Blockolot Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? (2023)

Blockolot Review (2024) – Is It Legit or a Scam?

Blockolot Review

Are you a puzzle game fan looking for a new game to test your skills for a chance to win some cash? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we will go through a detailed Blockolot review and look at this free block puzzle app that offers relaxing gameplay in exchange for real money. But, is this iOS app legit or a scam? Keep reading to find out. 

  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Blockolot Review Summary

Blockolot is a fun iOS game that reminds many players of Tetris. The objective is to align blocks and clear rows. You can play unlimited free games, or pay a small entry fee to join cash games and play for real prizes. Whether you’re looing for some entertainment or a chance to win real money, Blockolot is an excellent choice.


No ads

Real cash prizes

Extra rewards with Mini-Games

Free practice rounds


Entry fees required to win cash

Not available for Android devices

You may lose money

What is Blockolot: Win Real Cash?

Blockolot is a woodblock puzzle game available for free on all iOS devices. Developed by AviaGames, this game challenges users to place as many puzzle pieces on the game board as possible.

Users are dealt three puzzle pieces at a time. The main objective of the game is to fill columns, rows, and 3×3 spaces without any missing spaces. Once a section is filled, the pieces will disappear to make room for more.

Players are awarded points for every piece that vanishes from the game board. It’s important to act fast while still playing with strategy. Once you run out of space for new pieces, the game will end. It’s every player’s motive to get the most points possible before the five-minute timer runs out or before they’re out of moves.

The game will match you with other real players based on your skill level, so there’s always an even playing field. Every competitor will solve their own solo puzzle. Once every player has completed their game, scores will be automatically tallied and compared. Prizes will be awarded appropriately.

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Image of three screens in the Blockolot app. First screen showing the tournament options, second showing the leaderboard with cash prize amount, and third showing a live game of Blockolot.

Is Blockolot Legit?

Yes, it is. It’s in the name for a reason – Blockolot: Win Real Cash is definitely a legitimate way to win extra cash on your phone. 

The game was developed by AviaGames, a reputable gaming company that’s behind other popular titles including Bingo Tour, Bingo Clash, Bubble Flow, and Bubble Buzz.

However, it’s always important to keep in mind that this game, or any real money game for that matter, may not be a feasible way to become a millionaire or pay all your bills. But Blokolot can totally provide you with enough winnings to cover your Starbucks runs and supplement your shopping budget.

Blockolot Reviews

Since Blockolot was released in May of 2022, it has gained an incredible rating of 4.9 stars with over 5,000 reviews on the App Store, as well as the #145 spot in the puzzle gaming category. It’s safe to say that users love this game, and it is definitely a legit app. 

Here are a few 5-star reviews from players:

dntfkgf said, “I’ve had this app for about a month. I love Tetris and this is even better as it doesn’t have stressful music. I cashed out a withdrawal ($70) on a Friday, just got my money deposited this Wednesday morning. 6 days! Much sooner than I thought. This game gives you opportunities to win money even if you don’t choose to deposit any. It may take a while building up gens but it’s very plausible. It’s the only money winning app I keep on my phone. I highly recommend it! Fun, fair, and they keep they’re word when they say they’ll pay you.”

Hailbuzzy said, “GREAT reimagining of an old staple. Being able to clear squares in addition to lines and columns opens up brand new strategies. I’ve not withdrawn any cash yet and do wish there were easier ways to earn bonus cash but games seem to be fairly matched. It’s been about a week and I definitely see myself playing this one for a while.”

Image of Blockolot marketing, describes how you can enter into real player competitions with people from around the world.

How Does Blockolot Work?

You can play Blockolot for free, or enter cash games to win real prizes. You’ll need to pay an entry fee to join the cash games, and the entry fees are used to create a prize pool.

AviaGames uses the cash prize pool model for cash games, which means that the posted cash prize amount is to be split between the top-scoring competitors. This means you have a higher chance of winning real cash prizes while playing Blockolot.

First and second-place winners will be awarded the equivalent of their entry fee and then some, meaning that the top two scorers will profit from their game. The scorer in third place will only win back a portion of their entry fee.

It’s essential to utilize the unlimited free practice rounds on Blockolot before you start playing for cash. Free tournaments are coined as “rookie” tournaments in the app, and you can play by submitting gems, which is Blockolot’s in-game currency.

You’re ready to start playing for cash once you’re consistently scoring in the top two competitors in practice rounds. Users can win up to $50 per game of Blokolot, and the earning potential is unlimited on the app.

Blockolot marketing showing how you can win free cash by collecting and using gems to enter into cash tournaments.

How to Play Blockolot

Playing Blockolot is easy for both beginners and seasoned block players alike. 

Your objective is to clear rows, columns, or squares on the game board by strategically filling them with blocks. As you place blocks, you’ll need to think ahead and plan your moves to create efficient combinations. Clearing blocks consecutively will earn you Combo Points, and if you manage to trigger Frenzy Multipliers, your bonuses will become even more rewarding. 

Keep in mind that you’re racing against the clock, so aim to achieve the highest score possible before time runs out. Outperforming your opponents is the key to claiming match prizes and becoming a champion in this simple yet skill-demanding block puzzle game.

