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Question Cube Review: Does This Trivia Game Offer Legit Real Cash Prizes?

Question Cube Review

Long gone are the days of doing small tasks around your neighborhood for extra cash, thanks to mobile games that pay real money. If you love trivia or some good light-hearted competition, Question Cube is the perfect app for you.

Question Cube is a mobile trivia app with cash tournaments allowing you to win money from your phone. Find out if this app is a legit, low-key way to earn some extra cash by reading this honest Question Cube review.

You don’t have to be a trivia genius to start winning real money prizes on this game. Question Cube is accessible and is a lucrative hobby that will help fund your morning coffee runs.

Continue reading this review to learn how to make legitimate money online by competing in trivia tournaments.

What is Question Cube?

Question Cube is a fun and fast game that quizzes you on various topics. Challenge your knowledge and even learn new things along the way. You won’t be able to put down this adrenaline-pumping app!

Developed by Tether Studios in collaboration with Skillz, you can expect challenging competitions and seamless gameplay. Tether Studios is best known for its top-charting games like Solitaire Cube, Cube Cube, Bubble Cube 2, and Yatzy Royale. These top-ranking games are barely scratching the surface regarding Tether’s games. Question Cube is a newer app that has already risen to Tether Studios’ high standards.

This app is free to download on iOS and Android devices for users ready to flex their trivia skills.

Question Cube Reviews

In addition to sharing our thoughts on games we’ve tested, we like to look at reviews from other users to ensure we are bringing you a detailed review. Question Cube boasts a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store based on 350 reviews. It currently has no reviews on Skillz from Android users.

Countless iOS users have left 5-star reviews like this one from charlies_daughter70, “I have been playing this game for about a month. I really enjoy the games. The questions are not super hard, but some are challenging. You do not have to pay money to play. There are practice rounds that are FREE except for Z points, which do not have to be purchased.”

And this one from WillCMom, “This is a highly engaging, quick-paced trivia with many different options to play for fun, cash or bracketed competition. It’s fun to pick and exclude topics. Very impressed, and I play a lot of trivia. This is a great one.”

Who Can Play Question Cube?

Question Cube is the perfect app to add to your gaming rotation if you love trivia and have free time. iOS users can download the app for free from the App Store. Android users can get it from Skillz (not available in Google Play).

Since Question Cube collaborates with Skillz, it’s important to note that players must be 18 years or older to collect cash prizes from tournaments. Also, real money prizes are unavailable to AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD residents. If you meet the criteria, you are eligible to start competing in tournaments to compete against users worldwide for a chance at the prize pool.

Keep reading to learn why we still recommend downloading this free trivia app even if you are ineligible to participate in cash tournaments.

Is Question Cube Legit?

Yes, Question Cube is legit and pays out winners daily, thanks to Skillz. Skillz is a respected gaming company that pays gamers millions of dollars annually.

Question Cube may not allow you to quit your job and move to a tropical oasis, but you’ll have the chance to increase your bank account balance by testing your trivia skills.

To enter tournaments, a small cash entry fee is required. Games range in skill level for those of all abilities. Whether you’re a trivia wizz or are just dabbling in this pastime, Question Cube has challenges for you. As you increase your knowledge, join higher-risk competitions to see if you have more trivia knowledge than your opponents.

To sum things up, Question Cube is a legit money gaming app that you won’t want to pass up– especially if you love learning new things and challenging yourself. However, it’s important to understand that you’ll lose the entry fee if you pay to join cash tournaments and you don’t win.

How Does Question Cube Work?

question cube review

Question Cube works by featuring tournaments with guaranteed cash prize pools of up to $250,000. 

The free gaming app has free gameplay and cash tournaments available. Answer trivia questions on a variety of topics. With every question you get correct, you earn points. The goal is to collect the highest score possible to win.

When you participate in tournaments, you’ll be playing against players worldwide. Question Cube provides every competitor with the same questions to ensure a fair game, so no one has an unfair advantage. Cash prize pools are made up of the fees that users deposit upon entry. To profit from Question Cube, you must win. If you don’t, you risk losing your cash entry fee. 

How to Play Question Cube

Question Cube is a fast-paced, knowledge-based game. Players must think quickly, but not too quickly, to answer trivia questions correctly.

Pick your favorite topic to start playing, and customize your options. Designate the topics you like with bonuses to maximize your score and ban the issues you don’t want. To keep users entertained, Question Cube constantly adds new topics and questions and even takes your suggestions.

Each game will have random topics from classic trivia categories based on your customized options. Gain points by answering questions correctly, and get a strike every time you answer wrong. Once you collect three strikes, your match ends. We recommend trying to get multiple questions in a row correct. With each one you get right, your combo meter grows, and your point total increases.

Players who are confident in their trivia knowledge can start entering tournaments for a chance to win real cash prizes, all from the comfort of their iOS or Android device.

How Much Money Can You Make on Question Cube?

question cube prize board

Now, you might be wondering how much you can actually make by playing Question Cube. While the game highlights tournaments of up to $250,000 of cash prize pools guaranteed, most players will likely lose money rather than make a profit.

We recommend participating in lower-stakes tournaments to increase your probability of winning on Question Cube. On average, these tournaments offer prizes from $1 to $100. The nice thing about Question Cube is that even if a competition only pays out $1, you can still make a profit thanks to entry fees based on the size of the prize pool.

The biggest takeaway from this Question Cube review should be that consistency and practice are essential for winning. Players constantly practicing and growing their trivia knowledge by gaming for free will have a better chance at winning money than those who don’t. 

How to Get Started on Question Cube


Download Question Cube for free on your iOS or Android device. Challenge your trivia skills and learn new fun facts!

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Start Playing

After downloading Question Cube, sign up with your Facebook or email and choose an avatar. Once that step has been completed, you can start playing thought-provoking trivia games.

Choose topics from one of three categories: Blitz, Bonus, or Ban. Receive points for every question you answer correctly and get strikes if you answer incorrectly.

Go head-to-head against players worldwide to see who is the most knowledgeable on classic trivia topics like Literature, US History, Movies, Pop Culture, and many more.

Withdraw Your Money

When you are ready to turn your in-app prizes into real earnings, withdraw your money on Question Cube by transferring it into your PayPal or bank account. That’s right. You can get money deposited into your chosen account in only a couple of days.

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Question Cube Review: Final Thoughts

question cube

Question Cube is a legitimate way to make real money online by entering and competing in tournaments. We know making money by playing mobile trivia games seems like something out of a fictional story, but it has become a reality thanks to games like Question Cube.

Compete against users across the world to win real money. We recommend Question Cube for iOS or Android users ready to test their quick-thinking skills and trivia knowledge. Now that you have read our honest Question Cube review, it’s time to try this addicting game.

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