

Bingo King typically offers a range of withdrawal options, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and more.

3. Request a Withdrawal

Navigate to the withdrawal section of the platform, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and select your preferred withdrawal method.

4. Processing Time

The processing time for withdrawals can vary based on the chosen method. E-wallets tend to be faster, while bank transfers may take a few business days.

Bingo King Rewards

Bingo King primarily offers cash rewards, which range from $1 to up to $10,000. Cash can be rewarded to players through PayPal or various bank cards. Cash rewards are earned by playing games, referring friends to the app, participating in daily challenges, and more. You can actually get up to $45 just by referring a friend to download Bingo King! So, definitely take advantage of all the little ways to make extra cash.

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Pros and Cons


  • Enjoy practice games for entertainment.
  • Get a chance to earn free PayPal money.
  • Compete for substantial cash rewards on the leaderboard.


  • No Android app available.
  • You need to use your own money as a stake in cash tournaments.
  • Making money through free games isn’t possible.
  • Account verification might be time-consuming.
bingo king strategy

Games Like Bingo King

If you like Bingo King, check out these other great mobile bingo games that offer cash prizes:

Final Thoughts: How to Win Money with Bingo King

Overall, if you’re feeling a bit stuck while playing Bingo King, there’s no need to stress – even experts face challenges. But guess what? This is your chance to step up your game! With the fresh strategies, tips, and tricks we’ve shared with you today, you’re on your way to become a Bingo King master.

To summarize some of the advice shared in this article:

  • Start Small with Cards: Begin with 2 or 3 cards to make it easy. As you feel more sure, you can add more cards.
  • Try Different Games: Play different types of bingo. Start with the usual 75-ball or 90-ball games. Later, give pattern-based or blackout bingo a try.
  • Play at the Right Time: When fewer people are playing, like early mornings or late nights, it’s your chance to win.
  • Use Your Money Wisely: Before you begin, decide how much you’ll spend. Stick to that amount. When you use it up, take a break.
  • Supercharge with Power-Ups: Use power-ups smartly to get more points and finish games faster. Magic Daubers, Magic Balls, Triple Time, and Extra Time can help you win.
  • Get Your Winnings Smoothly: When you want your prize money, ask them to send it to your PayPal. Just make sure your account name matches to avoid delays.

Remember these tips, and master your Bingo King strategy in no time! So keep playing, have fun, and enjoy the thrill of winning in this exciting game.

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