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Tether Studios – Leading Game Developer

Tether Studios

Today we will be learning all about Tether Studios: one of the leading game developers of skill-based mobile games. Although you may not be familiar with their name, you may recognize their popular games. This California based studio is the creative genius behind well-known titles including Solitaire Cube, Bubble Cube 2, Golf Solitaire Cube, and Yatzy Royale.

These games have all accumulated high rankings on the iOS App Store and are personal favorites of the gamers here at Real Money Gamer. So, join us as we take a closer look at Tether Studios and dive deeper into this notable gaming company and their contributions to the gaming industry.

Who is Tether Studios?

Tether Studios is the world’s leading skill-based game developer, with over 20 million players, and over 22 games created by the studio thus far. This studio is behind some of the most successful skill-based apps on the iOS App store, including Bubble Cube 2 and Solitaire Cube.

Tether Studios is a small business with a selective team of 21 passionate game developers who all have the same goal in mind: to bring mobile games to a broader audience.  

Who Owns Tether Studios?

Tether Studios was founded by Tim O’Neil, the CEO, and Aletheia Simonson, the COO. The studio was founded in 2014 in Oakland, California. O’Neil has over two decades of experience creating games for a number of platforms, including the PS1, Xbox 360, Facebook, PC, and now Android and iOS games. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he is passionate about building his business and hopes to make the world more fun with his games.

Aletheia Simonson is also passionate about making the world more fun through games. Her expertise lies in product development, where she is able to let her creative juices flow in order to continue to create fresh and amazing products.

Where is Tether Studios Located?

Tether Studios is located in Oakland, California. It currently only has one office due to the close-knit team they have created. If you are interested in joining the Tether Studios team- you can check out more details about Tether Studios careers here.

Games Owned by Tether Studios

Tether Studios has created over 22 games, with multiple of their games being ranked number one in their respective categories on the iOS App Store. To list a few of their most famous creations, there are Solitaire Cube, Bubble Cube 2, 21 Blitz, Yatzy Royale, Cube Cube, and others.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this have already played some of these games and are familiar with how fun they are since they do have over 20 million players worldwide.

All of Tether Studios’ games are skill-based and offer real cash prizes to their players. However, all of these apps are free to download and don’t require any in-app purchases in order to play, but it is an option for those that do want the chance to win cash.

To use an example, with the fan-favorite game Solitaire Cube, players have the chance to enter mobile solitaire competitions with real-life players for a chance to win cash prizes.

To win money, you do need to deposit money so that the game can create a prize pool for players to receive if they win. Prizes vary depending on the tournament, with some tournaments’ cash prizes being upwards of $500.

The larger the entry fee, the larger the cash prize. There are free practice round options for players who just want to play for fun and aren’t interested in winning money.

Solitaire Cube by Tether Studios

Tether Studios Recap

Tether Studios, founded in 2014 by Tim O’Neil and Aletheia Simonson, has quickly grown a community of over 20 million players in under a decade. With games like Solitaire Cube and Bubble Cube 2, they have become favorites among skill-based gaming enthusiasts.

Based in California, the company aims to expand mobile esports to a wider audience and has been successful thus far. What sets Tether Studios apart is their offering of real cash prizes in tournaments across various games like bingo, solitaire, and dice.

With high-quality gameplay and exciting cash incentives, Tether Studios is the go-to destination for engaging and rewarding mobile gaming experiences. Explore their games for a chance to win prizes while having fun on your phone this year.

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