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Bubble Cube 2 App Review (2024)- Is It Legit?

Ever thought that popping bubbles can get you paid? Probably not, but cash prize mobile will always surprise you. Welcome to our favorite side of the app store: simple mobile games that pay out real cash prizes to winners.

The bubble shooter game in question is Skillz’s Bubble Cube 2. The question on the top of all of our minds: how much can this silly game actually put into my wallet? Let’s get right down to it.

What is Bubble Cube 2?

Bubble Cube 2 is a bubble shooter game by Skillz Games. The app is free to download and offers unlimited free practice rounds and cash prize tournaments. Bubble Cube 2 is available on all iOS and Samsung devices.

Is Bubble Cube 2 Legit?

Yes, Bubble Cube 2 is a legit cash prize game. It was developed by Tether Studios, the same game development company behind Solitaire Cube, Yatzy Royale, and 21 Blitz. 

The Bubble Cube 2 app is a part of the Skillz gaming platform, which means that your winnings are in good hands. Skillz is one of the world’s largest cash prize gaming platforms, paying out millions of dollars to their user base every year.

Bubble Cube 2 Video Review (2024):

How Bubble Cube 2 Works

Bubble Cube 2 is a free mobile game that offers unlimited free play in addition to cash prize tournaments. Every tournament on the app uses the entry fee system, meaning that all participants in a cash prize tournament will have to pay a small entry fee to play.

These entry fees ae what make up the cash prize pool. They’re usually pretty small investments, starting at just 60 cents on the app, but they increase in price depending on the amount of the cash prize pool and the amount of participants in the tournament.

Every participant in the tournament will be playing a solo game with the same bubble puzzle, which evens the playing field. Whoever scores the most points in the game will get to take home the cash prize pool, winning back their entry fee and then some. But if you lose the game, you lose your entry fee along with it.

Entry fee games do impose a bit of risk onto tournament contestants, but that risk is not quite the same as the risk you would take on at a casino. This is because the tournaments on Bubble Cube 2 are based entirely on skill.

You’ll never compete with a bot or tussle with a game’s AI on this app. On Bubble Cube 2, you’ll always compete against other real people like you. The game bases your skill on their point system, and the points always determine a win.

How Much Can You Win on Bubble Cube 2?

Here it is, the big question: how much can this game actually help you win?

The answer is not as straight forward as you might have hoped, but the silver lining is that your potential winnings depend on you and how often you play. All of Skillz games use a tiered league system. When you first download the app, you will be in a beginner league that offers cash prizes in the $1 to $20 price range. As you level up, higher-paying cash prize tournaments will become available to you, some reaching $120 for the first-place winner.

If Bubble Shooter 2 becomes your go-to game, then you’ll level up to the top-paying leagues in no time. Start with the free play practice rounds and work your way up from there.

How to Play Bubble Cube 2

Bubble Cube 2 takes on the classic bubble shooter gameplay and adds new strategic challenges, here’s how it works.

The object of the game is to pop all of the bubbles on the board. To pop a bubble, aim your launcher by holding and swiping your finder across the screen. When you’ve found your shot, release your finger and watch the bubble soar. When bubbles are matched to bubble groups of three or more, they’ll pop.

As your clearing the board, be sure to keep a close eye on the hopper and the match meter. Located to the immediate left of your bubble launcher, the hopper shows a queue of the bubbles that will be loaded into your launcher. To the right of your launcher is the match meter, which is the number of matches that you need. Every time the hopper refills, you must fill you match mete with every color on the board, if you cannot fill the match meter the bubbles will lower. Be sure to check your match meter, if the bubbles lower too far the game will end early.

Once you have filled the match meter and popped every bubble from a color group, that color will no longer appear in your board. Play with speed and accuracy to clear every bubble color from your puzzle before the three-minute timer runs out.

As you’re popping bubbles, you’ll notice that some bubbles on the puzzle are marked with icons. These icons indicate a power up bubble. Power ups will assist you in maximizing your score, so knowing the function of every power up is essential.

Here are the power ups to look out for in Bubble Cube 2, as described in the app’s in-game tutorial.

  • Bomb- pops nearby bubbles when it explodes
  • Ice- Expands to fill nearby spaces
  • Rainbow- Takes on the color of whichever bubble it hits first
  • Bonus Bubbles- Marked with 2x, 3x, of 5x, popping these bubbles will multiply your score.

The Trick Beat Your Competitors in Bubble Cube 2

Yes, you should play for speed and yes, practice will help you improve your score over time. But there is one not-so-obvious trick you should have up your sleeve when paying Bubble Cube 2.

During the bulk of the game, you’re going to want to clear bubble colors as fast as possible. But once you have cleared all but one or two bubble colors, you aren’t going to wang to pop them right away. Instead, aim away from the bubble clusters to build up a mass of bubbles. New bubbles will populate once your hopper clears, but the game will only populate with the bubble colors remaining on the board.

When there’s only a few seconds left, pop the massive bubble clusters! This will give you a huge influx of points and help you come out on top over your competitors.

This strategy will get easier once you have developed some skills in the game. Once you get the hang of it, you’re going to want to spend the first half of the game clearing bubble groups and the last half purposefully missing your shots so you can build up points.

But it should be noted that it’s better to finish the game with an empty board than not, so be sure to only carry out this strategy if you have enough time to see it though, 25 seconds should suffice.

How to Start Winning on Bubble Cube 2

Here are the steps you’ll take to get to your first cash prize payout on Bubble Cube 2.

  • Download the app and register your account. Bubble cube 2 is available for free download on all iOS and Samsung devices. Be sure to register your account through the app’s settings before you start to play for cash, this will prevent any roadblocks in your payout process. Registering your account will only take a minute or so. Just add your name, birthdate, email, and location. The app asks for your location and age to ensure that you are eligible to compete for cash. All cash prize competitors on Bubble cube 2 must be at least 18 years old and be living in an eligible location.
  • Learn the game – After your account has been registered, take the time to learn the game though the free practice rounds on the app.
  • Deposit some entry fee cash – When you’re ready to compete for cash, make a deposit to cover your entry fees. You can do so instantly by rapping the shopping cart icon in the menu at the bottom of your home screen.
  • Start winning and cash out – Choose your cash tournaments and start playing! Once you have accumulated at least $10 in winnings, cash out through PayPal. Most users receive their winnings within five business days.

In Conclusion

Bubble Cube 2 is a free bubble shooter game that takes a new approach to the classic format. The app offers skill-based cash tournaments and free practice rounds on the iOS and Samsung app. Successful Bubble Cube 2 players are strategic and quick, but that shouldn’t deter beginners from giving the game a try. Bubble Cube 2 is simple enough for anyone to learn, but interesting enough to keep players of all experience levels entertained.

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