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Is Bingo Fun Legit? Read Our Honest Review

is bingo fun legit

Most people today view bingo as an outdated game that’s more boring than fun. However, in this age of technology, gaming companies are developing apps that redefine your views on classic games like bingo.

Bingo Fun is currently all the rave among mobile gamers. But, it can be hard to determine if apps are worth your time. Luckily for you, you have come to the right place.

Today, we will be answering the question: Is Bingo Fun legit? Keep reading our Bingo Fun review to find out if this game is worth your time or if you should skip it.

Bingo Fun
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Bingo Fun Review Summary

If you’re looking for an entertaining bingo game you can enjoy without the risk of losing real money, try Bingo Fun. It’s available for iOS and Android and free to download. If you’re looking for a bingo app that offers cash games and tournaments, we recommend Blackout Bingo.


Free Bingo Games

Offline Mode

Exciting Gameplay


No Monetary Incentives

Age Requirement

What is Bingo Fun?

Bingo Fun is a thrilling offline gaming app that offers the excitement of casino bingo no matter where you are. This app helps you play without anxiety by removing the money aspect of gambling.

Developed by Big Win Labs, this app transports you to the Las Vegas casino. Bingo Fun helps you unwind after a stressful day by allowing you full customization of your gaming experience to match your preferences. This mobile bingo game is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

More apps you might recognize from Big Win Labs include:

If you have any experience playing these Big Win Labs apps, you will know to expect binge-able gameplay from Bingo Fun.

Who Can Play Bingo Fun?

If you want to upgrade your Bingo experience, Bingo Fun is a great game to fill your free time with adrenaline-pumping fun. Apple users can download the game from the App Store, and Android users can download the game from the Google Play Store.

Although the game doesn’t offer chances to compete for real money prizes, it is still rated T for Teen because of its simulated gambling design. You must be 17 years or older to download and play Bingo Fun.

Bingo Fun also features an offline mode, so you can play bingo games even if you are on the go!

Is Bingo Fun Legit?

is bingo fun legit

You may be asking, “Is Bingo Fun Legit?” Here at Real Money Gamer, we pride ourselves on providing people with honest answers to questions like this.

After testing out the app, we found that Bingo Fun is a legit mobile gaming app offering gamers a modern take on classic bingo. It does not offer the chance to win real money, so if that’s what you’re after, check out these other bingo games that pay real money.

Bingo Fun stays true to its name and is genuinely a fun game that provides fair and exciting gameplay so all players can have an equal chance to win in-app prizes. If you find yourself excelling at the app, it’s important to note that in-app success doesn’t imply future success at real-money gambling. 

Bingo Fun Reviews

Bingo Fun has a 4.9-star rating on the Google Play Store based on almost 14 thousand reviews and a 4.9-star rating on the App Store based on over 300 reviews.

Take a better look at what real Bingo Fun players have to say about the app:

Wayne Sivertsen said: “This game legitimately has been fun, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. Even though my phone is slow, this game works fast.”

Double x Gaming said: “It is fun and entertaining to play. Very simple gameplay that allows you to spend more time playing versus learning complicated rules. Can play without having to buy things to keep up.”

And Annie izz said: “I love this game.”

As you can see, players on both Android and iOS devices love playing Bingo Fun!

How Does Bingo Fun Work?

bingo fun

Bingo Fun brings all the excitement of casino-style bingo games to your mobile device by allowing users to bet on their game without risking losing money.

Collect points by getting bingos while playing in fun-themed rooms. To boost your score even higher, daub multi-bingos and keep your streak going to get rewarded with special power-ups and bonuses. Receive big in-app rewards by entering Collection Events, or enjoy endless bingo games that are free to play.

The more you bet per card, the more you win. You can play up to four cards at a time for optimal earnings. With each round you beat, the higher your reward will be. The best part is that all bets and rewards are in the app, so you never have to risk losing your hard-earned money by playing Bingo Fun.

How to Play Bingo Fun

Get your daubers ready because it is time to start playing Bingo Fun.

You can instantly start calling out Bingos by downloading the app onto your mobile device. Match any five numbers in a row to get a bingo and receive points. For those looking to win more, you can earn free power-ups as you work through levels.

Enter into Collection Events for a chance to win bingo jackpots. In these competitions, we recommend attempting to connect your bingos to earn even more from multi-bingo points!

Bingo Fun isn’t your grandmother’s bingo! Bet your gems for huge chances to increase your in-app earnings. The more gems you collect, the more games you can play and themore features you can access!

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How to Get Started on Bingo Fun  


Download Bingo Fun onto your iOS device from the App Store or onto your Android from the Google Play Store.

(See more of our favorite iPhone and Android games.)

Start Playing

Once Bingo Fun is downloaded onto your mobile device, you can access games anytime from anywhere. The offline gaming system is a fun bingo gambling experience you won’t want to pass up. 

Play up to four bingo cards at a time to accumulate the highest score possible. If you are looking for the thrill of the risk, start betting your gems against your cards for a chance to increase your in-app prizes!

Bingo Fun Pros and Cons

Although Bingo Fun is a legitimate mobile gaming app that allows bingo fans to make money while playing their favorite game, it still has some pros and cons. Continue reading to see if its pros outweigh its cons.


  • Free Bingo Games. Play bingo for free. With 20+ rooms to choose from, you will never be bored. 
  • Offline Mode. Play Bingo Fun no matter where you are, thanks to the exclusive offline mode. No Wi-Fi is required!
  • Exciting Gameplay. Bingo Fun features hundreds of levels that challenge your bingo abilities. Win more with free power-ups and bonus content.


  • No Monetary Incentives. Bingo Fun does not offer real money prizes if you win. Instead, players can expect to receive in-app prizes.
  • Age Requirement. Although the game doesn’t have cash tournaments, it does have an age requirement of 17 years old.

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Bingo Apps Similar to Bingo Fun That Offers Real Cash Prizes:

Bingo Fun may not offer real money incentives for playing, but luckily, many other apps will pay you real cash for excelling at the game. So you can win real money by flexing your bingo skills!

For these recommended bingo apps, it’s important to consider the risk factors that the games present. You must pay the entry fee to compete in tournaments. If you cannot beat your competition by receiving the highest score, you will be ineligible to get a piece of the prize pool, which means you will lose the money you paid for your entry fee.

If this risk sounds appealing, keep reading for some of our favorite bingo games similar to Bingo Fun that feature monetary incentives.

Our recommended bingo apps:

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Is Bingo Fun Legit: Final Thoughts

bingo fun

Throughout this Bingo Fun review, we have answered the question: Is Bingo Fun legit? We have determined that this mobile app is legit gaming and offers exciting gameplay you can’t find in other bingo games.  

Although you won’t be able to win real money prizes, Bingo Fun offers big in-app winnings that you can bet and play towards. Bingo Fun is worth your time if you want to get your adrenaline pumping with this Las Vegas-style bingo gambling app.

We recommend downloading this app onto your iOS or Android device to change your thoughts about bingo. 

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