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Pyramid Solitaire Cube Review: Win Real Money

pyramid solitaire cube review

Are you a fan of quick solitaire puzzle games? Would you like the opportunity to compete against other players for cash prizes? Well, we’re excited to introduce you to Pyramid Solitaire Cube, a free app available for iOS, Android, and Samsung devices. This app puts a unique twist on the classic game of solitaire and offers real cash rewards.

In Pyramid Solitaire Cube, your goal is to match pairs that add up to 13 and clear the pyramid before the clock runs out. But here’s the burning question: Is this app truly legitimate? Can you genuinely win cash while enjoying your game time?

In this review, we’ll provide answers to these questions and more. We’ll also explore the app’s pros and cons and guide you on how to play. So, without further delay, let’s dive right into this Pyramid Solitaire Cube Review!

What is Pyramid Solitaire Cube?

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a free gaming app for iOS, Android, and Samsung devices. It’s categorized as a ‘Gaming’ app, but you must be at least 17 years old to play for cash because it’s a bit like gambling.

If you live in states like AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, or SD, you can still play for fun and earn virtual currency, but you can’t win cash prizes. Cash prize tournaments are available in about 75% of the world, but you should check their website to see if your country is included. If you reside in a restricted state, here are other solitaire games you can play for cash prizes.

They also have loyalty programs for all users, giving you cool rewards and access to special games.

Pyramid Solitaire Cube Reviews

Pyramid Solitaire Cube enjoys a strong reputation across various platforms, including the Galaxy Store, App Store, and Google Play Store. It has garnered a 5-star rating from 180+ reviews on the Galaxy Store, and on the App Store, it holds a rating of 4.4 stars based on 9 reviews.

Some of the top reviews on the Galaxy Store are as follows:

“Great fun… it’s fair and you actually win money!! Love it!!”

“Best Ever! I don’t play games for fun anymore…i play, win, and get paid.”

“I never had played solitaire and have found it fun, and pretty easy to pick up.”

“CAUTION!! This is the most addictive game I have played in a LONG time. I hooked my boyfriend and now its on!! Loving the variety of options and customization. Highly recommend for a great time consumer and a challange of the mind.”

Is Pyramid Solitaire Cube Legit?

Yes, Pyramid Solitaire Cube is undeniably a legit app. Developed by Tether Studios, it stands out for its top-notch graphics and a commitment to ensuring secure withdrawals when cashing out your winnings through PayPal or a bank card.

tether studios

Tether Studios is a well-established gaming company with an impressive track record. They’re the creators behind popular apps like Bubble Cube 2, Solitaire Cube, Cube Cube, Yatzy Royale, and more.

These apps are not only of exceptional quality but also incredibly enjoyable and addictive, having over 1 million downloads collectively.

Making its debut in the gaming industry in 2014, Tether Studios has had ample time to establish itself as a trusted and legitimate player in the field.

How Does Pyramid Solitaire Cube Work?

Pyramid Solitaire Cube offers two different gaming modes: Enter into cash tournaments or play free practice rounds to win in-game currency.

If you want to earn money, you’ll need to participate in cash prize tournaments, which typically require a cash deposit. This deposit helps create the prize pool, eventually rewarding the winner.

It’s important to acknowledge that cash tournaments come with a level of risk, so you should be realistic about the amount you’re comfortable gambling with. However, as a welcome gesture, the game gifts you free coins when you start, allowing you to enter your first cash prize tournament for free.

On the other hand, if you opt for fun, you’ll be playing free practice rounds. These practice rounds involve real opponents and follow the same rules as cash prize games. The main difference is that in practice games, your winnings are in the form of z-coins, which is Pyramid Solitaire Cube’s in-game currency.

Other than that, you can enjoy trophies for reaching new levels and winning games, and a fantastic loyalty program that gives you extra bonuses just for playing.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Cube

It’s easy to get the hang of playing Pyramid Solitaire Cube, but let’s go over a quick step-by-step guide so you all can enter the game ready to play!

Objective: Score more points than your opponent to win in this competitive twist on the classic game of solitaire.

pyramid solitaire cube

Basic Rules

  • Clear the Table: Remove all cards from the Table.
  • Make Pairs: Remove cards by making pairs that add up to 13.
  • Source of Pairs: Pairs can be made from the Table and the Draw pile.
  • Free Cell: Utilize the Free Cell to hold cards for future use.
  • Time Limit: Each match has a 4-minute time limit.


  • Opponent Matchup: You’ll compete against another player for the highest score.
  • Skill-Based Matchmaking: You are matched against players of similar skill levels, although you may not play simultaneously.
  • Same Shuffle: Both players play with the same shuffle; all cards are in the same order.
  • Winning Criteria: To win, solve more cards and do it faster than your opponent.

How to Play

Table & Draw Piles:

  • The Table cards form the pyramid.
  • The Draw pile is located below the Table.
  • You can recycle the Draw pile as many times as needed, but it deducts points unless no Table cards have been removed.

