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Texas Solitaire Cube Review: Is This Solitaire Texas Hold’Em Game Legit?

texas solitaire cube review

Did you know you don’t have to leave your couch to win money playing adrenaline-pumping Las Vegas-style card games? Download Texas Solitaire Cube onto your mobile device– the City of Sin awaits you!

Texas Solitaire Cube is one of the most talked about apps claiming to pay prize pools of up to $360,000. But are these claims legit, or are they just another way to trap you in a scam?

Instead of getting duped by another mobile gaming app, read this Texas Solitaire Cube Review to determine whether these cash prizes are legitimate.

What is Texas Solitaire Cube?

Texas Solitaire Cube is a unique game where solitaire and Texas Hold’em rules meet. You should check out this new mobile gaming app if you love these two classic card games.

This skill-based competitive mobile game was developed by Tether Studios and promoted by Skillz. Both Tether and Skillz are well respected in the online mobile gaming community, offering countless top-ranking titles like Solitaire Cube, Cube Cube, and Yatzy Royale. So, you can not only expect colorful graphics but also feel a little more at ease when participating in cash tournaments.

The app is free to download on iOS, Android, and Samsung devices; however, if you want to play for cash, you must meet the game’s strict requirements. You must be at least 18 years old to withdraw your winning from tournaments.

Cash tournaments are also unavailable to residents of the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD. However, Texas Solitaire Cube still offers free gameplay for those ineligible to participate in competitions for real money prizes.

Texas Solitaire Cube Reviews

Texas Solitaire Cube’s ratings are reflected in the app’s accessibility and easy-to-use gaming mechanics. As of the date of this writing, the app boasts a 4.8-star rating on the Apple App Store based on over 1,700 user reviews and a 4.5-star rating on the Galaxy Store based on nearly 200 reviews (no user reviews available for Android users on the Skillz Store).

But here at Real Money Gamer, we like to provide our readers with reviews directly from the app stores. So you can get an inside look at what users say about the game.

Check out some of these raving reviews from players like JC189, “In these games, you are dealt the exact same order of cards as the other player, so you are gambling against the other player, and not luck of the cards. You have to be extremely skillful to win money, but I like the fact you can’t lose because of bad luck.”

This one by wrtsx2, “This game is highly addictive!!! Just when you think you’re getting good, someone else shows you what’s up! I can’t put this and several other games by this developer down. Thank you. You guys have completely snatched me up with these competitions and money-making prize-getting apps.”

And this one by SiNcK iNc., “I have 3 folders worth of Skillz games, and I play every day. Customer service is beyond awesome, and the developers are constantly improving on what, I feel, is already perfection. Skillz is my wind-down go-to. Nothing but good things to say about these guys.”

These three 5-star reviews describe Texas Solitaire Cube as a great way to unwind after a busy day and make money playing a game you’ll love! So, if you love card games, you should download this app from the App Store, Skillz (currently unavailable on the Google Play Store), or Galaxy Store.

Is Texas Solitaire Cube Legit?

texas solitaire cube review

Yes, as detailed throughout the reviews and our own research, Texas Solitaire Cube is a legit mobile gaming app that pays out real money prizes.

If you are ready to start filling your free time with thrilling gameplay, download Texas Solitaire Cube onto your mobile device. Get awarded points for playing a good hand and adding cards to your foundation piles.

Whether you want to play for free or cash, Texas Solitaire Cube has your back. Since this game is based on skill and with potential earnings generated by entry fees you deposit into the app, it’s important to practice your strategy for free before entering tournaments. Once you perfect your ability to play and win Texas Solitaire Cube, you can start reaping the prizes of this app.

Simply put, Texas Solitaire Cube is a legit money-earning mobile app based on skill and strategy.

How Does Texas Solitaire Cube Work?

Download the Texas Solitaire Cube app and set up your account via Facebook or email to instantly get access to 24/7 free gameplay and competitions.

