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Bubble Venture Review: Does This Pop Shooter Game Pay Real Cash?

bubble venture review

Are you in need of a job to earn quick cash? Stop spending hours scrolling through job listing platforms trying to find a position that fits your busy schedule and instead download a mobile gaming app that pays real money prizes.

Thanks to Bubble Venture, earning money can be as easy as popping bubbles! But are the winnings this app claims to payout legit, or should you avoid downloading this app onto your mobile device?

Throughout this Bubble Venture Review, we will answer this question and uncover everything you need to know about this new pop shooting game. So you can get straight to winning money by playing games from your phone.

What is Bubble Venture?

Bubble Venture is a skill-based pop shooter game with unique match modes for endless fun!

Developed by Aviagames, this app offers competitive play with the chance to face off against real players worldwide for cash prizes. 

Aviagames is a leading mobile game developer known for top charting apps like:

With impressive ratings on these Aviagames apps, you can rest assured knowing your cash prizes are in good hands.

To participate in this app’s colorful cash matches, you must meet the age requirement of 18 years or older to play.

It also should be noted that players residing in AS, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT cannot access the monetary incentives offered on the app.

Despite these restrictions, Bubble Ventrue features free gameplay so everyone can enjoy this immersive gaming experience.

Bubble Venture Reviews

Bubble Venture has accumulated a 4.9-star rating on the App Store based on nearly 250 user reviews. Although this game is also available to download on the Galaxy Store, it is a newer release, so it doesn’t have any Samsung ratings thus far.

As part of our Bubble Venture Review, we take what real players say about the app seriously because there’s only so much we can uncover about the app without the help of users who play this game frequently. 

Here are what a few players are saying about Bubble Venture:

Yedda Wang said, “I’ve tried some different real money games, but Bubble Venture is my favorite one. I like how there’s a feeling of progression like you are advancing, and it’s not just doing the same thing over and over again.”

Simonugx said, “Lots of famous places in the game, and I can keep playing with different prize pools even after I complete a chapter. It’s pretty cool!”

ZimL1103 said, “Great update. I didn’t know I could win cash before. Now, it seems so easy. I have already cashed out $45.”

These honest reviews help us learn more about Bubble Venture. For instance, the app is constantly updating to improve your gaming experience further.

Is Bubble Venture Legit?

bubble venture review

Yes, as determined by our research and user reviews, Bubble Venture is a legit mobile gaming app that pays out real cash prizes.

Bubble Venture is a new highly-rated pop shooter game that allows you to take home real-world winnings easily.

Play for free or for cash. Earn points by shooting clusters of 2 or more matching bubbles. Your bubbles should pop away and help you clear your board if done accurately.

To sum things up, Bubble Venter is as fun as it is legit!

How Does Bubble Venture Work?

Bubble Venture connects you with countless money-earning opportunities and exciting game modes for hundreds of hours of entertainment.

For those needing some extra practice or prefer playing for fun, Bubble Venture features Gem Matches that are free to join. To play, you will need to collect gems. Earn gems by completing levels or logging in daily for exclusive free gem gifts.

Enter multiplayer matches for the chance to win real-world prizes. These Cash Matches require an entry fee, so it’s essential for you to feel confident in your gaming strategy before entering. If you can place among the top three scorers, you will get a piece of the enticing prize pools.

Prize pools are made up of cash entry fees, so the higher the cost you pay, the larger the payout will be.

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How to Play Bubble Venture

Pop, drop, and win!

Simply tap and aim your shooter to watch pop matching bubbles in clusters of 2 or more. Blast bubbles and build up your islands to travel to new destinations within the app.

Although Bubble Venture is easy to play, receiving a higher score than your competition can still be challenging. We recommend targeting hanging clusters to help target more bubbles. By optimizing the amount of bubbles you drop with one shot, you will boost your score and clear your board faster, giving you even more points. 

The app also offers four unique game modes for more ways to win. These modes include:

  • Attack Mode. Attack other players’ islands by winning matches to steal their resources.
  • Build Mode. Collect resources and build up your islands by winning matches.
  • Treasure Mode. Compete in cash matches to win real cash prizes.
  • Revenge Mode. Win to reclaim resources stolen from you by those who have attacked your island.

These interactive modes allow you to switch up how you play Bubble Venture every day, so you never get bored!

How Much Money Can You Win Playing Bubble Venture?

bubble venture review

If you are eligible to participate in matches for cash prizes on Bubble Venture, you can win legit money by beating your opponents.

Skilled bubble shooters can enter matches with prize pools of up to $1,000. However, if you are newer to Bubble Venture, we recommend practicing before entering these higher-paying matches.

New players who put in some practice have an increased chance of winning prize pools valued at $100. And as they stay consistent with Bubble Venture, they can slowly start to work their way up to larger, more challenging competitions.

Bubble Venture is an enjoyable side hustle that allows you to win legit cash prizes all from your phone. Although you won’t be able to put your gaming experience on your resume, this app is an excellent way to spend your downtime gaming guilt-free.

How to Get Started

Getting started on Bubble Venture is simple. Just follow these three easy steps!


Bubble Venture is free to download onto your iOS or Samsung device.

Start Playing

Build up your island by popping bubbles and launching attacks against your enemies. Accumulate high scores for limitless opportunities to win big!

Withdraw Your Money

Withdrawing your money on Bubble Venture is safe and secure. Seamlessly deposit your winnings directly into your PayPal or bank account to access your legit cash prizes.

Bubble Venture Pros and Cons

Compare Bubble Venture’s pros and cons to determine if this app is right for you.


  • Immersive gameplay and interactive game modes for 24/7 entertainment.
  • Legit real cash prizes of up to $1,000.
  • Safe and secure withdrawal process.


  • Cash matches are only available in some states and locations.
  • It may take a few days for you to receive your deposit into your payment method of choice.

Bubble Shooter Apps Like Bubble Venture

For even more ways to earn money from shooting bubbles, check out some of our other recommended bubble shooter games, like Bubble Venture, that offer opportunities to win real cash prizes.

Here are our top recommendations:

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Bubble Venture Review: Final Thoughts

It’s time to start training your trigger finger!

Shoot and pop bubbles for a chance to win big on Bubble Venture. This adrenaline-pumping game is available to download on your iOS or Samsung device and offers a new and exciting way to increase your bank account balance.

This app, developed by Aviagames, features legit prizes, interactive gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and colorful gaming elements that will get you hooked quickly.

Now that you’ve completed this Bubble Venture Review, you are ready to take on your newest money-earning adventure. Trust us, install Bubble Venture on your mobile device today!

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