Making Pairs:

  • Remove cards from the Table by making pairs that add up to 13.
  • Pairs can be made from cards on the Table, the Draw pile, and the Free Cell.
  • Kings count as 13 and can be removed without pairing.
  • Queens count as 12, Jacks as 11, and Aces as 1.

Free Cell:

  • The Free Cell allows you to move any card from the Table or Draw Pile.
  • Explore various uses for the Free Cell to enhance your strategy.

Finishing Early:

  • Not all decks can be solved! If no more moves are possible, hit Pause and End Game.
  • Recognizing this situation before your opponent can be crucial for victory.


  • Pyramid Solitaire Cube scores depend on the card arrangement on the Table and in the Draw pile.
  • Excellent scores surpass 3,000 points, and scoring over 4,000 points is exceptional.

Sources of Points

Base Score:

Earned for each pair made, with point values based on the cards’ origins:

+150 points if both cards (or a King) are from the Table.

+100 points if one card is from the Table and the other from the Draw pile.

+50 points if both cards (or a King) are from the Draw pile.

Cards in the Free Cell count as being from their original location.

Card Bonus:

+50 points for each card remaining in the Draw pile if all Table cards are removed.

Bonus scales down based on the number of cards left on the Table (removed cards / 28).

Time Bonus:

+4 points per second remaining when you finish.

This value scales down at the same rate as the Card Bonus mentioned above.

How Much Can You Win Playing Pyramid Solitaire Cube?

Earnings on Pyramid Solitaire Cube depend on how much money you are willing to put into the game. Prize pools vary from only a couple dollars, to over hundreds. However, you have to reach a certain skill level to wager for bigger prizes.

Realistically, you can expect to earn around $5-$20 every few weeks playing this game. Although these types of numbers won’t make you rich, it’s still enough to treat yourself on a weekly basis with that extra cash!

Pros and Cons


  • Fun and exciting gameplay.
  • You can win money.
  • It’s available on phones and tablets.
  • You play against people with similar skills.
  • Practice rounds to get better.
  • Easy to use.
  • You get rewards and bonuses.
  • You can customize the cards and background.
  • Play with friends and others.


  • You might spend money on the game.
  • Cash games can be risky.
  • Not available everywhere.
  • Need to be skilled for big prizes.
  • Earnings may not be a lot.
  • Waiting for your money takes time.
  • Sometimes, there are ads.
  • Limited types of games.
  • Prizes aren’t guaranteed.

How to Get Started on Pyramid Solitaire Cube

pyramid solitaire cube

Getting Started with Pyramid Solitaire Cube:

Get the App

iPhone and iPad users can get the app from the App Store. Samsung users can get it from the Galaxy Store, and other Android users can download it from Skillz.

Open the App

Tap the app’s icon to open it.

Sign Up

You might need to create an account with an email and password.

Explore the App

Look around the app to see what you can do. You’ll see options like “Play” and “Tournaments.”


Start with a practice round to learn how to play. Pick “Practice” or “Play for Fun.”

Learn the Rules

In this card game, you want to remove all cards from the pyramid by making pairs that add up to 13. Kings are worth 13, Queens 12, Jacks 11, and Aces 1.

Join Tournaments

If you want to compete for cash prizes, check out the “Tournaments” section. You might need to put in some money.

Get Better

Practice more to get better at the game.

Get Rewards

As you play, you’ll earn rewards and maybe virtual money.

Make It Yours

You can change things like the card design and background if you want.

Play Smart

Remember to play for fun and don’t spend too much time or money.


Most importantly, have a good time! Playing Pyramid Solitaire Cube is meant to be fun.

How to Cash Out on Pyramid Solitaire Cube

Cashing out your winnings in Pyramid Solitaire Cube is easy. Just go to the “Cash Out” or “Withdraw” section in the app. Pick how you want to get your money, like through PayPal or your bank. Enter the amount you want, make sure it’s not more than what you have, and double-check everything.

Some apps might ask you for ID to be safe. After you confirm, they’ll process your request, usually taking a few business days. Once it’s done, you’ll have your winnings in your chosen way, and you can use the money however you like. Make sure to look at any rules or fees in the app for cashing out smoothly.

Pyramid Solitaire Cube App Review: Final Thoughts

To summarize, Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a legit cash rewards app that offers fun and competitive gameplay for a chance to win up to $500 per game. Of course, it is very important to practice to increase your skill level and compete confidently, as well as be realistic with the amount you’re willing to gamble. If you aren’t interested in making money, enjoy the game for free by playing their unlimited practice rounds.

Enjoy daily bonuses and challenges, along with an optional loyalty program for even more rewards and benefits. Developed by Tether Studios, the app comes from a reputable gaming company that has had huge success in the app store with their other creations like Bubble Cube 2.

Overall, the game is trustworthy, addictive, and worth the download. Keep in mind you have to be at least 17 years old to play.

You can download Pyramid Solitaire Cube for free on any iOS, Android, or Samsung device!

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