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Is Blockolot: Win Real Cash Legit or a Scam?


You deserve to know whether a game is the real deal before you even download the app- that’s where we come in.

Let’s examine Blockolot: Win Real Cash to see if it’s a flop or bop.

What is Blockolot: Win Real Cash?

Blockolot: Win Real Cash is a woodblock puzzle game available for free on all iOS devices. Developed by AviaGames, this game challenges users to place as many puzzle pieces on the game board as possible.

Users are dealt three puzzle pieces at a time. The main objective of the game is to fill columns, rows, and 3×3 spaces without any missing spaces. Once a section is filled, the pieces will disappear to make room for more.

Players will be awarded points for every piece that vanishes from the game board. It’s important to act fast while still playing with strategy. Once you run out of spaces for new pieces, the game will end. It’s every player’s motive to get the most points possible before the five-minute timer runs out or before they’re out of moves.

The game will match you with other real players who match your skill level, so there is always an even playing field on this game. Every competitor will play their own solo puzzle. Once every player has completed their game, scores will be automatically tallied and compared, and prizes will be awarded appropriately.

Is Blockolot Legit or a Scam?

It’s in the name for a reason, Blockolot: Win Real Cash is definitely a legitimate way to win extra cash on your phone.

This game, or any real money game for that matter, may not be a feasible way to become a millionaire or pay all of your bills. But Blokolot: Win Real Cash can totally provide you with enough winnings to cover your Starbucks runs and supplement your shopping budget.

How Blockolot Tournaments Work

AviaGames uses the cash prize pool model, which means that the posted cash prize amount is to be split between the top scoring competitors. This means that you have a higher chance of taking home a cash prize while playing Blockolot: Win Real Cash.

First and second place winners will be awarded the equivalent of their entry fee and then some, meaning that the top two scorers will profit from their game. The scorer in third place will only win back a portion of their entry fee.

It is essential to utilize the unlimited free practice rounds on Blockolot: Win Real Cash before you start playing for cash. Free tournaments are coined as “rookie” tournaments in the app, and you can play by submitting gems, which is Blockolot’s in-game currency.

Once you’re consistently scoring in the top two competitors in practice rounds, you’re ready to start playing for cash. Users can win up to $50 per game of Blokolot: Win Real Cash, and the earning potential is unlimited on the app.

Blockolot Review:

In Conclusion

Blockolot: Win Real Cash is an ultra-relaxing mobile game available for free on iOS. Users can choose to play stress-free with unlimited free practice rounds or win up to $50 per round with cash prize tournaments.