Remember that Blockolot is a skill-based game, so be sure to practice tons before you enter into cash prize tournaments. Luckily, the app offers unlimited free practice rounds for you to play so you can get super comfortable with your abilities before entering into the big leagues! 

First three steps on how to play Blockolot.

For a detailed guide on how to play Blockolot, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Select a Game Mode: Choose a game mode to start playing. Blockolot offers various game modes with different challenges and objectives.
  2. Understand the Basics: The game board will be displayed with empty spaces to be filled with blocks. Your goal is to clear rows, columns, or squares on the board by placing blocks strategically.
  3. Place Blocks: Use your finger to drag and drop blocks onto the board. You need to plan your moves carefully to create combinations and clear blocks efficiently.
  4. Earn Combo Points: Clearing blocks consecutively will earn you Combo points. Try to create chains of cleared blocks to maximize your Combo points.
  5. Trigger Frenzy Multipliers: If you manage to clear blocks rapidly and trigger Frenzy Multipliers, you’ll receive even bigger bonuses for your achievements.
  6. Race Against the Clock: Keep an eye on the timer as you play. You need to complete your moves and clear blocks before time runs out.
  7. Compete Against Opponents: Outperform your opponents by earning a higher score within the given time limit. Doing so will help you claim match prizes and move closer to becoming a champion.
  8. Practice and Improve: Blockolot requires skill and strategy. Practice regularly to improve your gameplay and aim for higher scores.
  9. Win Prizes: If you perform well and outscore your opponents, you’ll have the chance to win real money prizes based on your achievements in the game.
  10. Explore Different Modes: Don’t hesitate to explore the different game modes available in Blockolot. Each mode offers unique challenges and opportunities to test your skills.
  11. Collect Rewards: As you progress and perform well in the game, you’ll earn rewards and bonuses that can enhance your gameplay experience.
Last two steps on how to play Blockolot.

How Much Can You Win Playing Blockolot?

The main way to win money in Blockolot is by entering into cash prize tournaments. These tournaments can either be 1 vs. 1, or multiplayer. These tournaments range from as little as a few dollars to up to $50 per match.

Practice rounds will not award you with any cash, however you may be able to earn some diamonds, Blockolot’s in-game currency, to help you enter into different game modes and tournaments. 

Another way you can earn cash on Blockolot is by playing their mini-games. These games include fun classics like Scratchers, Lucky Wheel, and more. By playing these mini-games, you’ll have a chance to win more rewards and enhance your overall gaming experience. 

Screen showing leaderboard of a tournament, and how much money each person received. 1st place award for this tournament is $198.

Pros and Cons


  • No ads
  • Real cash prizes
  • Extra rewards with Mini-Games
  • Free practice rounds


  • Entry fees required to win cash
  • Not available on Android devices 
  • May lose money

How to Get Started on Blockolot

If you’ve made it this far into the article, we’re guessing Blockolot must be peaking your interest! If you want to get started on Blockolot today and win your first cash prize, follow the steps below: 

  1. Get the App: Go to the App Store, find “Blockolot,” and get it installed on your iOS device.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: Open the app, either make a new account or log in if you’ve got one already.
  3. Add Money: Want to play for real cash? Tap on “Add Funds,” pick how you want to pay (like PayPal or a card), and put in some money.
  4. Pick Your Game: Check out the different game modes, choose one you like.
  5. Pay to Play: Once you’ve decided on a game mode, pay the entry fee using the money you added.
  6. Start Playing: Get in the game and start stacking those blocks to clear rows and columns and score points.
  7. Beat the Clock: Race to get the highest score in your game mode before the time’s up.
  8. Win and Get Paid: If you do well and beat others, you could win some cash. The better you do, the more you can win.
  9. Cash Out: Got some winnings? It’s time to cash out. Go to the cash-out section, choose how you want your money, and put in how much.
  10. Wait a Bit: Your request needs a quick check before it’s approved.
  11. Get Your Cash: Once it’s good to go, your winnings will be sent to you. It might take a few days to show up.

Now you’re all set to have fun playing Blockolot and maybe even score some real money while you’re at it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you win real money with Blockolot?

Yes, you can win cash by playing Blockolot. However, you’ll need to make a deposit to enter cash games since free games do not offer cash prizes. If you finish first or second in the cash games or tournaments, you’ll win more than you paid to enter.

How do you get a high score on Blockolot?

When you use your puzzle pieces to fill columns and rows so now empty spaces are left, the pieces in that column or row will disappear. You’ll earn points for each space that disappears. The faster you remove columns and rows, the more points you’ll earn

Blockolot App Review: Final Thoughts

To sum things up, Blockolot: Win Real Cash is an ultra-relaxing mobile game available for free on iOS. Users can choose to play stress-free with unlimited free practice rounds or win up to $50 per round with cash prize tournaments. Here at Real Money Gamer, we definitely approve of this app for anyone looking for fun opportunities to win cash and prizes. 

The best thing about Blockolot is that it’s skill-based, which means it is fair for all, and as long as you practice and are confident in your skill level, you should win some cash. Although you won’t get rich doing so, it is definitely a unique way to cover your minor expenses throughout the week! 

Download Blockolot: Win Real Cash

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