Similar to other games promoted by Skillz, Texas Solitaire Cube uses a cash entry fee model to accumulate cash prize pools and consistently offer you money-earning opportunities. Meaning that you must deposit money to win money on the app.

To take home a profit from Texas Solitaire Cube, you need to receive a higher score than your competition. If you cannot rank on the tournament leaderboard, you will unfortunately lose the money you put into the app.

It should be noted that Texas Solitaire Cube features free gameplay for users who are uninterested in taking this risk.

How to Play Texas Solitaire Cube

texas solitaire cube review

Texas Solitaire Cube combines classic solitaire and Texas hold’em rules to create a unique gaming experience like you’ve never seen before.

Keep reading this Texas Solitaire Cube Review for a detailed explanation of how to play this poker-themed game.

At the beginning of each round, you will be dealt cards in one of four hands. The game’s motive is to combine two hole cards with five shared cards, like Texas Hold’em. You will score points based on the strength of the poker hand you create. Play through and solve a full deck to receive an even higher score.

Texas Solitaire Cube pairs players with similar skill levels to ensure gaming fairness. To further create a fair game, the app also presents players with the same deck to solve so no one has a leg up against their opponents.

It’s recommended to utilize the free gameplay and learn the ropes of the game before diving head-first into a competition, especially since the game has a three-minute timer. These fast-paced rounds make it even more challenging for first-timers to learn how to play, let alone accumulate points.

How Much Can You Win Playing Texas Solitaire Cube?

Texas Solitaire Cube highlights huge cash prize pools of up to $360,000. Players among the top three scorers on the leaderboard can earn $22,000 to $36,000.

While these tournaments seem like the perfect way to get rich fast, they weren’t designed with that purpose. Realistically, tournaments with higher prize pools have more competition, making it harder to outscore fellow players.

We recommend entering lower-risk tournaments with prizes from $1 to $50 for an increased earning potential. Although these winnings don’t seem as enticing as ones with five figures, it is a much better way to earn money by playing this addicting card game.

As a reminder, your entry fee will also be smaller when competitions have smaller payouts. By matching cash entry fees to the prizes offered, you are ensured a profit of up to three times the price of entry if you outscore your opponents.

Consistent Texas Solitaire Cube players who practice their gaming skills and strategy can win up to $100 a week by going head-to-head against fellow users worldwide.

How to Get Started


Texas Solitaire Cube is free to download on iOS, Android, and Samsung devices.

Start Playing

Once the app has finished installing on your device, you will be prompted to set up your account using your Facebook or email. When that’s all set, you’ll instantly receive access to hundreds of hours of gameplay. The better poker hands you create and the more cards you solve, the more points you receive. Play for fun or compete in cash tournaments!

Withdraw Your Money

texas solitaire cube review

When you are ready to withdraw, securely transfer your winnings via PayPal or your bank account. After you’ve initiated the withdrawal process, you can expect to receive your deposit in a few short days.

Texas Solitaire Cube Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 access to free gameplay and tournaments.
  • Legit money prizes of up to $36,000 per game.
  • Unique rules for an exciting gaming experience you won’t get bored of.


  • Cash tournaments are not available in all states and locations.
  • It may take a while to receive your deposit.

Solitaire Games Similar to Texas Solitaire Cube

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Texas Solitaire Cube Review: Final Thoughts

Do you have what it takes to hold-em? Download Texas Solitaire Cube onto your device to challenge yourself to thrilling, light-hearted competition.

Thousands of dollars in prizes are ready for the taking! So what are you waiting for? Start playing this mobile gaming app today. After reading our Texas Solitaire Cube Review, you know this card game is a legit and exciting way to earn real money online. We hope the information outlined in this article helps you increase your earning potential!

Texas Solitaire Cube allows users to play for fun or compete against others wherever and whenever, for entertainment, or to add a few bucks to their wallet when needed. This game isn’t a get-rich-quick app, but if you stay consistent, you could earn an extra $100 weekly. Meaning you can finally treat yourself to that item you’ve been putting off buying!

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