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Bingo Dash Review – Is It Legit?

Bingo Dash Review

Do you enjoy playing mobile bingo games? While popular apps like Blackout Bingo and Bingo Cash offer excitement, you might be on the hunt for a fresh bingo experience.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because today we’re diving into a review of a new app: Bingo Dash. This app stands out by offering real cash prizes based on your bingo skills. With features like high prize pools, free practice rounds, and 1-on-1 contests, Bingo Dash seems promising.

But the question remains: Is it trustworthy? In just a few minutes, you’ll have the answer. So, let’s jump right into this Bingo Dash review without any further delay!

Bingo Dash
  • Fun Factor
  • User Experience
  • Earning Potential
  • Beginner-Friendliness

Bingo Dash Review Summary

Bingo Dash is a fun game available for iOS users. It offers unlimited free games and cash tournaments for real-world prizes. While it’s certainly a nice game, the number of ads and the lower income potential prevent it from being as good as some of our favorites like Blackout Bingo and Bingo Cash.


Free practice rounds

Easy to play

Multiple power ups to help increase your score



Lots of ads

Deposits required for cash games

Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn

What is Bingo Dash?

Bingo Dash is a free app that you can easily download on any iOS device. It was created by Innovation Casualty Limited, a small game developer located in Hong Kong who started making games in 2021.

While they’re new to the mobile gaming scene, they’ve already launched four apps in the same category of real-money gaming, with notable mentions being Solitaire Dash and 21 Dash.

Bingo Dash Reviews

If you’re curious about Bingo Dash’s reputation, you’ll be glad to know it’s earned a high score of 4.6 stars from over 6,000 ratings on the iOS App Store. It’s even ranked at #5 in the Card Games category.

Is Bingo Dash Legit?

Yes, Bingo Dash is legit! Bingo Dash is based entirely on skill, not luck, meaning that everyone has a fair shot at winning games as long as they have the right skills and patience to practice.

The great thing about Bingo Dash is that they offer unlimited, free practice rounds, which will allow you to hone your skills before competing in any cash prize tournaments or 1 vs. 1 games with real players. Bingo Dash will also place you against players with the same skill level as you, ensuring fair gameplay all around.

It’s important to note that you will have to deposit cash in order to play certain games, so keep that in mind if you are downloading Bingo Dash with the intention of playing for cash.  Like with any casino style game, there’s always a risk in exchange for rewards.

Don’t worry about a complicated withdrawal process because with Bingo Dash, all withdrawals are done safely and efficiently. The money goes straight into your PayPal account within 3-5 business days. You can also deposit and withdraw money using your American Express, Mastercard, VISA card, or Apple Pay.

How Does Bingo Dash Work?

Bingo Dash couldn’t be more simple to play. Although it puts a modernized twist on the classic game of bingo, the rules remain the same: Each player gets a card and then has to match the numbers called to the numbers on their respective cards. Get bingo by getting five numbers in a row either diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or in all four corners.

The only difference is that in Bingo Dash, you can use power ups to help increase your score. Power ups include the Magic Daub, which allows you to place a chip on any number on your card, and 2x points, which increase your score by 2 for 30 seconds. Like other popular mobile bingo games, you’ll find that the power ups are almost identical in Bingo Dash.

When it comes to gameplay, you have three options:

  1. Play free, unlimited practice rounds
  2. Enter into 1 vs. 1 games
  3. Enter into competitions

Both 1 vs. 1 games and multi-player competitions will earn you various cash prizes, ranging from $0.7 to $45 at the first level. Cash prizes increase as you level-up. The free practice rounds will earn you diamonds, which will allow you to enter select cash prize tournaments.

You can withdraw your cash at any point, as there is no minimum withdrawal requirement. Enjoy your earnings at any time.

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How to Play Bingo Dash

As mentioned in the previous section, Bingo Dash is a breeze to both navigate and play.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to play Bingo Dash:

Start With Practice Rounds

Bingo Dash offers unlimited free practice rounds. Start with these to get a feel for the game and hone your skills. These rounds are essential to understanding the mechanics and rules of the game.

Understand Game Modes

Explore the different game modes available. These could include tournaments, one-on-one matches, or specific challenges. Each mode might have its own rules and prizes, so make sure to read the instructions for each.

Choose Your Game

Select the game mode you want to play. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with easier modes or practice rounds before jumping into cash prize tournaments.

bingo dash

Buy Cards

In Bingo Dash, you’ll need to buy bingo cards to participate in games. These cards will have numbers on them that you’ll need to mark off as they’re called out.

Play the Game

As the game begins, numbers will be called out one by one. If a called number matches a number on your card, mark it off. The goal is to complete specific patterns on your card to win.

bingo dash

Complete Patterns

Different games might require you to complete various patterns, such as lines, diagonals, or full cards. Keep an eye on your progress and the called numbers to see if you’re close to completing a pattern.

Win and Collect Prizes

If you complete a pattern, you win! Your prize will depend on the game mode you’re playing. Prizes could include cash rewards, in-app currency, or other bonuses.

Withdraw Your Winnings

If you’ve won cash prizes, you can withdraw your winnings through the app. Follow the instructions for withdrawing money, and the funds will be transferred to your connected PayPal account within a few business days.

How Much Can You Win Playing Bingo Dash?

Earnings from Bingo Dash depend on how skilled you are and how often you play. When you reach higher levels in the game, you’ll get access to bigger cash prize pools. The amount of cash you can earn varies, starting from as low as $0.07 and going up to $100 per game.

It’s best to approach Bingo Dash without overly high expectations – in reality, if you play regularly, you might earn around $5 per week.

Remember, you can work on improving your skills to boost your chances of winning and making more money. However, it’s important to stay practical about what you can earn.

This isn’t a “get rich quick scheme.” While there’s real potential to earn with Bingo Dash, aiming for larger cash prizes means putting your own money into the game and making sure you’re skilled enough to compete against others. So, while you can indeed earn, it’s a journey that requires effort and strategy.

Pros and Cons


  • Free practice rounds
  • Easy to play
  • Multiple power ups to help increase your score
  • Skill based


  • Lots of ads
  • Deposits required
  • Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn

How to Get Started

Getting started with Bingo Dash is super straightforward. To start, you’ll need to deposit cash into the app, which will serve as your entry fee for the games.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get going:

Cash Deposit: Open the Bingo Dash app and navigate to the section where you can deposit money. This is the entry fee that allows you to participate in games. Players can deposit cash using VISA, American Express, MasterCard, or Apple Pay.

bingo dash

Winning and Earnings: If you win, your earnings will depend on your skill level and the game mode you’re playing. Your cash prize will be added to your account.

Payout Process: To cash out your earnings, follow the app’s instructions to request a withdrawal. The money will be transferred securely to your connected PayPal account within 3-5 business days. Important note: Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn.

bingo dash

Keep in mind, starting is simple, but it’s crucial to handle your money smartly. Putting in cash and playing games comes with risks, so it’s a good idea to balance fun with cautious spending.

Bingo Dash Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Bingo Dash is a great game for anyone looking to make some extra cash while playing a fun and fair game. Earning potential is pretty solid, and gameplay is comparable to all the fan favorites in mobile bingo games like Blackout Bingo and Bingo Cash.

Withdrawals are secure, and there is no minimum amount to withdraw, so you can enjoy your money at any time. Take advantage of the unlimited, free practice rounds to improve your skill and prepare yourself to enter cash prize tournaments against other players!

So, to finish off this Bingo Dash review, we want to say that Bingo Dash is worth the download, and it is a fun and legit way to make a few extra dollars throughout your week.

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