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Is Match n Flip: Win Real Cash Legit or a Scam? A Full 2024 Review!

You should know all of the facts before you invest your time and energy into a game. Let’s be real about Match n Flip: Win Real Cash and come down to a decision of whether this game is a legit way to win some extra cash or just a petty scam.

What is Match n Flip: Win Real Cash?

Mach n Flip: Win Real Cash is a single player card game developed by AviaGames Inc. The app is free to download on all iOS devices; currently there is no Android version of the game, but it may expand to the platform soon.

The game is a perfect combination of solitaire and UNO. The game board is completed with four tableau stacks of cards, a discard pile, a draw pile, and two wild cards. The objective of the game is to clear the tableau stacks by creating a chain with your discard pile before the clock runs out. Cards can be cleared by the stacks when the color or number on the card corresponds with the top-most card on the discard pile.

Get boosted points by clearing cards from the tableau stacks without tapping into your draw pile or wild cards. You will be awarded an additional 100 points for every untouched card in your draw pile, as well as an extra 1,000 points for clearing the deck.

Match n Flip calls players to utilize their strategic and quick-thinking skills. This game is easy to learn and suitable for beginners and advanced mobile game players.

Is Match n Flip Legit or a Scam?

Match n Flip is in fact, a legit way to win some extra cash in your free time.

This game may not be a fit way to become a millionaire or even pay your rent, but it is a totally legit way to win some spare cash whenever you play.

AviaGames Inc. is a top-performing real money game developer with a long history of following through with their cash prize payouts. Any game under AviaGames management is a tested and true real money game.

How Match n Flip Tournaments Work

Match n Flip is a competitive single player game. Before every game, players will be matched with other real competitors who all have similar skill levels. Every player will play their own solo game, and everyone’s scores will automatically be compared. Whoever scores the highest will take home the prize.

Aviagames like Match n Flip operate on a cash prize pool system. So, the posted cash prize will be divided among the top three competitors.

In every cash prize competition, first and second place scorers will win back their entry fee and then some. Third place competitors will only partially win back their entry fee, so it’s best to play in unlimited free practice rounds until you are consistently placing in first or second place.

Cash prize tournaments on Match n Flip have prize pools ranging from $2 to $200, and players can win up to $50 in just a few minutes of gameplay.

In Conclusion

Match n Flip: Win Real Cash is a legit way to win some extra cash on your phone. But aside from that, this game is a legit way to have fun!

Here’s what you need to remember about Match n Flip: Win Real Cash.

  • Download for free on iOS
  • Play for cash prizes or in unlimited free practice tournaments
  • Win up to $50 per game

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