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Common Myths About Earning from Home that are Keeping you From Getting Paid


There’s a lot of buzz going around about earning in your free time. Believe it or not, one of the most common (and easy) ways to earn at home is through real money games. These are mobile games that pay cash prizes to users, ranging from $1 to $200 per game.

This isn’t quite like the World Series of Poker or a top-notch esports tournament. It’s actually much more low-key than that. Let’s get one thing straight, there’s no need to have any sort of gaming expertise to start winning cash on your phone with real money games. That’s just one of the misunderstandings buzzing around about real money games.

We’re going to get real about cash prize gaming and debunk all of the myths that are turning you away from claiming your first cash prize. Continue reading to rethink everything you thought you knew about winning cash while playing mobile. 

Myth 1: Cash Prize Games Aren’t Legit

The unfortunate truth is that not every game that claims to pay cash prizes actually does. But that doesn’t mean that the whole idea of winning extra cash on your phone is a hoax. The secret to getting games that will actually pay is knowing where to find them. works to find all of the best games that actually pay cash. They’re your best bet for finding cash prize games at record speed, so you can skip the costly trial and error.

Once you find your games, you’ll see cash tournaments with prize pools reaching $200. You can get your winnings sent directly to your PayPal account at any time.

Myth 2: You Have to Pay to Win

There are several games that offer free entry into cash prize tournaments. All you have to do to enter for free is earn gems through free practice rounds, then use those gems to play for cash. If you don’t want to take on any risk at all, try a rewarded play app. Rewarded play games will pay you for your time spent trying new games and defeating levels.

Myth 3: Cash Prize Games Aren’t for Beginners

Anyone can play and win cash prize games. They’re easy to learn but difficult to master, making them perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

Myth 4: Cash Prize Games are the Same as Playing a Slot Machine

The risk you take on with a cash prize game is inherently different from the risk you’d take on at a casino. This is because real money games are based on skill, not an algorithm. You can build up your skills and strategy though unlimited free play and then move onto cash prize tournaments. Every game is scored fairly, and each player’s real performance is what determines the win.

Myth 5: Cash Prize Gaming Takes Too Much Time

Most games take less than five minutes to play. In fact, you can win real cash in only two minutes. These aren’t the type of games that will suck up all of your free time. Cash prize gaming is low commitment, perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Take a quick break during your day and even win some cash while you’re at it. It’s a win-win situation.

Myth 6: Finding Legit Games is Too Difficult

When you search cash prize games thousands of results will pop up, but it can feel impossible to know which are the real deal. But has the solution. They’ve been doing the search for you and have found a ton of legit cash prize games available on Android, iOS and desktop.